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Interactions Between the Sexes

Interactions Between the Sexes. Liz Perez Emily Ledbetter Jenna Gregory. Introduction to Teasing. Teasing is a very all-encompassing form of social interaction. From a very early age it is understood that teasing can garner a change in emotions.

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Interactions Between the Sexes

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  1. Interactions Between the Sexes • Liz Perez • Emily Ledbetter • Jenna Gregory

  2. Introduction to Teasing • Teasing is a very all-encompassing form of social interaction. • From a very early age it is understood that teasing can garner a change in emotions. • These teasing interactions have the potential to solidify relationships, or cause irrevocable damage. • Teasing is understood to be “ all in good fun” but to what detriment?

  3. “Nobody Likes Me” • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo70Y4Eebz0 • http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/how-to-handle-teasing/6oknn7k?q=teasing&FROM=LKVR5&GT1=LKVR5&FORM=LKVR8

  4. Ways in Which We Tease • Teasing interactions can be verbal or nonverbal, and without the right understanding between the two parties, the teasing can be hurtful. • Males and females are socialized to have different teasing practices. • The inevitable differences cause many barriers to our communication and often result in confusion and hrut feelings.

  5. Teasing Survey Study • 1 95 men and 111 women participated, predominately freshman in public speaking classes • Most surveyed participants stated that they engaged in teasing around once or twice a week • Students responded that they engaged more frequently as the instigator than the target. • Men were significantly more engaged as instigator than as target, while women reported being involved in both. Teasing by men was significantly more competitive than teasing done by women.

  6. Impact of Teasing on the Individual • Women respond less favorably to teasing than do men. Women feel personally attacked by someone who teases them and will question what they did to deserve it, rather than question what is wrong with the teaser. • Women will internalize the negativity of teasing while men will fight back with equally hurtful comments. • In an experimental task, when a confederate teased college participants about being slow, women, but not men, sped up their performance

  7. Teasing and the Environment • There are fundamental differences in the way the boys and girls express themselves through teasing and there dissimilarities are most notably brought on by the way the one is raised. • An environment that fosters rough, rowdy boys will create rough and rowdy boys. Inversely, a home that fosters playful, enticing girls will create playful, enticing girls. • The most fascinating aspect of the home environment and the personalities created in early adolescence is that studies have shown that we will carry those tendencies and expressions throughout our life.

  8. Initiation Of Teasing • The findings of Bell and colleagues showed that among romantically involved college students, teasing was initiated nearly twice as often by men as by women. • These findings demonstrate a man’s inclination to revert back to adolescence and express interest by teasing. The age-old notion that, “if he’s mean to you, he likes you” • However, studies of the overall frequency of the typical type of teasing and initiation is few and far between

  9. Why are you mean to me? • The little girl may cry. While……. The little boy may yell.

  10. Why tease? • Teasing is one of the easiest ways to covertly show affection for someone without actually admitting it. • Teasing is also an avenue of evasion from one’s own insecurities. When someone says something mean to another person, most often the former is projecting and in fact feels that they themselves are inflicted with that flaw. • Lastly, teasing may also be a social structure that has been imbedded in people from early on as and appropriate behavior for a boy or a girl.

  11. Decoding the message • With all these subliminal meanings behind the act of teasing it is predictable that miscommunication will occur. • How can one know if they are being courted, bullied, or victimized by projection? • There is no direct resolution to this issue but to say that the way we were brought up seems to stay with us even as adults. Which inadvertently becomes synonymous with teasing.

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