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Camp Gadgets & Lashing Projects PowerPoint Presentation
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Camp Gadgets & Lashing Projects

Camp Gadgets & Lashing Projects

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Camp Gadgets & Lashing Projects

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  1. Camp Gadgets & Lashing Projects Troop 413 Jay Kruemcke Version 1.0 4/2/2014

  2. Square Lashing • Begin with a clove hitch round the upright and tuck the end in neatly. Pull the clove hitch very tight, and take the long end over the crossbar, round the back of the upright, and over the crossbar again. Follow the same course, being careful to lay each cord alongside the one before and to pull tight all the time, until you have been round each part three times. Then take two or three frapping turns behind the crossbar and in front of the upright. Finish off with a clove hitch, pulled very tight, round the crossbar.

  3. Diagonal Lashing i) Start by tying a timber hitch around both poles and pulling it snug. ii) Make four tight wraps around the spars, laying each wrap neatly alongside the timber hitch. iii) Make four more tight wraps across the first three. iv) Frap it three or four times and finish it off with a clove hitch

  4. Round Lashing • Used to lash two poles together (constructing a flagpole) • Tie a clove hitch round the bottom pole • Wind the rope around both six or seven times • Finish with two half hitches round both poles. • The lashing can be tightened by driving a small wooden peg between the poles

  5. Tripod Lashing A Tripod lashing is made by laying three spars alongside each other, with the center spare pointing in the opposite direction to that of the outside spars.  i) Tie a clove hitch around one outside pole. ii) Loosely wrap the spars five or six times, then make the frapping on either side of the center spar. iii) Finish the lashing with a clove hitch around the outside spar.

  6. Whipping Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

  7. Ladder Hitch

  8. Simple Gateway

  9. Free Standing Gateway

  10. Easy Free Standing Gateway

  11. Two Flag Gateway

  12. Covered Gateway

  13. Lifting Gateway

  14. Gateway with doorbell

  15. Tower Gateway

  16. Troop 16 Gateway

  17. Swinging Gate

  18. Covered Gateway with swinging gate

  19. Two Door Gateway

  20. Turnstile Gateway

  21. Lifting Gateway As the gateway is raised the bars draw together

  22. Camp Gadgets - Furniture Table Table with seats

  23. Camp Gadgets - Furniture Table with seats Chippawa Cooking fire Stand

  24. Camp Gadgets – Summer Camp Trash bag tripods Lantern Tripod Bulletin board holders

  25. Camp Gadgets – Safety Tool holder Fire pail holders

  26. Camp Gadgets - Kitchen Simple Washbasin Three compartment sink Kitchen Workbench

  27. Towers Signal Tower Ten Minute Tower Triangular signal tower

  28. Bridges Monkey Bridge Friction Bridge

  29. Tarpaulin Raft

  30. Fun Gadgets Chariot

  31. Strophanger

  32. Rope Swing

  33. Catapults Ballista Two Man Catapult