the value bases of care work n.
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The Value Bases of Care Work PowerPoint Presentation
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The Value Bases of Care Work

The Value Bases of Care Work

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The Value Bases of Care Work

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  1. The Value Bases of Care Work Unit 1: Health, social care and early years provision

  2. The Care Value Base All care work is about improving the clients quality of life by meeting people’s; • Physical • Intellectual • Emotional and • Social needs. One way of doing this is to ‘EMPOWER’ clients.

  3. Values that care workers promote through their work • The aim of services that provide health and social care is to help people to either develop, or keep their independence. • Care workers need to decide how to get the balance right between getting too involved in peoples lives or not involved enough.

  4. Care practitioners use guidelines and codes of practice to empower clients (empower means giving someone the ability to do something for themselves) • Care practitioners empower clients by promoting the values that are important to both the practitioner and the client.

  5. These values form the basis of a set of principles that help care workers to give the kind of care each individual client needs • These principles form the basis of all care work and are sometimes referred to as the CARE VALUE BASE • This base describes the kind of attitude towards care you would appreciate if you were being cared for as a patient or a client.

  6. Values: beliefs about what is important to you as an individual. What you believe about what is morally right and wrong. Values are usually learnt from your parents/carers and don’t usually change throughout your life. Principles: Based on values. Basic guidelines about the right way to behave – your own personal code of conduct. E.g. you treat people with respect because you believe that is the right thing to do. Values and Principles

  7. The founding principles of the NHS. These can be summed up as: The provision of quality care that: • Meets the needs of everyone • Is free at the point of need • And is based on a patient's clinical need not their ability to pay

  8. The core principles in detail are: • The NHS will provide a universal service for all based on clinical need, not ability to pay • The NHS will provide a comprehensive range of services • The NHS will shape its services around the needs and preferences of individual patients, their families and their carers

  9. The NHS will respond to the different needs of different populations • The NHS will work continuously to improve quality services and to minimise errors • The NHS will support and value its staff • Public funds for healthcare will be devoted solely to NHS patients

  10. The NHS will work together with others to ensure a seamless service for patients • The NHS will help to keep people healthy and work to reduce health inequalities • The NHS will respect the confidentiality of individual patients and provide open access to information about services, treatment and performance