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Best World Lifestyle PowerPoint Presentation
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Best World Lifestyle

Best World Lifestyle

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Best World Lifestyle

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  1. Best World Lifestyle

  2. 5 THINGS You NEED To Know About

  3. #1. it’s Based in SINGAPORE GMP Certified Factory

  4. #2. it’s a 23-year old company … which means BWL is VERY STABLE (NOT a “fly-by-night” company)

  5. #3. it’s in 22 countries worldwide That means you can BUILD your GROUPFASTER around the world!

  6. Awards and Recognitions

  7. #4. Member of World Federation Direct Selling Association (WFDSA) * That means we’re LEGAL * NOT a pyramiding scheme * Our strength is PRODUCT MOVEMENT

  8. #5. it’s PIONEERING in the Philippines … which means you have the strategic “positioning” advantage (Be the PIONEER in your AREA!!!)

  9. BWL Philippines Head Office

  10. 32nd floor, Robinsons Equitable Tower ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City

  11. Many industry leaders are now with BWL

  12. This is just a normal sight in BWL office

  13. Come to BWL’s Super Saturday event!!!

  14. Life at its Best! Physical Wellness Emotional Wellness Financial Wellness Social Wellness

  15. This is our “sexy” product… for weight management

  16. Main Ingredients of Plum Delite Premium Dried Plum Pu-Er Tea Probiotics Green Tea

  17. source of Vitamin C • and helps fights • infection • great forconstipation • problems because • it’s a natural • “laxative” and • rich in fiber.. Premium Dried Plum

  18. produces enzymes for • healthy digestion • good bacteria that kills harmful bacteria • in your body • enhances the body’s • absorption of nutrients Probiotics • supports the destroying • of toxins and carcinogens

  19. inhibits growth of cancer • cells(from Journal of National • Cancer Institute 1994) • Lowers cholesterol • level (from University • of Purdue) • great “fat burner”. • burns calories very fast • (from American Journal • of Clinical Nutrition 1999) Green Tea

  20. known as the King of • “Weight Loss” Tea (the • ultimate secret why • most Chinese are slim) • it’s a great • “FAT BLOCKER” • the “fats” you eat are • not stored in your body. Pu-Erh Tea • speeds up metabolism • in the body w/o exercise

  21. Uniqueness of Plum Delite • ZERO Fat • LOW in calories • High in FIBER • Contains PROBIOTICS • Contains ANTI-OXIDANTS

  22. Koh Lee Cheng Total weight loss 11.0 kg Before 77.0kg After 4 wks 72.6kg After 8 wks 66.0kg


  24. The plum is best for DETOX and CLEANSING ALARMING SIGNSthat you needCLEANSING: Fatigue & low energy Bloating Stingy gas Body Odor Headache Weight Gain Constipation

  25. Why Choose Plum Delite? • Unique and has ZERO competitorbecauseother slimming products are in capsules, tablets, juice or drinks. With our plum, you JUST eat it! • Safe & Effectivebecause it’s 100% natural. No chemicals were detected in an independent laboratory test. • Simply & Easy to eatbecauseit’s like you’re eating grapes. That’s it! • It tastes GOOD!

  26. Just EAT 1 PLUM after dinner DRINK 2 glasses of water after dinner (FYI: Please drink 2 liters of water w/in 24 hours) Do DRINK a lot of water! Eat once a day only No need to exercise! No need to diet! 100% Natural!

  27. 2 Ways to JOIN STARTER PACK @Php1,800 BUILDER PACK @Php7,800

  28. What do you get with STARTER PACK(P1,800.00)? P1200 1 box of Plum P600 MEMBERSHIP FEE You also get 1 piece 45% DISCOUNT VOUCHER (for selected BWL products) P1000 P1500 SKIN STUDIO ANALYSIS _______ P4,300 TOTAL BENEFITS

  29. What do you get with BUILDER PACK (P7,800.00)? P7200 6 boxesof Plum P600 MEMBERSHIP FEE 2 PCS. 45% DISCOUNT VOUCHER (for selected BWL products) P2000 6 PCS. MEMBERSHIP VOUCHERS P3600 @P600 /EACH P1500 _______ SKIN STUDIO ANALYSIS TOTAL BENEFITS P14,900


  31. Simple, Easy & Fun • Simple Compensation Plan • Easy to start • Fun

  32. DIRECT SELLING Dealer’s Price (DP): P1,050/box Suggested Retail Price (SRP): P1,200/box

  33. RECRUITMENT Unilevel Reward • #1.A. Outright Bonus (SRP – DP) • daily income • (Suggested Retail Price – Dealer’s Price) • - P150/box #1. • #1.B. Membership Voucher • daily income • only those who have Membership Voucher can earn from this • - P600 income • #1.C. Referral Bonus (18% of DP) • - weekly income • (18% of Dealer’s Price) • P189/box

  34. RECRUITMENT Unilevel Reward • #1.D. Membership Voucher Bonus • (if BP sponsors a BP) • this bonus only applies if you’re a • Builder Pack (BP) member and sponsors • another Builder Pack • - P1,200 (FREE 2 Membership Vouchers) #1. NOTE: SP is Starter Pack (P1800) and BP is Builder Pack (P7800) SP BP TOTAL INCOME COMPARISON SP BP SP BP P939 P2,634 P939 P3,834 Reminder: All applications should be accompanied by a Membership Voucher

  35. RECRUITMENT Unilevel Reward. YOU 1 P189.00 / BOX #1. 2 P21.00 / BOX 3 P21.00 / BOX #1.E. Entry Bonus 4 P21.00 / BOX • Unilevel income up to 9th level 5 P21.00 / BOX • You earn from every box • when people register • as Starter Pack, Builder • Pack or Mobile Stockist 6 P21.00 / BOX 7 P21.00 / BOX 8 P10.50 / BOX 9 P10.50 / BOX

