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Back to Church Sunday preparation PowerPoint Presentation
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Back to Church Sunday preparation

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Back to Church Sunday preparation
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Back to Church Sunday preparation

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  1. Back to Church Sunday preparation

  2. 09.30 am Unlocking the Growth -The reasons we don’t invite our friends.10.30 am Coffee 10.45 am How welcome plays its part.11.30 am 12 steps to becoming an inviting and welcoming church 12.15 pm Lunch/Depart.

  3. Unlocking the growth

  4. Several people commented on how they felt "empowered" to invite people to church with them. One sceptic wasn't deterred when the first person she asked said no... the next three said yes, and then she went on to invite the whole tennis club! .

  5. . Those who came said they enjoyed it and will be coming back again.

  6. . It was also a good experience for the 'regulars'.

  7. . I don't think those additional people below came to church specifically because of Back to Church Sunday. We had little response with our regular congregation in inviting others

  8. One of our members said that when they gave an invitation to someone they said that it was the invitation they had been waiting to receive.

  9. 6000 participating churches internationally Estimated 10,000 people added to the church in one day

  10. In Ripon & Leeds Diocesan Churches 20% invited 80% did not invite

  11. Unlocking the growth

  12. Are we still learning? “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.”Donald Rumsfeld Are we still learning?

  13. The reasons why Christians don’t invite

  14. I suffer I don’t want my friend to suffer!

  15. Duties stop growth“The choir had voiced the question about how they could bring a friend”

  16. Why does the congregation come?Many of us are coming out of habit rather than conviction

  17. Attitudes out into the light1 or 2 on the PCC not overly happy about inviting friends, this is not why they come to church.

  18. Several members of the PCC don’t go to church Ladies who do flowers. Supporting the church as historically part of the community

  19. How many congregations do you have?Sung Eucharist1662Young FamilyYou only see the congregation member once every three or four weeks

  20. Invitation WorkshopWho invited you?What stops people in your congregation inviting their friends?How do you feel about inviting people to your church on Sunday?

  21. Is Invitation even on the agenda?Who will provide the cheese for the church mouse trap?Whether the cakes and jams should be sold from the same or separate stalls at the Spring Fayre

  22. How to overcome the wounds of the past?

  23. Welcome to the real worldSt. Paul's has been part of this once (before I came) and it wasn't very 'successful' - probably because they're dreadful at inviting people!!

  24. Welcome to the real worldBack to Church Sunday is not our preferred medium for mission

  25. Denominational/Diocesan OverloadTHEY NEVER LISTEN TO YOUTHEY KEEP PILING THINGS ON YOUTHEY NEVER GIVE THE RESOURCES TO DO YOUR JOBI am already doing my best, what do they expect?

  26. Welcome to the real worldIt usually conflicts with our activities around Michaelmas, our patronal

  27. Welcome to the real world…Last year very few invitees responded - I suspect because very few of our members invited anyone. Those that tried in the past have lost confidence that people will respond.  We need a fresh idea to get them going again

  28. Welcome to the real worldI tried the material in my last three rural parishes but found the whole concept unusable. it presumed a church with organisations for every conceivable child and person. Not many of those around nowadays. Also the chocolate bar was a complete turn-off. I'm willing to try it if has improved!

  29. Welcome to the real worldWe have considered this idea in the past. However, we are a new and, very secular, area and St. John’s is a young church in a modern building. I don’t think the Back to Church idea is going to resonate with people here.

  30. The Antidote – Embrace FailureWhen it looks like death it’s probably lifeIf you want to succeed more, fail moreLiving things are strengthened by struggleEvery challenge is good newsEvery obstacle a giftEvery conflict an opportunity to exert, access power, and gain strength

  31. Coffee 1045-1100

  32. How welcome plays its part

  33. Are you a guest or host?

  34. People coming to church can decide whether they will return in the first 30 seconds

  35. When you invite someone to your home do you speak to them for an hour and then offer them coffee

  36. Get grouchy greeters. Train them to carry on conversations with other greeters, and sort of just grunt at people they don't recognize.

  37. Make finding a seat really hard. If you can make a guest come to the front of the church or crawl over several people to find a seat, you'll almost guarantee they'll feel unwelcome

  38. Self ServiceNo greetersGet people to collect a notice sheet and find the right service book

  39. Understanding the Sermon