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bingo fabulous review

bingo fabulous review

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bingo fabulous review

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  1. Bingo Fabulous Bingo Fabulous is another of the great on line bingo sites that have launched in recent years and has had a regular spot in the online bingo charts for a fair while now. Predominantly aimed at the UK market it is however open to players from across the world. Here at no deposit online bingo we like playing on sites from all around the world, as it gives us the chance to learn new techniques, but also we get to meet like minded people bingo fans from all 4 corners of the globe. Ask any UK based player about Bingo Fabulous and they will only have good things to say about the site.

  2. As soon as you land on Bingo Fabulous, you know you are at a best bingo site online. Just for joining you get 20 free cards for putting your details in, making this one of the best no deposit online bingo sites and this will give you a chance to check the site out properly and see how the games are played. If you do decide to deposit some cash then Bingo Fabulous have the customary deposit match, they will give you a 100% match if your deposit is between £5-£100. If you deposit any other amounts, then Bingo Fabulous will give you a 50% match.

  3. There is the classic 75 and 90 ball games and they are spread over many different rooms. In the 75 ball game you can play for the various patterns or head to the 90 ball game and play for the lines and full houses. Which bingo room you head to is all down to you. There are also excellent chat rooms where you can play online bingo too and these are an excellent place to make new friends and learn those new tips and there is always an excellent chat host.

  4. Which bingo site is for you? If you are unsure then click here to go to Bingo Fabulous and see what they can do for you…

  5. If the standard games and chat rooms are not enough to keep you amused, then Bingo Fabulous also has some of the best promotional games available and these promotions are changed on a weekly basis. Some of the prizes that are up for grabs here are truly amazing, making Bingo Fabulous one of the best no deposit bonus bingo sites out there. At the time we are writing this review, there is a cruise around Alaska with £2,000 spending money to be won, and that is just one of the prizes. There is another promotional game with a jackpot of £3,000.

  6. The Good • Very Friendly Site • One of the best on line bingo sites • Has Team Bingo • The Bad • Maybe UK biased, but don’t let that put you off • Deposit over £200 and they will only match 50%,

  7. Bingo Fabulous also offers a great team bingo scheme. What is team bingo you may be asking? Well quite simply find 3 other of your fabulous bingo buddies and register at the team bingo promo. Then quite simply it is the team with the highest number of bingo wins in the month that gets the 1,000,000 loyalty points prize.

  8. Tonia had the following to say about Bingo Fabulous; “OMG I really do not know what to say .. I thought that then when I won the Cruise the absolute trip of a lifetime, that I had been blessed but THEN the Christmas game was looming and to be honest I really thought I would have no chance, Nobody could ever be that Lucky !!!! two major prizes would be a miracle. Well the MIRACLE happened … with just 25 tickets and 3000 people in play I won the house £5000 on lucky 68. I was so amazed normally I cant win with two people in the room. This site has changed my Life, after a very bad start to the year it has finished in the most amazing way possible. I can start 2011 with fond memories of a great holiday and debt free for the first time in many years.Thank You to all my roomies who have wished me well it is so appreciated. So to all the staff and fellow players I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year ……….”

  9. Bingo Fabulous stands for absolutely fabulous bingo. Sign up to find out what’s in store for you!