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HOW DO WE REMEMBER. Prepared by: Fatima Khan Ahmad Firoz Muhammad Ayubi Facilitated by: Khalid I. Al-Dossary. www.dawahmemo.com. Childhood. Born in a village in Surat District in India on 1st of July 1918 In 1927, he migrated to South Africa at the age of 9

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  1. HOW DO WE REMEMBER Prepared by: Fatima Khan Ahmad Firoz Muhammad Ayubi Facilitated by: Khalid I. Al-Dossary www.dawahmemo.com

  2. Childhood • Born in a village in Surat District in India on 1st of July 1918 • In 1927, he migrated to South Africa at the age of 9 • Completed only standard 6 in school but due to financial difficulties he did not continue.

  3. Birth of an Islamic Scholar • Targeted for conversion by Christian missionaries (Adams Mission Complex Institute) • Worked as shopkeeper next to the Institute • Constant Attack against Islam (What was I to do?) • Stumbled across the book, ‘Izhar ul Haqq’ which changed his life • Acquired extensive knowledge on the Quran and the Bible (University of Hard knock)

  4. Birth Of An Outstanding Orator • First speech in Durban in 1940 entitled “Muhammad: Messenger of Peace,” – 15 people in audience - Avalon • Durban big audience 2000 • Angry & frustrated the Hindu and Christian missionaries by quoting contradicting verses from their own holy scriptures • His memory – A special gift from Allah

  5. Humble Living • Worked as a Dispatch Clerk for a Furniture Factory (“Simplex” furniture factory). • Converted Daddan Bingo & • Printed cards for Zulu • He Spent His Money to Print Cards Talking About Islam to the Zulu People. • He Was a Super Salesman. He Could Have Earned a Lot of Money, But He Gave It Up for Dawah. • Many Times He and His Wife Didn’t Have Enough Money to Pay the Rent.

  6. Simple, But Effective Dawa • His House (Apt. #45 )Was Very Close to the Mosque. • Used to Invite People to His House to Have a Meal . • Explain to Them What Islam Is, and Tell Them, “You Know, There is a Mosque Right Across the Road. Would You Like to Take a Look at the Mosque?”

  7. Knight in Shining Armor • Many Muslims of the Cape town Had Been Brought Over as Slaves and Political Prisoners. Good Hope Center • They Felt Down and Were Tired of Life as 2nd Class Citizens, and From the Pressures of Hard Line Missionaries. • His Debates Gave a Hefty Blow to the Aggressive Christian Missionaries. • Growing Popularity & Raising of Morale

  8. Birth Of IPC & As-salam • In 1957, Founded IPC in Durban (3 founders) • In 1958, Founded As-Salaam; A Muslim Daee Training Seminary • Hajee Kadwa donation of 75 acres of Land • Dream of Islamic Version of Adams Mission-Dawah College • In 1973, Resignation from being a trustee-Return to Durban

  9. First Overseas Speech • In 1976, Visit to Riyadh to attend a conference by WAMY – a turning point / A TV interview. • “Riyadh opened up the West for me” • His dream of printing and distributing the Qur’an and literature become a reality. • In 1985, Debate in London with Prof. Floyd E. Clark titled “Crucifixion of Jesus?”– Royal Albert Hall

  10. International Recognition • In 1986, King Faisal Award for “SERVICE TO ISLAM” • Whirlwind of tours to places like Morocco, Kenya, Sweden, Australia, Denmark • In 1985, The “Great Debate” with Jimmy Swaggart of USA “Is the Bible the Word of God?”

  11. The Rise • More Financial Support Came, and He Was Now Able to Open New Doors. • He Moved the IPC to a Larger Building, Which Became Known as the IPCI - Islamic Propagation Center International. • Deedat Distributed More Than 20 Million Copies of His Books & Tapes Free of Charge for the Purpose of Da’wah.

  12. Excellent Literature Sheikh Ahmed Deedat’s interesting and informative literary material (24 booklets & around to 250 lectures and debates) • The Choice - Between Islam and Christianity - Volume I & II • Is the Bible God's Word? • Al Qur'an the Miracle of Miracles • What is His Name • Christ in Islam • What was the sign of Jonah • What the Bible says about Muhammed (pbuh) • Resurrection or Resuscitation • Arabs and Israel' Conflict or Conciliation • Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction

  13. An Inspirational Figure • For many Muslims All Over the World Shaikh Ahmed Deedat's Dawah Was a Source of Inspiration for Them. • He Retained His Humility and Simplicity, Even Though He Could Have Driven a Fancy Car And Lived in a Fancy House. • Muslims of His Caliber are Especially Needed in Present Times As This Ummah is Facing Many Trails and Tribulations. • Conversion of Dawud Ngwani at the age of 63 (Former Catholic leader)

  14. The Legacy • Sheikh Deedat Was a Global Caller to Islam. • No Other Muslim That We Know of Wrote to the Pope – inviting Him to Islam, But Sheikh Deedat Did So. • He Left Behind a Legacy of Propagating Islam and Defending It Against Missionaries.

  15. Declining Health • On May 3, 1996, Stroke known as “lock in syndrome” • Special treatment at King Faisal hospital in Riyadh • Taught to communicate by coordinating his eye movements with an alphabetical chart which he memorized. • For 9-Years to Come, He Received Unconditional Care From His Wife (Hawa)

  16. End of an era… On Monday, August 8 2005, the blessed soul departs; the Muslim world lost one of its most devoted servant. …a Great Caller to Islam, …an Inspirational Mentor, …a Devout Brother May Allah ST rest his soul in peace and grant him place in ALFIRDOUS…Ameen!

  17. Let’s Carry the Torch…Let’s keep The Flame Burning… • We can pay homage to this great departed soul by carrying on the legacy he left behind • Spread the Message of Islam as far and wide as we possibly can • Encourage every Muslim to be a Daee • Be a role model by conducting ourselves in the manner prescribed in the Qur’an & Sunnah • His last Will to all Muslims is to Fear Your Rabb And Defend Your Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh)

  18. Let’s Carry the Torch…Let’s keep The Flame Burning… • لله ما أخذ وله ما أعطى وكل شيء عنده بأجل مسمى فاصبروا إخواني واحتسبوا وليكن دعاؤكم إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون اللهم آجرنا في مصيبتنا واخلف لنا خيرامنها • اللهم أرحم شيخنا الجليل أحمد ديدات بقدر ماقدم للإسلام والمسلمين ، اللهم أجعله مع الصديقين والشهداء وحسن اولئك رفيقا ، اللهم وانزل صبرا وسكينة علي أهله وأبنائه وذريته ، اللهم وسع مدخله وأرزقه الجنة واغسله من ذنوبه بالماء والثلج والبرد و نقه من الخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس، اللهم تقبل آمين

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