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  1. Office of the Chief Technologist Flight Opportunities Program Laguduva Kubendran, PhD, MBA Program Executive, NASA HQ FAA COMSTAC Public Meeting October 14, 2011

  2. Space Technology Program – Overview Possible Solution Technology Demonstration Missions Edison Small Sat Demonstration Missions Flight Opportunities Space Tech Research Grants NIAC SBIR/STTR CentennialChallenges Center Innovation Fund Idea Franklin Small Sat Subsystem Technology Game Changing Development Idea Possible Solution Idea Idea Possible Solution Idea Possible Solution Flight Opportunities Idea Idea Idea Possible Solution Idea Industry Academia Govt 7 3 4 5 6 1 2 Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

  3. Flight Opportunities Program • Objective: Provide flight opportunities in reduced-gravity and high-altitude environments toward maturation of technology for application in future space missions. Combines the FY 2010 FAST (parabolic) and CRuSR (suborbital) efforts previously managed by NASA’s Innovative Partnership Program. Goal of expanding program to other platforms and test environments in FY 2012. • Procure flight and payload integration services from suborbital reusable launch vehicle (sRLV) companies to provide 3-4 minutes of microgravity environment for tech development, scientific, and university research • Procure commercial parabolic flights to test technologies in environments that simulate microgravity and the reduced gravity environments of the Moon or Mars • Level II Program Office: DFRC • Acquisition Strategy • Suborbital Flights – Commercial flight and payload integration services on operational and developmental suborbital platforms; IDIQ Contract Awards in August 2011 to Armadillo, Masten, Near Space Corp, Up Aerospace, Virgin Galactic, Whittinghill, and XCOR • Parabolic Flights – Utilize existing JSC/Reduced Gravity Office contract with Zero-G Corporation • Payloads - Open call to researchers to gain access to parabolic and suborbital flight opportunities to test technologies in a relevant space environment; Next Round to start in October 2011 • Awards • Parabolic flights: Up to 4 flight weeks/year with ~10 payloads/flight week • Suborbital flights: Multiple flights and integration services purchased through seven vendors • Collaboration • Suppliers - Industry and emerging commercial suborbital platform providers supply flights to access simulated space environments • Users - Industry, Academia, Government researchers propose technology payloads to be flown on procured flights

  4. $17M FY 2012 budget, based on FY 2012 President’s Budget Request Flight Opportunities Program funds: Flight Opportunities & Payload Integration Development of Technology Payloads to “Prime the Pump” (Through GCD) Vehicle Technology Enhancements (Through GCD) Onboard Research Facilities (Through (GCD) Flight Opportunities Program Funding Announcement of Opportunities ESI STP Payloads Flight Opportunities GCT Other MD’s (e.g., ROSES) Other Govt. Entities CCD ESI: Early Stage Innovation GCT: Game Changing Technology CCD: Crosscutting Capability Demonstrations MD: Mission Directorates ROSES: Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences

  5. Technology Needs for Space Relevant Environment drive OCT Platform Requirements Technology development at a rapid pace requires frequent flights Commercial service from Multiple Vendors NASA one of several customers Low cost access Acquisition Strategy Flight and Payload Integration services Launch vehicles that fall under jurisdiction of FAA/AST shall be licensed Standard commercial services Firm, fixed-price contracts Multiple awards Subsequent solicitations, as required Acquisition Strategy for Flight & Payload Integration Services

  6. Commercial sRLV RFP Requirements Basic Service Requirements L3 Longer duration reduced gravity applications 100km (MSL) L2 High altitude, Long duration, Reduced Gravity Applications altitude ~ 20km (MSL) ~ 6km (AGL) L1 Approach and Precision Landing Applications

  7. Contract Awards (August 2011) • Flight Opportunities Program has selected Seven Companies to provide flight and payload integration services • Armadillo Aerospace, Heath, Texas • Near Space Corporation, Tillamook, Ore. • Masten Space Systems, Mojave, Calif. • Up Aerospace Inc., Highlands Ranch, Colo. • Virgin Galactic, Mojave, Calif. • Whittinghill Aerospace LLC, Camarillo, Calif. • XCOR, Mojave, Calif. • IDIQ Contracts with Two Year Period of Performance • Total Contract Value - $10M

  8. Suborbital Flight Schedule (tentative)

  9. Current Program focus is Suborbital flight Frequent Commercial Low Cost Access Program Solicits & Flies Payloads in Relevant Environment Payloads through Open Calls Payloads from OCT pipeline Payloads from NASA Mission Directorates Payloads from Other Government Agencies Summary