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English Online Learning

English Online Learning. Part 3 Summary Contents: I. Advantages of English online learning. II. Disadvantages of English online learning and its solutions. III. Application: O nline course: Hotel English. I. Brainstorming Activities. Group discussion:

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English Online Learning

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  1. English Online Learning Part 3 Summary Contents: I. Advantages of English online learning. II. Disadvantages of English online learning and its solutions. III. Application: Online course: Hotel English

  2. I. Brainstorming Activities • Group discussion: 1. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of online English learning? 2. If there are disadvantages, do you have any solutions to these problems?

  3. II. Advantages of Online Learning Advantage 1:Flexibility • Online students have the freedom to juggle their careers and schools because they are not tied down to a fixed schedule. • Most people choose online learning because it gives them power over how to delegate time towards different projects.

  4. Advantage 2: Reduced costs Online education costs less due to a variety of reasons. For example, there is no cost for commuting.

  5. Advantage3: Global Networking Opportunities Online education provides students with the chances to: • Network with peers across nations or continents • Collaborate with other individuals to complete a project • Exposure to other cultures

  6. Advantage 4: Documentation • All the information you need will be safely stored in an online database. • This means students can access the documents fast, saving valuable time. • It’s especially useful for individuals to carry out research for a project.

  7. Advantage 5: Increased instructor–student time • Online guided discussions and personal talk time with instructors is a hallmark of online class. • Perform well • Problem-solving and communication skills • Defend arguments

  8. Advantage6: Access to expertise Online classes allow the sharing of expertise that helps more people have access to education that is not available in certain locations.

  9. III. Disadvantages of English Online Learning Disadvantage 1: Lack of accreditation and low quality Solutions: • Before enrolling in any online course, check it with accrediting agency • Verifying an online course’s accreditation is a small step that can save you time, money and headache in the long run.

  10. Disadvantage 2: More work Online learning requires a greater amount of reading and assignments than traditional classes. Solutions: Online learning needs a lot of organization and intense requirements for direction to keep learners up to date and working towards the right targets.

  11. Disadvantage 3: Learners with low motivation and bad study habits can easily fall behind on assignments. Solutions: • Online courses requires learners’ self-discipline, self-direction and motivation. • It’s necessary for learners to: • Manage time to stay on work • Allot time to complete each task • Balance coursework against other priorities in their life

  12. Disadvantage 4: Unskilled at IT technology Some English teachers are not skilled at IT technology. Solutions: Schools should strengthen the training for English teachers to promote their Internet and computer skills and keep them up to date.

  13. Disadvantage 5: No accessibility to Internet. In some backward regions in China slow Internet connections or older computers make accessing online courses difficult. Solutions: • It requires balanced economic development throughout the whole country. • It requires financial support from the government to provide fund to develop online education for the remote regions and poor mountain villages.

  14. Disadvantage 6: Lack of face-to-face interaction. A common disadvantage of online education is limited social interaction which makes students feel isolated from classmates and instructors. Solutions: • Not even the best online course can fully replace the personal contact with a teacher, or the human relationships that develop in a group. • Online education should be seen as a complement and extension of classical forms of learning.

  15. III. Video clip watching Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Learning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaDJStg96E8

  16. Conclusion Despite the potential pitfalls, the vast majority of people are satisfied with their online education and happy that they choose it over traditional classroom education. One thing is certain that the Internet has changed the way modern teaching and training can be delivered. The question is how students can take advantages of online learning and avoid its disadvantages?

  17. IV. Application: English online course Hotel English Guangxi Provincial Excellent Course

  18. Guilin Tourism University • Founded in 1985 • Called Cradle of tour guides • Rated as National 3A scenic spot • Affiliate members of WTO and PATA • WTO: World Tourism Organization • PATA: Pacific Area Travel Association

  19. Hotel EnglishContents • Unit 1 Front Office ServiceUnit 2 Housekeeping DepartmentUnit 3 Food & Beverage DepartmentUnit 4 Shopping Center Unit 5 Entertainment CenterUnit 6 Business Center

  20. Unit 1 Front Office Service • Topic 1 Introduction of Front Office • Topic 2 Room Reservation   Topic 3 Canceling Room  Topic 4 Check In  Topic 5 Bell Service  Topic 6 Morning Call  Topic 7 Information Service  Topic 8 Foreign Currency Exchange  Topic 9 Settling Guest's Complaints   Topic 10 Check Out  

  21. Unit 2 Housekeeping Department Topic 1 About Housekeeping                        Topic 2 Showing the Room   Topic 3 Introducing Equipment Functions   Topic 4 Cleaning the Room  Topic 5 Laundry Service  Topic 6 Maintenance Service in the Guest Room  Topic 7 Mini-bar Service  Topic 8 Changing Room Service   Topic 9 Emergency  Topic 10 Facilities Supplying

  22. Unit 3 Food and Beverage Department • Topic 1 A Reservation Call for a Table  Topic 2 Greeting (Receiving) the Guests  Topic 3 Helping to Order Some Dishes  Topic 4 Western Food  Topic 5 Service during the Meal  Topic 6 Bar Service  Topic 7 Offering Room Service  Topic 8 Dealing with Dinner's Complaints  Topic 9 Taking the Bill  

  23. Unit 4 Shopping Center  • Topic 1 At the Tourist Souvenir Department  Topic 2 At the Textile and Knitwear Department  Topic 3 At the Arts and Crafts Department  Topic 4 At the Chinese Medicine Counter  Topic 5 At the Foodstuff Counter  Topic 6 At the Book Counter  Topic 7 Chinese Seal Cutting, Painting and Stationery Counters  Topic 8 At the Penjing (Potted Landscape) Counter  

  24. Unit 5 Entertainment Center • Topic 1 In the Fitness Center  Topic 2 At the Barber's  Topic 3 Bowling Center  Topic 4 Tai Chi & Qigong   Topic 5 In the Night Club   Topic 6 English Communicative Competence and Strategy  

  25. Unit 6 Business Center • Topic 1 A Brief Introduction of the Business Center  Topic 2 Using Internet and Printer  Topic 3 Courier Service  Topic 4 Photocopy  Topic 5 Sending a Fax for a Customer  Topic 6 Convention Service  Topic 7 Telephone Service   

  26. Online Lesson Plans and Electronic Courseware • Students can make use of the online resources to study according to their own situation and needs. At the same time teachers can share online teaching resources.

  27. Online exercises and tests • Students can do online exercises to go over what they have learned and do online tests to check their learning effects.

  28. Online Questions and Answers • Students can write down their problems in the website and we have teachers to answer students’ questions everyday.

  29. Online Background Information • We have provided a full range of audio visual learning materials and background information for students.

  30. Online Electronic Magazines • We have made electronic magazines for Hotel English, which shows the English language that will be used in hotel services by the means of videos, audios, pictures and characters.

  31. Thank you for your attention and participation!

  32. Welcome you to go over our website. If you have any suggestions, please leave your messages online. We will improve our work.

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  40. Guilin Tourism University

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