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F r e s n o R E A D S

F r e s n o R E A D S. Reading Enrichment and Academic Development through Service. By: Christopher Ramirez.

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F r e s n o R E A D S

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  1. FresnoREADS Reading Enrichment and Academic Development through Service By: Christopher Ramirez

  2. Fresno Reading Enrichment and Academic Development through Service, or Fresno READS, recruits Fresno State students to tutor and enrich the lives of elementary school children. The organization focuses on children up to the third grade because those are the times children “learn to read” (Fresno READS, 2007). Fourth grade forward is, according to Fresno READS, when children “read to learn” (Fresno READS, 2007). What is Fresno READS

  3. Young people are the future of our country and education is primary cornerstone in the development of our youth. Fresno READS places a high value on the importance of reading and literacy skill development of elementary students in the Fresno area. This project will foster reading skills in elementary students through one-on-one tutoring and mentoring, along with other associated activities. At the same time, the project will focus on providing meaningful academic, personal and professional development experiences for the mentor/tutors involved Fresno READS’ Mission Statement

  4. Fresno READS started “in 1997 with President Clinton’s America READS challenge” (Rukku Singla, personal communication, April 09, 2008). With the governmental program no longer in place, “Fresno READS still continues to aim at helping children read proficiently” (Rukku Singla, personal communication, April 09, 2008). History

  5. Fresno READS’ goal is summed up in their motto “Think Outside the Box.” The organization describes early elementary school children see their lives in a box. The child only knows “their education, their family, and their dreams” (Fresno READS, 2007). Fresno READS tutors are the first experience of life outside their box. Tutors represent “an older person who understands what they are going through, the importance of education, a larger world than they are accustomed to, and most importantly a peek at bigger hopes and dreams than they may have been exposed to” (Fresno READS, 2007). Fresno READS’ Goal

  6. Helping the Community

  7. “The rewarding aspect is the recognition you get from the teachers, students, and staff at the workplace.” “Hearing from the teachers that the children are improving in their schoolwork and grades, that they are able to read on a higher level-there’s nothing that can replace that feeling.” Quotes from Fresno READS’ members - Alneika Smith - Rukku Singla

  8. Students tutor elementary grade students in reading. Their primary job is to promote an effective, supportive and encouraging learning environment that will support the development of reading skills in their pupils. Under the direction of a site supervisor, VISTA Volunteer and program coordinator, tutors will work with school age youth in regular one-on-one sessions at Fresno area schools and nonprofit agencies. Tutors are asked to make a year-long commitment. New tutors will be required to attend a Tutor Training Course at California State University, Fresno. Tutors will also be required to: maintain a professional appearance and conduct at all times; attend training; keep all scheduled tutoring appointments; keep records of student work; report on tutoring activities, pupil progress and concerns; and conduct evaluations as needed (Fresno READS, 2007). Become a Fresno READS’ Tutor

  9. Paid for tutoring by Federal Work Study Tutors have the opportunity to receive academic credit Be able to shape and change a child’s life Look s good on a résumé Become part of an community Meet individuals with similar ambitions Benefits of being a Fresno READS’ member

  10. Chris FiorentinoFresno READS CoordinatorCalifornia State University, Fresno5150 N. Maple Ave M/S JA 120Fresno, CA 93740-8026Joyal Administration Building Room 274Phone: (559) 278-7007Fax: (559) 278-6483Email: chrisf@csufresno.edu Rukku SinglaJan and Bud Richter Center for Community  Engagement and Service-Learning Fresno READS2555 E. San Ramon Ave., M/S SB120Fresno, California 93740-8034Science Building, Rm. #136(559) 278-7007 Email: rsingla@csufresno.edu Contacts

  11. Fresno READS Home Page Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community  Engagement and Service-Learning Fresno READS website Fresno READS Tutor Information, Standards of Conduct, and Mentor Responsibilities Tips for promoting reading and literacy Helpful Links

  12. Become a member today

  13. Fresno READS. (2007) Fresno READS Program. Retrieved March 19, 2008, from California State University, Fresno, Web site: http://csufresno.edu/scs/reads/programs.html Singla, R. Personal communication. April 9, 2008. Smith, A. Personal communication. April 27, 2008 References

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