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Computer Science

Computer Science

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Computer Science

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  1. Interviewing skills. Computer Science Developed by and borrowed from The Career Management Center

  2. Computer Science Preparation for a Job Fair: Making a GREAT First Impression!

  3. Computer Science MSU Career Fair - 2013 • Wednesday, March 20 • Bolin Science Hall • 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. • Attendance is REQUIRED

  4. Computer Science What to Take? • Résumés (and LOTS of them!) • A general Resume works well in this situation. • Portfolio • Your 9"x12" leather-bound or vinyl-bound portfolio will be used to store your résumés and for taking notes after talking with each company. • A BIG Smile and a Positive Attitude

  5. Computer Science What to Say? Hello,(as you offer your hand for a shake) My name is Joe Smith. (first & last) I am a senior at MSU majoring in Computer Science. (can mention minor) Does your company have any job opportunities for computer science graduates? Wait for response. Can I leave my resume with you? How do I apply or find out more?

  6. Computer Science Top 10 List for a Successful Job Fair #10 – Dress for Success. #9 – Your Attitude determines your Altitude. #8 – Scan the environment. #7 – Target the companies you want to talk with and visit them first! #6 – If you have to stand in line to talk with a recruiter, make sure that you are reading the company’s material.

  7. Computer Science Top 10 (continued) #5 – Be assertive, but polite and flexible. #4 – Your time with a recruiter is actually an interview. #3 – Be ready for their rapid-fire questions with your rapid-fire responses! #2 – Make sure you get a business card for follow-up. #1 – Take the event seriously!

  8. Computer Science The Absolutely Critical Last Step Follow-up! Send a "thank you" card by mail to confirm your ongoing interest. • Thank you for taking time to meet with me today. • I feel I would be an valuable employee for your company . . . • I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further. • I will call you next week to arrange a time when we can meet and further discuss how my skills can benefit your organization

  9. Computer Science The Other Absolutely Critical Last Step Follow-up! If you need to contact someone else. • I met with … at the MSU job fair. He recommended I contact you. • I feel I would be an valuable employee for your company . . . • I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further. • I will call you next week to arrange a time when we can meet and further discuss how my skills can benefit your organization

  10. Awesome interviewing skills: Getting the position! Computer Science Developed by and Borrowed from The Career Management Center

  11. Before the Interview • Research the Company • What questions will I be asked? • Develop questions to ask. • Practice, Practice & more Practice. • What should I wear? • What should I take with me? • Clean up your internet presence. • Develop a web site. Computer Science

  12. Researching the Company • Internet • Career Management Center • Trade Magazines • Things you need to know: Positions available for you The company's products Types of Customers & Competitors Principle locations & number of employees Sales & profit trends Any additional information you can think of! Computer Science

  13. What questions will they ask? • Tell me about yourself… • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? • If I were to ask a teacher/employer about you, what would they say? • What are your greatest strengths? • What are your weaknesses? • Why do you wish to work at this company? • Why should we hire you for this position? • See 12 Interview Questions Link Computer Science

  14. Focusing on the Question Remember PAR When answering questions! • P - Problem • A - Action • R – Result Brief – to the point! Just a few sentences on each! Computer Science

  15. Developing your own questions Always be prepared to ask a few questions!! • What type of person are you looking for to fill this position? • What type of projects would I be working on? • What long term employment opportunities does your firm offer? • What is the rate of employee turnover? • What do employees seem to like best and least about the company? • What are the long-term goals of this company? • Who are your major competitors? Computer Science

  16. Practice, Practice, Practice!!! • Have your mom/dad/friend or anyone ask you some questions about YOU! • Develop practice questions related to the particular interview you are going to! • Develop technical questions to practice! • Ask others for suggestions. • Focus on answering the question! (PAR) • Write out answers. Practice, don’t memorize. Computer Science

  17. Practice, Practice, Practice!!! • Emphasize previous work experience. • Be yourself ~ Do Not LIE! • Practice saying positive statements about yourself! • If you have a video camera, use it! • Use a mirror! • When you have done this… Computer Science Practice some MORE!!!!

  18. What should I take with me? • A SMILE! • A positive attitude! • A Leather-look Folder or a Notebook • With a tablet of paper (take notes) • A pen/pencil • Extra copies of your resume • List of References Computer Science

  19. Clean up your Internet Presence • Google Yourself • Check your Facebook page, etc. • Remove questionable images • Remove offensive comments • Take stupid videos off YouTube • Attempts to correct inaccuracies Computer Science

  20. Develop a Web Site Include Professional Information • Contact information • Resume • Expanded information • Description of work experience • Course work • Sample work/projects Computer Science

  21. Make sure you do the following • Maintain good eye contact • Always smile and be congenial • Be positive about yourself, past employers and the future • Make sure the interviewer knows you are excited about the position and the organization Computer Science

  22. Make sure you do the following • Be aware of your • Posture • Hands • Expression • Nervous habits • Never say never Computer Science

  23. Things to avoid in an interview • Answers that are too short. • More detail or information than is necessary. • Personal information. • Becoming frustrated or uneasy when asked stressful questions. • Making derogatory or negative statements about former employers or positions. • Discussions regarding politics, religion, company problems, and (during the first interview) salary information or benefits. Computer Science

  24. Close the Deal! • Send thank you card • Determine when you will hear back • Firm handshake • Thank the interviewer for his/her time Computer Science

  25. Questions? If you have further questions or would like help with any aspect of your job search, please contact: Career Management Center Hardin 211 940.397.4473 Computer Science