prepositions of time n.
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Prepositions of time

Prepositions of time

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Prepositions of time

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  1. Prepositions of time Use / examples

  2. in months year season part of the day duration in July in 2004 in summer in the evening in a minute in two weeks

  3. at part of the day time of day celebrations fixed phrases at night at 6 o’clock at midnight at Christmas at Easter at the same time

  4. on on Friday on the 25th of December on Easter Sunday on my birthday on the morning of September the 11th days of the week date special holidays a special part of the day

  5. after later than something after school after lunch after movie after exam

  6. ago how far something happened 6 years ago 2 moths ago 4 centuries ago

  7. before earlier than something before Christmas before supper before meeting before the end of before lessons

  8. between time that separates two points between Monday and Friday between nine and ten

  9. by not later than special time by Thursday by 2 o’clock by April

  10. during through the whole of period of a time during the holidays during spring during warm summer months during the day during his life during the Middle Ages

  11. during / while We use during + noun: Robert suddenly began to feel ill during the exam. We use while + subject + verb: Robert suddenly began to feel ill while he was doing the exam.

  12. for period of time for three weeks for a brief period for a couple of days for a few weeks for a long time for a moment

  13. from… to/till/until two points form a period from Monday to Wednesday from Monday till Wednesday from Monday until Wednesday

  14. past time of the day 23 minutes past six a quarter past eight half past five

  15. since point of time since Monday since dawn since her marriage since I was born since leaving school since that time since this morning

  16. till/until no later than a special time till tomorrow until tomorrow till Christmas until it is over until terminated until the day

  17. to time of the day 23 minutes to six

  18. up to not more than a special time up to six hours a day up to the present day

  19. within during a period of time within a day within a day or two within a period within a time limit within a year within a short time within the first few days