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Step-by-Step APA Format PowerPoint Presentation
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Step-by-Step APA Format

Step-by-Step APA Format

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Step-by-Step APA Format

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  1. Step-by-StepAPA Format

  2. What is APA Format? Why do we have to use it??? • APA Format is used by individuals who study the social sciences. • We are using this format right now due to our research for our Science Fair projects. • In order to complete the written essay correctly, we need to make sure we do a few things. ..

  3. First thing…. • Make sure your paper is TYPED in the following format: • Size 12 Font on the ENTIRE document—even your name. • Font Style: Times New Roman (ONLY) • Double Spaced (Hold Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+2) • 1” margins on top, bottom, left, right side of the document • Must only be in BLACK INK

  4. Creating a Reference List • To create your Reference List, you need to make sure you have filled out the Bibliography Worksheet I gave you before we began writing our essays. • You were to fill in all of the information you could find based on where you gathered your research from.

  5. Creating Citations/ In-Text Citations • Go to the following website: • Using your Bibliography Worksheet, begin creating citations. • First, select what type of resource you have. Is it a book? Website? Magazine article? Select whichever it is.

  6. Next… • Begin filling in the areas that need filling in. • To show you an example, I’m going to create a citation for the following website: • As you can see, there is no specified author or a date when it was published. That’s alright though, leave those areas blank. • What I DO have is the title of the webpage, and the URL…

  7. The results… • After inserting the information I do have and clicking “Make Citation,” I have the following citation: • E.coli. (n.d.). Retrieved from ood/ecoli.html • And below that, the in-text citation of: • ("E.coli," )

  8. IMPORTANT • Make sure that FOR EVERY CITATION you create, you COPY AND PASTE the citations AND in-text citations into a Word Document and SAVE IT IMMEDIATELY • Otherwise you will lose all of the citations created and have to start all over again.

  9. Continue to do this for EVERY resource you have. • Again, make sure you C&P these citations AND in-text citations into a Word document and SAVE. You will need this for the next steps….

  10. References • Create a new word document • Title this document References • Make sure the document is in… • Times New Roman (Font) • 12 Point Font (Size) • 1” Margins (all around) • Black Ink

  11. On the References page, do the following: • Copy & Paste each citation you gathered but make sure you do each in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. • If you have a citation that extends past two typed lines, TAB the second line to indent it.

  12. On my TeacherWeb, I’ve uploaded an example Reference page… • Refer to the following website: • • Note the margins and font/font size • Also, it is placed in alphabetical order. You can explore the sites on the Reference page for yourself!