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Last class….

Last class….

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Last class….

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  1. Last class…. What are you going to do on Tuesday and Thursday nights?

  2. Employment • You are not desperate. • Read the Principal notes, do what you can, and expect a job. • Be ready when you get it. • You are not desperate…

  3. SPED • Your contact information, website, and resumes were delivered to the AISD SPED Director. She was impressed with your backgrounds and will send a specialist to meet with you on June 19. • She highlighted that they need teachers who understand how culture affects student performance, can write measurable goals and objectives (), and are willing to learn. She hopes to hire you! • Sign up for the SPED EC-12 right after the Summer Institute.

  4. Bilingual • AISD has not filled all of the Hired Unassigned positions…be sure that your application is updated and be ready for an interview on the same day. • Complete PPR, TOPT exams immediately and sign up for the Bilingual Supplemental right after SI.

  5. Preparation • Begin the online class assignments NOW. You are still in the learning mode, and everything you do will help for your PPR exam, content and pedagogy knowledge, and Summer Institute. • Bilingual and SPED candidates have extra materials due to test preparation. Those assignments are due on June 15, so start now. • Math and Science candidates will work on higher level learning activities for next year’s students.

  6. Tutors with Vision • Thanks to those who have worked and will work with Abel at Bedichek, Williams, Crockett, and Garza: Steve, Margaret, Pam, Anita, Lara, Rolondo, Mercedes, Amrit – Logan, Brad, Erika, Danielle L; Andee. • Thanks to ABEL, for his dedication to your being the best teacher candidates in the Austin area…well, maybe Texas!

  7. Questions? • If you have a link problem with the website, call Sharon. • If you have a question about employment, contact Melaina. • If you need a copy of something or an encourager, contact Gretchen. • If you need to pay and have trouble paying online, contact Letty.

  8. Summer Institute • Pay for the class ASAP • All materials will be provided on June 9. • Have your crate decorated and ready • Turn in online assignments on June 9, with a checklist completed • Turn in SPED and bilingual assignments on June 15, with a checklist completed

  9. BREATHE! You have worked hard and will be in the best profession SOON!