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Department of Laboratory in Greater Noida | JR Hospital Book Appointment PowerPoint Presentation
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Department of Laboratory in Greater Noida | JR Hospital Book Appointment

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Department of Laboratory in Greater Noida | JR Hospital Book Appointment

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Department of Laboratory in Greater Noida | JR Hospital Book Appointment

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  1. Laboratory Laboratory Report file

  2. Laboratory Laboratory scientists (medical and clinical technologists as well as medical and clinical laboratory technicians) facilitate the diagnosis of diseases, as well as the implementation and monitoring of therapies to treat disease. Laboratory scientists are responsible for examining and analyzing blood , body fluids, tissues, and cells in an effort to help clinicians determine the underlying cause of an illness, the stage of a disease, or the effectiveness of therapy. To accomplish their objectives, laboratory scientists perform a wide variety of laboratory tests, often with the aid of complex, computerized, and automated instrumentation.

  3. Types of Laboratory Physicslaboratory Chemistry laboratory Biology laboratory Home science laboratory

  4. Physics laboratory Physics laboratory is a place where experiments of Physics are carried out. As we know physics is that branch of science where experimentation is an integral part of the core subject. Almost in every educational institution these physics laboratories are found. Nonetheless the sophistication of the educational laboratory varies from institute to institute.

  5. Chemistry laboratory The chemistry laboratory provides a central chemistry lab infrastructure for the whole ZMT, technical and scientific support in terms of planning and performance of instrumental analytics and methodologies. The technical staff supports the scientific divisions in planning and realization of sampling in-house campaigns (in the MAREE) or research expeditions.

  6. Biology laboratory The biology laboratory is a modern research infrastructure, providing a broad range of biological and biochemical techniques with in-depth practical training offered by experienced staff. Important routine work is on microbial and molecular analyses and biological sample preparation in general.

  7. Home science laboratory Home science laboratory education, a dynamic field of education for a better living. It explores the possibility of the establishment of the perfections in the social orders starting from the home life to the community level. The lab has all necessary kitchen utensils and appliances.

  8. Benefits of laboratory Control Regulatory compliance Repeatability and Objectivity Cost Savings Real-Time Monitoring Accelerating Time to Market

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