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  1. JPCERT/CC May. 2003

  2. Fixed-Point Auto Data Collecting System • Getting more accurate Scan and Prove data to provide more accurate network traffic analysis. • Developing a Scan Probe Data Auto Collect System • Standardizing a data format to report with the cooperating partners • Standardizing numeration of the scan and probes • Developing an Auto Monitor & Report System to install across the collaborative networks • Ideal state • collaborate with the existing Auto Data collecting system (Australia, Korea) Auto Monitor & Report SystemJPCERT/CC Auto Data collect System Scan Probe Data report in the standardized reporting format Feed back the Traffic Data Analysis General Analysis will be available to the Public Installing the Auto monitoring & reporting system across the collaborative networks - domain ISACs, heavy infrastructure, etc.

  3. APCERT(Asia-Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team) • Background • Supported the Asia Pacific CSIRTs’ conference through JPCERT/CC since 2002 • The initiatives formally established the Information exchange framework for the CSIRT in Asia Pacific (APCERT), February 2003 • APCERT Purpose • to encourage and support the cooperation between CSIRT(Computer Security Incident Response Team) organizations in the Asia Pacific Region • Mission • maintains a trusted contact network of computer security experts in the Asia Pacific Region to improve the regions' awareness and competency in relation to computer security incidents through - enhancing Asia-Pacific regional and international cooperation on information security - jointly developing measures to deal with large-scale or regional network security incidents, - facilitating information sharing and technology exchange, including information security, computer virus and malicious code, among its members - promoting collaborative research and development on subjects of interest to its members - assisting other CERTs and CSIRTs in the region to conduct efficient and effective computer emergency response - providing inputs and/or recommendations to help address legal issues related to information security and emergency response across regional boundaries. - organizing an annual conference - APSIRC to raise awareness on computer security incident response and trends.

  4. APCERT Members • AusCERT Australian Computer Emergency Response Team Australia • BKIS Bach Khoa Internetwork Security Center Vietnam • CCERT CERNET Computer Emergency Response Team China • CERTCC-KR Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center-Korea Korea • CNCERT/CC China Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center China • HKCERT/CC Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination CenterHong Kong, China • IDCERT Indonesia Computer Emergency Response Team Indonesia • SecurityMap.Net CERT Securitymap Networks Computer Emergency Response Center Korea • JPCERT/CC Japan Computer Emergency Response Team / Coordination Center Japan • MYCERT Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team Malaysia • PH-CERT Philippine Computer Emergency Response Team Philippine • SingCERT Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team Singapore • TWCERT/CC Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team / Coordination Center Chinese Taipei • TW-CIRC Taiwan Computer Incident Response Coordination Center Chinese Taipei • ThaiCERT Thai Computer Emergency Response Team Thailand

  5. More information Mr.Yasuhiro KITAURA Assistant Director, IT Security Policy Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan URL: E-mail: TEL: +81-3-3501-0397 FAX: +81-3-3501-6639 JPCERT/CC URL: E-mail: TEL: +81-3-5575-7762 FAX: +81-3-5575-7764