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Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems. External Evaluation – 2012 Annual Call. Jan De Belder & Przemys ł aw Sowinski. Geographic Information for Evaluation 2012. For this call, we prepared : Location of the proposals GIS Viewer Documentation & Maps. Location of the proposals.

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Geographic Information Systems

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  1. Geographic Information Systems External Evaluation – 2012 Annual Call Jan De Belder & Przemysław Sowinski

  2. Geographic Informationfor Evaluation 2012 For this call, weprepared: • Location of the proposals • GIS Viewer • Documentation & Maps

  3. Location of the proposals For all submitted & eligible proposals, a detailedgeographicrepresentation of the location of the action wascreated, based on: • Coordinates provided in proposals • Maps in the Annexes • Description provided in proposals • Input from Opening Committee members

  4. Location of the proposals But sometimes… • Coordinates wrong, missing or inaccurate • Maps missing or of low quality • Descriptions are vague • Location not applicable(e.g. studies, software development, …)

  5. Location of the proposals And so, it is… • An interpretation, not data submitted by beneficiary • purely for your additional information • The legalreferenceremains the proposalitself

  6. GIS Viewer : purpose • Interactive viewing of the proposed location of the action • Access to thematical data (« Layers »): • TEN-T network and priority axes • TEN-T fundedprojects • Environmental data (Natura 2000) • Access to reference data (background) • Streets & topographic data • Satellite imagery • lowcontrast background

  7. TENtec entry point

  8. GIS Viewer screen

  9. Viewer demo • Link to viewer

  10. Documents & Maps • TEN-T Posters in the Experts offices • ViewerManual (part of TENtec manual) • Map Library on N:\TEN_T_MAPS_FOR_EVALUATION_2011 (overviewmaps, 30 Priority axes (PP 1-30, Maps per mode)

  11. Further questions on GIS ? • Call TEN-T EA GIS team • Jan De Belder - tel: 63776 • Przemek Sowinski - tel: 51696 • Or find us in Office 2/17

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