  36. Refers to Maintenance or Repeat Purchase RETENTION Unilevel Reward YOU 1 P42.00 / BOX #2. 2 P42.00 / BOX 3 P42.00 / BOX REQUIREMENTS for RECRUITMENT and RETENTION BONUS: 4 P42.00 / BOX 5 P42.00 / BOX (Your commission is credited every 15th of the month) 6 P42.00 / BOX 1 personal maintenance = 3 income levels 7 P42.00 / BOX 4 active lines = 6 levels of income 8 P21.00 / BOX 6 active lines = 9 levels of income 9 P21.00 / BOX

  37. Earn EXTRA P47.25 / BOX RANKING Unilevel Reward PD Platinum Director Earn EXTRA P42.00 / BOX GD Gold Director #3. Earn EXTRA P31.50 / BOX SD Silver Director This refers to INFINITY INCOME that comes with your position Earn EXTRA P21.00 / BOX BBM Bronze Business Manager Earn EXTRA P10.50 / BOX SBM Senior Business Manager You get ADDITIONAL INCOME “PER BOX” in all your Recruitment and Retention BONUS up to INFINITY levels! Earn EXTRA P5.25 / BOX BM Business Manager BA Business Associate  START HERE

  38. How to Get Promoted? BBM SD 4. 1. BA BM • Should produce three (3) BBMs from • different legs and from any level • Group sales ofP3,000,000 in 3 months - Should have 4 active lines - Group sales of P52,500 in 2 months GD BM SBM SD 2. 5. • Should produce one (1) BM from • any leg or level. • Must have three (3) SDs from • different legs in any level SBM BBM GD PD 3. 6. • Should produce three (3) BMs from • different legs and from any level • Group sales of P300,000 in a month • Must have three (3) GDs from • different legs in any level

  39. REDUPLICATION Unilevel Reward Will enjoy 2% share of the BWL Philippines monthly sales. (Must produce 1 SD with a group total sales of P210,000 in a month) SD #4. Will enjoy 0.5% share of the BWL Philippines quarterly sales. (Must produce 1 GD with a group total sales of P2,100,000 in a quarter) GD PD Will enjoy 0.5% share of the BWL Philippines annual sales. (Must produce 1 PD with a group total sales of P21,000,000 in a year)

  40. Things to remember… GO FOR HIGHER RANKS! HIGHER RANK MEANS BIG COMMISSIONS! Your monthly MAINTENANCE is only… P1,050/month (1 box of plum)

  41. MOBILE STOCKIST SILVERStockist ROI Projection 1. Retail Sales P60,000 50 boxes x P1,200 2. FREE 20 Membership vouchers 50 vouchers x P600=P30,000 3. Extra P10.50 per box commission in the entire Network P52,500.00 1. 50 boxes of Plum Delite 50 x P1,050 = P52,500 2. Promoted to Business Manager on the following month 3. FREE 50 membership vouchers @ P600/each 4. Extra P10.50 per box commission

  42. WHY Join ? becausethe company is stable. 22 years is more than enough to prove its stability. because the product is unique. You wont find a weight-loss “fruit” product anywhere in the market like Plum Delite (Optrimax). because the compensation plan is easy to do. The distributors gets immediate income from the comp plan and it assures them a lifetime passive income.. because you have a strong formidable team. We understand that it takes leadership and teamwork to get there to the top.

  43. Why Join our TEAM? because we’ll teach you how to reach HIGHER RANKS faster! We created a fast track program that you just follow step-by-step to reach Gold Director rank within one (1) year. because we have internet marketing tools that you can use to build your network online. We prepared templates like pictures, ads, ebooks and special reports to jumpstart your business even if you have no experience yet.

  44. Why Join our TEAM? because we have special trainings“EXCLUSIVE” to our group that YOU WON’T FIND in company trainings. We’ll teach you how to effectively promote the products the easy way without annoying your friends and relatives. because we are under the guidance of an MLM mentor who wrote the book “HOW to Create Momentum in Your Network in 90 Days?”You’ll have a 1-on-1 coaching session with him to monitor your monthly progress.

  45. Why Join our TEAM? because we’ll teach you the practical skills of PROSPECTING. We’ll show you where to find the prospects and how to make them join your group. because we’ll show you how to become a professional “inviter” and present the business using email and facebook. That means we have a system in place that would turn your business into a enjoyable and great learning experience while earning at the same time..

  46. Here’s BWL’s Main Website Here’s BWL Philippines Website Here’s our Plum Delite (Optrimax) link

  47. Fish Oil Molecularly-Distilled Twice For Best Circulatory Support! (Omega 3 Plus, 30 softgels) KEY BENEFITS:- IMPROVE mental dexterity and concentration- HELP in maintaining your visual functions- AID blood circulation through its anti-thrombotic (anti-clotting) properties- HELP in circulation for the overall body- HELP to reduce triglycerides* (* As published in PDR for Nutritional Supplements, Medical Economics Company, Inc., Montvale, NJ, 2001, Pg 136-139 PRODUCT LAUNCHING was held last September 13, 2012 (for Philippines) Here’s our OMEGA 3 PLUS product Link

  48. INCREASE pH of beverages to maintain body fluids at optimal mildly-alkaline condition NEUTRALIZE the taste and smell of chlorine in water EXCELLENT source of ionic minerals which are absorbed better and faster by the body PRODUCT LAUNCHING was held last October 12, 2012 (for Philippines) Here’s our Sangocal product Link

  49. Which Do You Prefer? TRY one of our products first? ENJOY the discounts as a consumer? (You can get started through our Starter Pack or Builder Pack) or BUILD the business seriously with our team’s help? TEAM PLATINUM Rock Stars