the five themes of geography within haiti n.
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The Five Themes of Geography within Haiti PowerPoint Presentation
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The Five Themes of Geography within Haiti

The Five Themes of Geography within Haiti

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The Five Themes of Geography within Haiti

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  1. The Five Themes of Geography within Haiti Jake, Terra, Meryl, Abbey, and Jessica TE 401 Section 7 Social Studies Methods Michigan State University

  2. Location

  3. The absolute location of Haiti • Latitude: 19 degrees North • Longitude: 72 degrees West

  4. The relative location of Haiti • Haiti is in the center of the Caribbean. It shares an island with the Dominican Republic, and is East of Jamaica. • Haiti is located Southeast of the United States, off the coast of Florida.

  5. Place

  6. Physical/human characteristics of Haiti • Haiti is mostly rough and contains many mountains. • Haiti is very green containing many tropical forests. However, many of the forests are being cut down and used for fuel purposes. • The people of Haiti are at risk for infectious diseases from the contaminated water and rapid spreading of AIDS. • The life expectancy is very short, and there is high infant mortality.

  7. Human-Environment Relationships

  8. Human Interaction of Haiti The people of Haiti live within villages that are centered within the brush. Families grow their own food, and retrieve water from the nearest river. Family’s will trade resources and materials with other families in the community. Some families go to the market and buy food to resell to neighbors who cannot make it into town.

  9. Movement

  10. Political/cultural/religious ideas of Haiti • Political ideas which spread: Haiti has a republic form of government which began in 1804 with their independence from France. • Cultural ideas: The national language of Haiti is Creole and French. Education falls on the men of the family because the women are supposed to remain in the home. • Religious ideas: 96 percent of the population is Christian, however, roughly half of the population practices voodoo.

  11. Region

  12. Haiti’s region is called: Caribbean • Other names for Haiti’s region: Caribbean Sea, Central America

  13. Haiti’s Tropical Oasis • Come enjoy Haiti’s tropical beaches and epic scenery in the Caribbean. However, don’t come anytime between June and October or you’ll be swept away in a hurricane.