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The Mobile Market

The Mobile Market. Presented by Lisé Markham President/Founder September 23, 2010. EMIC MEDIA Interactive Media Marketing. Mobile Forefathers. Facebook

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The Mobile Market

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  1. The Mobile Market Presented by Lisé Markham President/Founder September 23, 2010 EMICMEDIAInteractive Media Marketing

  2. Mobile Forefathers • Facebook • "I expected that a few people would do it at Harvard and they'd tell their friends, but I didn't expect it would take hold as this all-inclusive directory," Mark Zuckerberg said.” • Rachel Metz (6/9/2004) • “Facebook is a huge phenomenon -- but it is not as big, by any measure, as MySpace. So if Facebook is worth even $1 billion, MySpace has to be valued at three or four times as much.” • - Marc Gunther, FORTUNE senior writer (3/29/2006) • MySpace • “This time, though, the News Corp.'s purchase of MySpace is looking like that rarest of rarities in the media world -- a much-ballyhooed acquisition where it turns out that the buyer underpaid.” • Marc Gunther, FORTUNE senior writer (3/29/2006) • “Hurt by competition and its own mismanagement, MySpace has become a textbook case of how quickly a digital juggernaut can become a has-been.” • - Matthew Flamm (6/14/2009) iPhone “The iPhone, despite its many media-oriented virtues and its sweet design, will do far less than most existing smart phones.” - Mike Elgan, Computer World (1/18/2007) “It lacks ‘revolutionary or disruptive’ technologies.” - Li Yuan, The Wall Street Journal (1/18/2007) You Tube “Google's $1.6 billion purchase of YouTube is "moronic", says entrepreneur Mark Cuban.” - Andrew Orlowski (10/10/2006)

  3. U.S. Wireless Market Overview • Mobile media growth is projected to outpace the Internet and other traditional media platforms in the near future, especially in emerging and faster growth economies. • 94% of U.S. Adults have a mobile phone. • 54% of mobile phones are equipped with video capabilities. • 3G wireless devices ownership is taking off: • Almost 50% of all adults and 75% of 18-34 year olds have a 3G phone. • According to Nielsen, 21% of mobile users have a smartphone, up from 19% in the previous quarter. • Nielsen Mobile predicts smartphones will be owned by a majority (54%) of mobile phone users in the U.S. by 3Q’12. • Over one-third of wireless users have a data plan. subscription. Sources:MediaPost Media Daily News: “Nielsen: Mobile To Outpace Internet Growth,” August 2010; Turner Research from Nielsen Mobile, 1Q’10; OPA IntelligenceReport – Nielsen: App usage soaring across mobile platforms, June 2010

  4. Apple’s iPad Drives Industry Growth • The music, TV and film industries see Apple’s iPad as an extension of their digital businesses: • Newspapers and magazine publishers are most optimistic about the iPad. • Conducive to displaying digital versions of print publications. • TV/Film industries download films and TV shows to their devices. • The iPad’s momentum continues: • Apple sold over 1 millioniPads in one month (April 13, 2010). • 12 million iPad applications and 1.5 million e-books were downloaded from Apple’s App Store in the first 28 days of the iPad’s launch. • Forecasts for iPad sales in 2010 range from 3 million units to 8-10 million units. Source: Informa Telecoms & Media: “IPad sets off second wave of excitement in entertainment industry, but what can it deliver that the iPhone can’t?” May 17, 2010; Apple published figures

  5. Mobile Web Genres % of Users Weather 42% News/Current Events 32% Sports 27% City Guides/Maps 23% Entertainment News 17% Mobile TV Genres % of Users Sports 42% News/Current Events 32% Music 27% Comedy 23% Weather 17% Nielsen Online Megapanel: Digital Media Consumption Study News is a Top Genre for Mobile Media Content Genres - % of Users By Medium (P18+) Notes: Data based on recall of usage during the past 30 days, Mobile Web Base = Adults 18+ who use applications or visit websites on a cellular phone or some other wireless handheld device (45.6 million), Mobile TV Base = Adults 18+ who use Web and watch live TV and/or video clips on cellular phone or wireless device (25.5 million). Source - Nielsen Online Panel: Digital Media Consumption Study, Sponsored by CNN Digital (11/20/09 – 12/17/09)

