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101 Dalmatians: Data Management Version for Math Lovers Everywhere!

101 Dalmatians: Data Management Version for Math Lovers Everywhere!. By: Stephanie Mueller.

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101 Dalmatians: Data Management Version for Math Lovers Everywhere!

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  1. 101 Dalmatians: Data Management Version for Math Lovers Everywhere! By: Stephanie Mueller

  2. Pongo is a Dalmatian that lives in a London bachelor flat with his owner Roger Radcliffe. Pongo is bored of the bachelor life and decides to find a wife for Roger. After watching many dog-human pairs walk by his window he finally spots the perfect couple, a woman named Anita and her female Dalmatian, Perdita.

  3. Pongo knows he has to get Roger out of the house as quickly as possible, before Anita and Perdita leave the park and they never see them again. He tries jumping up and down continuously to get Roger’s attention. His attempts to get Roger’s attention are known as .

  4. While Pongo and Perdita are out for their nightly walk two Baduns, Horace and Jasper break into their home and take the puppies. If Horace and Jasper can only fit 7 puppies in their bags, in how many ways can the 15 puppies be chosen to be put into one bag?

  5. Roger and Anita have tried everything to try and find the puppies but they are unsuccessful. Pongo and Perdita decide to take matters into their own hands. With the help of the Barking Chain Pongo and Perdita learn that their puppies are at Hell Hall. Determine the possible paths Pongo and Perdita could take to get to Hell Hall.

  6. If there are twelve roads that they could possibly choose to get to Hell Hall, what is the probability of Pongo and Perdita choosing path #5?

  7. While Jasper and Horace are watching T.V, they don’t realize the puppies being led out of the room by a tabby cat. They know that if they don’t catch them Cruella will call the police on them. What is Horace and Jasper’s success rate at catching all 101 puppies if they attempted to catch them 156 times?

  8. After Pongo and Perdita rescue all of the puppies they must walk for miles through the snow and terrible snow storms. To their surprise they are met by a collie who offers them shelter in his barn where they may rest for the night. Once inside the barn the puppies start to complain about how hungry they are, and luckily for them the four cows in the barn offer them their milk. The collie then returns and offers them some of his dry food or water. If 30 puppies have dry food and water, 6 had milk and water, 50 had dry food and milk, and 5 had all three, how many of the 101 Dalmatians just drank milk? How many just had water? How many just ate the dry food?

  9. After the long walk they had, some of the puppies were too tired to eat anything and they just went to sleep. How many of the 101 puppies went to sleep right away without eating anything? If you randomly selected one puppy, what is the probability that that puppy ate dry food only?

  10. After resting in the barn for the night, Pongo, Perdita and the puppies must head to Dunsford where they are supposed to meet a Labrador who will help them out. Upon their arrival the Lab tells them that there is a truck leaving for London as soon as the engine gets fixed. Pongo and Perdita think that they are home free but then see that Cruella and her helpers, Horace and Jasper had followed them to the small town and are searching every building for them.

  11. Pongo and Perdita realize that they will never be able to get all of the puppies onto the truck undetected, so they get everyone to roll in the soot to cover up their spots and disguise themselves as Labradors. Rolie (R), Lucky (L), and Patch (P) are rolling around in the soot but Pongo is trying to get them to line up. What are the possible arrangements? How many ways is it possible to arrange the three puppies?

  12. In order to get all of the puppies safely onto the truck, Pongo, Perdita and the Labrador are taking turns taking a group of puppies to the truck. If the adult dogs are taking five puppies at a time to board the truck, how many ways can you order the fifteen stolen puppies?

  13. Cruella stops at nothing to try and get those puppies for her dog-skin coat. She almost succeeds but with the help of dogs all throughout London Pongo and Perdita are able to safely return home with the puppies. The possible outcomes of Cruella’s experiments to get a dog-skin coat are known as .

  14. After battling extreme winter weather, Horace and Jasper, and Cruella many times, Pongo and Perdita finally return home with all of the puppies. Roger and Anita decide to keep all of them and move to the country onto a Dalmatian Plantation. The End

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