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  2. PROGRAMS • PAOE – Presidential Award of Excellence • Blue & Red Ribbon • Green Ribbon • Lincoln Bouillon Award

  3. PAOE • Set by the Society president • A points system for goal setting • An awards competition between chapters • In many ways, a job description! • Minimum = 500 points, Par = 800 points • All PAOE details are on at - you must login to access it Staying active with PAOE ensures your chapter stays on track with membership. Note: PAOE changes each year, so be sure you are looking at PAOE for the current fiscal ASHRAE year.

  4. 2010-2011 PAOE

  5. HOW TO ENTER PAOE • From, select the link for Secure Chapter Volunteer Activity (left side of the screen) – do not log in first • Select the link for Presidential Award of Excellence (PAOE) • Using the login prompt in the center screen (located under Please Login, not Member Login), enter your email address, then your personal password • Select the link to Update PAOE Chapter Totals (Authorized Users Only) • Select the correct year (2010-2011, etc.); enter your chapter’s logon and password (use all lower case, no spacing, the last three characters of the password are numeric) – if you do not have your chapter’s logon or password, email • Select the PAOE category to enter points • If needed, detailed instructions with screenshots are located under Quick Links

  6. RED & BLUE RIBBON • The Blue & Red Ribbon Awards recognize the membership successes of individual chapters • To qualify, chapters must reach par in the membership growth column of the PAOE • The first-place ribbon is awarded to the chapter in each region that obtains the highest points in the Membership Promotion category of the PAOE – the award consists of a blue ribbon and is accompanied by a certificate • The second-place ribbon is awarded to the chapter in each region that obtains the second highest points in the Membership Promotion category of the PAOE – the award consists of a red ribbon, and is accompanied by a certificate • Presentation and recognition for the awards is held at the Chapter Regional Conference (CRC)

  7. GREEN RIBBON • Established in 2009, this award recognizes and supports online membership transactions (applications and renewals) in honor of sustainability • The chapter in each region with the highest percentage (based on number of members) of online transactions receives the award • Presentation and recognition for the award is held at the Chapter Regional Conference (CRC)

  8. LINCOLN BOUILLON AWARD The Lincoln Bouillon Award is given each year to the Society member who has performed the most outstanding job in supporting the membership of the Society. Criteria include: • Increasing chapter membership • Reducing the number of delinquent members • Increasing the number of members who upgrade their membership (Advancements) The Lincoln Bouillon Award was established in 1967 in memory of President Lincoln Bouillon. This recipient is determined by majority vote of the Society Membership Promotion Committee and confirmed by the Board of Directors. Chapters should consider top membership performers from the previous ASHRAE year and submit those names as recommendations to their RVC by Sept. 15 (Blue & Red Ribbons winners are typically good candidates)

  9. Q&A • What questions do you have about the awards and recognition of Membership Promotion? GROUP DISCUSSION