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  1. HARVEST Garden • Water conservation demonstration garden Design By: Conette Belmonte, Kathy Henry, Judy Vanderheide MiraCosta College – Horticulture 230 – Landscape Architecture December 7, 2010

  2. HARVEST Garden • Water conservation demonstration garden The Olivenhain Municipal Water District Harvest Garden is so named because the sustainable design principal and inspiration is not only to harvest water for use at the site, but to also utilize the space to reap benefits from the earth by growing and harvesting edibles, providing organic fertilization for the garden through composting and creating an environment for habitat to thrive through native plantings. The space is designed to be a self-guided tour one can walk through and learn how to create an eco-friendly garden at home. The thought of harvesting and connecting to the past inspired the design team to choose elements that would complement the existing building and utilize items and materials evoking a rustic, yet modern/industrial feel one would find on ranches or farms. The design team was also inspired by historical aspects such as native American culture, ranchos and Olivenhain’s early settlers. Repeated elements of metal, wood, stucco and native plantings are found throughout and allowed the team to create an aesthetic that is beautiful and also economical. The following interpretive areas are located throughout the design with proposed signage: • Rain Catchment at two locations using Bushman rain barrels • Rain retention onto site through permeable paving such as pavers, decomposed granite and pea gravel • Bioswales showing purpose, design and plantings • Hydrozoning using a vegetable garden and potted fruit trees as examples • Composting utilizing a compost bin • Mulch Display showing types of mulches and proper application • Irrigation Display showcasing efficient usage • Low water plantings using Native and drought tolerant plant selections / habitat garden With this design, through the use of interpretive signage and plant markers, anyone visiting the site will be able to gain ideas on how they can easily incorporate native and low water plantings into their landscapes and create a beautiful California/Ocean Friendly garden resulting in increased water conservation. 

  3. Garden Education Brochure

  4. Interpretive Signage

  5. Hardscape Features Trex – Raised Vegetable Planters Galvanized Feed Troughs Carters Feed and Grain Irrigation Education Display Gravel-Lok Permeable Pea Gravel Decorative Stone Solutions Escondido, CA Aqua Brick – Type 4 – Tuscany (B18) Orco Pavers

  6. Hardscape Features Soil Saver Compost Bin Solana Center Wriggly Wranch Worm Bin Solana Center Galvanized Interpretive Sign Bushman – 205 Gallon – Round Rain Water Harvesting Tank Bushman– 305 Gallon - Slim Line Rain Water Harvesting Tank Decorative 50 Gallon Rain Water Harvesting Tank

  7. Water Smart Plants California Lilac Winifred Gilman Sage Big Berry Manzanita Bush Anemone Golden Abundance Oregon Grape Desert Spoon Pink Muhly Grass Potted Fruit Tree

  8. Water Smart Plants Toyon Pacific Coast Iris Silver Bush Lupine Western Redbud Firecracker Penstemon Coral Bells Wild Lilac