  6. Mobile News Providers - Unique Users (000)June 2010 Source: Nielsen Mobile Base: P13+ who are wireless data subscribers Notes: Top providers from News & Current Events category are included; Data includes domestic use only

  7. What Does “Mobile” Media Mean to Whom? • Carriers/Telcos • #1 Business Advertising • Mobile ads • Text • Couponing • Geo-location • Broadcast TV • Spectrum • Baby retrans fees • Small revenue stream • Unclear business model • Hands vs. Homes • DirecTV “mobile” • NFL Sunday Ticket package (broadband-only version) • Non-subscribe to service • Requires “evidence” i.e, inability to receive DirecTV • Hollywood • Content • Paid Unions • No “DVD truck” run over • Advertising • Mobile ads • Text • Couponing • Geo-location • Hollywood • Content • Paid Unions • No “DVD truck” run over • Carriers/Telcos • #1 Business • Broadcast TV • Spectrum • Baby retrans fees • Small revenue stream • Unclear business model • Hands vs. Homes

  8. Apple/Google/Others • Google, Logitech, and Adobe ramp up behind the launch of Logitech Revue, the first Google TV product for consumers. Motorola and Verizon prep a tablet computer, featuring mobile TV service for a pre-Holiday launch. • HBO announces HBO GO service of streaming content to mobile devices within the next six months. • Hardware/software companies launch mobile TV and mobile-compatible placeshifting solutions, including Bitbop for Android and Blackberry. • New rumors of Apple TV this week.

  9. OMVC - Driving Mobile DTV Adoption • ATSC Mobile DTV Standard - October 2009 • Multivendor market for devices & infrastructure • Outreach, promotions, trade shows (CES, NAB, & CTIA), B2B showcases • Use cases for commercial services • Nationwide deployment by broadcasters • Extensive system and device testing • Model Stations in Atlanta and Seattle • Washington D.C. Consumer Showcase

  10. ? MCV April 2010 Pearl 9 Mobile500 September 2010 875 Stations April 2010 Who’s Where in Mobile TV

  11. Mobile (MCV) Overviewas of May 2010

  12. MCV Group Content Contribution

  13. Live TV + “On Demand” Content Mobile Broadcast for Live TV “Push Cast” for print and video long form 3G/LTE/WiFi as backchannel ATSC MH NetworkDelivery “Push Cast” • Premium • Regional/Local Sports • League Pass • (e.g. Sunday Ticket) • Low-Cost & Basic • Local live broadcast simulcast + kids • cable news • “On Mobile Newsstand” • Long-form programming • Back-channel for SEO, geo-location, e-commerce, couponing

  14. Possible “Mobile” Content Packages Broadcast & Local Station Live Cable News/ Kids Entertainment VOD On-Demand “Mobile Newsstand” Wall Street Journal Live + On-Demand Premium

  15. Spectrum Footprint? Top 70 (77%) HH’s (111M) Assuming each Mh Channel uses 2M bps. Stations broadcasting in HD have 4M bps, SD Channels have 15M bps.

  16. The Mobile500 Alliance Members The Mobile500 Alliance is a voluntary alliance of leading television broadcasters seeking to develop strong partnerships, accelerating nationwide availability of commercial mobile and digital television service. • 31 Partners Strong (and still growing!) • 2 Key Leaders • Colleen Brown • President and CEO of Fisher Communications, Inc. • Chair of the Mobile500 Alliance • David Smith • Chairman and CEO, Sinclair Broadcast Group • Advocate for developing new uses of digital spectrum, exploring and leveraging every possibility for using the DTV platform to launch new business opportunities • Be that Mobile DTV related, over-the-air to the home related, or other.

