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Horizonte 2012-13

Horizonte 2012-13. School Improvement Grant Year 2. Implementation. Math and English Coaches c urriculum pre/post assessments monthly PD s chool wide daily practice instructors Reading Specialist Additional Counselor Data Coordinator SPED co-teaching.

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Horizonte 2012-13

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  1. Horizonte 2012-13 School Improvement Grant Year 2

  2. Implementation • Math and English Coaches • curriculum • pre/postassessments • monthly PD • school wide daily practice • instructors • Reading Specialist • Additional Counselor • Data Coordinator • SPED co-teaching

  3. Horizonte Learning CommunitiesGoals for 2012-13 • Science program development • Curriculum aligned and mapped, equipment purchased • CTE/Art program development • Lesson plans tied to state standards in academic areas, advisory curriculum developed • Cross-curricular connections • Develop model for 2-teacher sites next year, integrate on-line resources to meet curricular needs

  4. HLC Goals for 2012-13 (contd.) • Improving attendance • Develop improvement plan, incentives, marketing approach, curriculum for advisory • Parent involvement • Plan family/parent activities throughout the year, develop family resource center • Student recognition • Recognize student achievement in academic growth, attendance, honor roll, behavior improvement, etc.

  5. Horizonte 2012-13 Demographics

  6. Demographics (2-26-13) • Total enrolled = 826 • Male = 449 (54%) Female = 377 (46%) • Grade level count

  7. Enrollment History

  8. Demographics (2-26-13)

  9. Demographics (2-26-13) • 705 students (87%) eligible for free or reduced lunch • 288 students (36%) have UALPA classification • 125 students (16%) classified Special Education. • New students every week

  10. Student visits to Social Worker

  11. Growth in 2011-12Graduation and Enrollment

  12. Formative Assessments5 sessions Language Arts, Math and Reading:Pre/post assessments developed to track individual student growth each session Growth Goal:Minimum 60% of students show growth each session

  13. Horizonte Language Arts curriculum • 2011-2012 school year 9.10 students • Session 1 Night narrative essay • Session 2Antigone argument essay • Session 3Memoirs of a Boy Soldier explanatory/informative essay • Session 4The Pearl research paper • Session 5The Merchant of Venice/Taming of the Shrewexplan/informative essay

  14. Horizonte Language Arts curriculum • 2011-2012 school year 11.12 students • Session 1The Color of Water narrative essay • Session 2Of Mice and Men argument essay • Session 3Tuesdays with Morrie explanatory/informative essay • Session 4Lord of the Flies research paper • Session 5MacBethexplan/informative essay

  15. Horizonte Language Arts curriculum • 2012-2013 school year 9.10 students • Session 1Unwindexplan/informative essay • Session 2Romeo and Juliet explanative/informative essay • Session 3Speak narrative essay • Session 4The Rock and the River research paper • Session 5I Am Nujood, Age 10 & Divorced argument essay

  16. Horizonte Language Arts curriculum • 2012-2013 school year 11.12 students • Session 1The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks explanatory/informative essay • Session 2Hamletexplan/informative essay • Session 3The Great Gatsby narrative essay • Session 4Warriors Don’t Cry research paper • Session 5The Alchemistargument essay

  17. Session 1 Language Arts

  18. Session 1 Math

  19. Session 1 Reading

  20. Session 2 Language Arts

  21. Session 2 Math

  22. Session 2 Reading n=170

  23. Horizonte 2011-12 CRT Results

  24. CRT Growth in 2011-12Student Proficiency

  25. CRT Growth in Language Arts(all students)48% had scaled score gains

  26. CRT Growth in Language Arts(students enrolled 90+ days)53% had scaled score gains

  27. CRT Growth in Math(all students)51% had scaled score gains

  28. CRT Growth in Math(students enrolled 90+ days)60% had scaled score gains

  29. CRT growth model at Horizonte • Most students are enrolled less than a full academic year, many lack a previous CRT score for comparison and many do not take the CRTs in the normal test sequence. Consequently there are very few students that meet the criteria needed for the SLCSD growth model. • CRT growth at Horizonte is measured by the change in scaled score from one year to the next in the same content area.

  30. Horizonte growth model applied to other district high schools • Using same growth model for students enrolled less than a full academic year and grouped in ethnic/income cohorts, growth results at Horizonte were similar if not better than other schools.

  31. Goals for 2012-13 • Formative growth goals will increase from a minimum of 55% students showing growth to 60%. • CRT growth goals will also increase from a minimum of 30% students showing growth to at least 53%.

  32. Beyond Testing… School Climate Goals

  33. School Climate Goals • Increase parent involvement • Improve attendance • Recognize students for improvement

  34. Highlights • Summer academies Summer Writing Academy Hiking the Wasatch Mountains Monument Valley Humanitarian Trip

  35. Highlights • PD for coaches with Dr. Javius • Visit from Jason Snyder, US Dept of Education, and NEA officials • DeVry Foundation Grant for $5,000 that will be used for student recognition and incentives

  36. Highlights • SLTA support: • KEYS survey administration • “Take One” National Board Certification • Professional development funds • Humanitarian Law Conference scholarships • Innovative Practices MOU

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