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Community Helpers

Community Helpers

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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers BY: Marie Pitsenbarger and Marybeth Alemagno First Grade Week Long Unit

  2. Objective • Student will know who community helpers are and tell the service that the following helpers provide for the community: • Mail Carrier -Teacher • Construction worker -Veterinarian • Cook -Doctor • Mayor -Police Officer • Farmer -Firefighter

  3. Content Mail Carrier – collects and delivers mail to all members of the community Teacher – educates young children Construction worker – constructs roads, buildings and home Veterinarian – doctor for pets Cook – prepares food for eating Doctor – helps people who are not feeling well Mayor – runs the town Police Officer – makes sure everyone is following the laws to keep us safe Farmer – grow food and raises animals to provide food Firefighter – puts out fires

  4. Teacher References • • • • • • •

  5. Student References • • • • • • • • • • • •

  6. Media References DVD - Ricky’s Room Community Helpers DVD VHS - My Community, My Neighborhood VHS with pamphlet Webpage -People, Occupations, and Community -PBS Community Helpers Powerpoint -Community Helpers: Who Wears These? Puppets -Community Helpers Glove Puppets Felt Board -Felt Community Helpers Dress Up Props -Community Helpers Costumes Charts -Community Helpers Activity Charts

  7. Media References, Cont. Books -Community Helpers Series by Mary Firestone -Community Helpers from A to Z by Bobbie D. Kalman, Niki Walker, Niki Walker -ASK NURSE PFAFF, SHE’LL HELP YOU! By Alice Flanagan -Career Day by Anne Rockwell Cassette -People in Our Neighborhood Bulletin Board -Community Helpers Bulletin Board -Community Helpers Photographic Mini Bulletin Board CD -People in Our Neighborhood CD Memory Cards -Community Helpers Word Cards -Community Helpers and Careers Learning Cards Puzzle -People Who Help Us Puzzle

  8. Children Literature • Bank Tellers by Katie Bagley, Shannon Duffy, and Lois J. Schuldt • Cahiers by: Katie Bagley and Cher Terry • Chefs and Cooks by: Panky Snow • Construction Workers by: Tami Deedrick • Helpers in Our Community by: Lola M. Scheafer and Gail Saunders-Smith • Pilots Fly Planes by: Fay Robinson • Police Officers Protect People by: Carol Greene • Postal Workers Deliver Our Mail by: Carol Greene • What Does a Dentist Do? By: Heather Miller • What Does A Doctor Do? By: Felicia Lowenstein • What Does A Mail Carrier Do? by: Lisa Trumbauer • What Does a Teacher Do? by: Felicia Lowenstein • What Does a Truck Driver Do? by: Lisa Trumbauer • When I Grow Up: The Community Helper Resource Book by: Dayle M. Timmons and Kerry Rogers • You’re a Community Helper by: Karen Bryant-Mole

  9. Geography Activities 1 and 2 ACTIVITY 1 WHAT IS A COMMUNITY HELPER, ANYWAY?Encourage children to work on a definition of “community helper.” This will be a work in progress, constantly changing as children meet or learn about community helpers. Compare each community helper against the definition. (As the number of community helpers examined increases, the definition will become more generalized.) Materials: • Chart paper • Marker ACTIVITY 2 Materials: • Costumes and props Children will dress up as a community helper and share with the class their costume. They will explain why they are dressed that way and what that community helper does to help our community.

  10. People in Societies Activity 3 ACTIVITY 3 Have the children look through ethnic cook books and see what recipe they want to make. Have them create their own recipes by cutting out pictures of food and glue them to their recipe card. Children can then create names for their dishes and share their creation and the cultural background Materials: • Glue • Magazine pictures of food • Large index cards/Construction paper (recipe card) • Markers • Cook Book

  11. Activity #4 When learning our addresses we will place them on large index cards. Next we need a stamp. Making our own Post Officer Ink: Materials:   1 tsp. food coloring, 3 TBS. liquid starch, 1 TBS. waterDirections: Mix the ingredients to use as ink for any rubber stamps

  12. Government Activities 5 and 6 ACTIVITY 5 Have a Police Officer come in and talk to the class telling them what he does to make their neighborhood a safer place. He will then pass out police badges to all the students Materials: • Badges • Police Man ACTIVITY 6 “The Line Up!” The Police officer will fingerprint them and trace their outlines as if they had committed a crime and the students will decorate them Materials: • White bulletin board paper • Makers • Crayons • Ink (for fingerprinting) Ms. Alemagno

  13. Social Studies Skills and Methods Activity 7 ACTIVITY 7 We will read the book Old MacDonald Had a Farm and identify the main idea on the worksheet below. We will then discuss the job of a farmer and how he is a community helper. Materials: -Old MacDonald Had a Farm by: Frances Coney -Main idea worksheet -Pencil

  14. Activity #8 Doctor bags: Use a file folder as a medical bag cutting out a handle. Have students glue items into their bags Talk about a veterinarian and a doctor. What is the difference? Materials: • File folder bags with handles • Cotton balls • Tongue depressors • Cotton swabs • Band-aids • Gauze • Dog treats Stethoscopes: Have students paint each the cupped areas of an egg carton (cut up one for each child) then poke a hole and put a piece of yarn through for a stethoscope! Materials: • Egg cartons • Yarn • Hole puncher

  15. Geography Activities 9 & 10 ACTIVITY 8 Using the symbols we made in activity 1 have students create a map of our town labeling the community helpers with our symbols. Materials: • Tag-board • Markers • Map of our town ACTIVITY 9 Visiting the Mayor! Using the map of the town we made, we will plan route we will take there and back. Such as turn left at the library, turn left at the stop sign. This will help with giving directions to a location. Materials: • Our maps • A step by step direction route on chart paper • A marker to trace our route

  16. People in Societies Activity 11 ACTIVITY 11 The local construction company will send a foreman to show the children how our culture uses wood, bricks, and other materials to build homes, while other cultures use mud, sticks, and leaves to build their homes! Together we will use materials to construct a home. Materials: • The Construction worker • Popsicle sticks • Twine • Clay

  17. Review Activity Materials: • Markers • Magazine pictures • Construction paper • All our friends helps Together we will create an ABC book of community helpers. Each child will get a letter.

  18. Study Tool Study Tool Have the children obtain information about community helpers using a variety of resources, both orally (what they have learned) and visually (in books). Have them create a memory card game of community helpers and what they each one does to help the community. These memory cards will be used as a study tool to help study for their community helpers test. Materials: • Index cards • Pencil • Variety of resource books

  19. Assessment Assessment Procedure The following day the students will play the memory game in a center with the teacher. The teacher will have a checklist similar to the one on the next slide to assess whether the students have learned each community helper and their correct job. These community helpers below would be some examples of the community helpers they would be assessed on.

  20. Assessment Assessment Tool As you ask the student what each community helper is and their job the teacher would check the box below. Each question is worth 2 points. 1 if they know the correct community helper and 1 if they know the correct job that matches that community helper. • Community Helper • Assessment Checklist • Student __________________________ • Mail Carrier Teacher • Construction worker Veterinarian • Cook Doctor • Mayor Police Officer • Farmer Firefighter • Total points ________________