  17. Consumer Showcase (Washington D.C.) May - August 31, 2010

  18. Consumer Showcase: Scope and Purpose • Determine Consumer Behavior, Attitudes & Expectations • Multiple Mobile TV channels with Nine Broadcast TV Stations Participating • Multiple Devices: a Four-Month Panel with Hundreds of Viewers • Deploy Core Elements of a Multi-Tier “Free + Pay” Service • Local content (clear) & premium (encrypted) content • Electronic Service Guide with consumer-friendly user interface and advertising • Interactive services • Service protection • Audience measurement

  19. Consumer Showcase: Stations and Channels • 9 Broadcast Stations • Appealing Line-up of 24 channels • 13 “Free tier” – simulcasts of local channels (clear-to-air) • 11 “Pay tier” – simulcasts of leading national channels (encrypted)

  20. Devices for the D.C. Consumer Showcase • 300 Samsung Moment Cell Phones (CDMA - Sprint) • Android 1.5 Cupcake OS • 300 Dell Mini 10 InspironNetbooks • Valups Wi-Fi smartphone accessory (focus group only) • Broadcaster co-developed • “TV with battery” unit for iPhone/Touch, BlackBerry with Wi-Fi, others • Communicates over Wi-Fi with host device • LG Mobile Digital TV/Portable DVD Player

  21. Market Research • Qualitative • Harris Interactive managed research and panel management • Online engagement through Early Adopter Community (EAC), a web-based research tool kit • Progress reports to members/trial partners • Quantitative • Rentrak Corporation selected • Market leader in mobile TV measurement • Hiwire, FLOTV • Mobile TV Essentials web-based portal provided detailed measurement reporting - including location information • Progress reporting to members/trial partners

  22. Participant Feedback Typical Day Viewership Where Do You Watch? fewer than once a day 3 or more times per day At home 1-2 times per day At work or school On the go (Based on ~70% reporting as of June 10, 2010)

  23. Early Viewing Feedback In general, Participants understood the opportunities that mobile DTV presents; (1) increased flexibility for viewing programming, (2) ability to get news and weather when desired and (3) entertaining children at any time. “... I watch a lot more TV... I probably would also watch more of CNBC and FoxNews to catch up on the markets. Since my wife and I car pool to work, it would be awesome to watch the morning news on the way to work while one of us drives. Also in the Fall, since Fox and CBS are included, I wouldn’t have to stay at home to watch football, I think I would be out a whole lot more.” “Prior to the MDTV I rarely turned the TV on at home prior to 8pm, but now having it available as I am waiting in line and hanging out at the park is great. It’s especially great to know that I will have the most current info. If there is ‘breaking news’ as opposed to being online and waiting to refresh my browser or hoping the website is updates.” “I think it’s really convenient for those with small children. My son loves PBS Kids and being able to keep him quiet while watching it is a blessing!”

  24. Early Picture Feedback Picture Quality was a constant sense of amazement. The expectations were low coming into trial because of their experience with other “streamed” video. Participants also cited the variety of different functions of the device as a positive. “The picture quality is impressive. For some channels, regular TV actually lags my DTV. I also like the recording feature along with the ability to receive premium channels.” “Good picture and amazing clarity for the size, easy to use, and relatively intuitive. Convenient for sure.”

  25. Channel Banner Ads (with Interactivity) Interstitial Ads TVB/AD Council Project Road Block Ad Campaign • Campaign included 3 advertising elements • 30 second spots – ROS + simultaneous roadblock • Interstitial billboards in the few seconds • between channel changes – included • station call letters • Interactive banner on channel guide • Harris conducted pre + post survey of viewers • Directional results: • Majority of campaign viewing occurred out of the • home • Campaign recall increased significantly • Direct recall of interstitial billboards • TVB/Ad Council publishing white paper in October

  26. FLO TV - What Happened? • No brand identity Mostly mobile digital channels • Stand alone device • Expensive "There are many black holes for the unwary tech CEO to fall into,but two of the oldest and blackest are video phones and pocket TV.” - David Manners, Electronics Weekly • 10 years in the planning 2B spent • (683M on US spectrum alone) • Worlds’ best engineers • Best use of spectrum (6mhz)

  27. MOBILEMARKETINGASSOCIATION Emic Media, Interactive Media Marketing Why you should care what people are doing e: lmarkham@emicmedia.com w: www.emicmedia.com

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