mse508 l sp08 in class assignment week 8 n.
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MSE508/L SP08 In-Class Assignment Week 8 PowerPoint Presentation
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MSE508/L SP08 In-Class Assignment Week 8

MSE508/L SP08 In-Class Assignment Week 8

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MSE508/L SP08 In-Class Assignment Week 8

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  1. MSE508/L SP08In-Class AssignmentWeek 8 Nancy Dewi Mohammed Al-Moallem Fan Zhang Reza Pasandideh

  2. Entertainment Field • Title: T2 SPECIAL EFFECTS AND CGI • Terminator 2 is a movie which involves a number of digital special effects such as morphing and warping • In this article, it presents: • What is morphing and warping • How it work • Digital effects • Robot T-1000 character could not exist without computer effects such as morphing and warping. • The T-1000 changes from one form to another via a computer process which is generally known as morphing. • Warping is when you take an image or series of images and alter them in some way for a desired effect.

  3. Entertainment Field (con’d) • Digitally one can take a frown and turn it into a smile by stretching, squeezing, or moving the pixesl or dots. • Gun Shot blasts effects of the T-1000 were composed What you see behind the hole was later added into the scene via blue screen • Today anyone with a computer, video capture card, and software can accomplish the types of digital effects seen in T2.

  4. CAD-CAM for nanotechnology manufacturing • A team of U.S. researchers has used a CAD-CAM process to guide an atomic force microscope (AFM). • So how did the scientists proceed? “The feat was accomplished by using the traditional computing language of macroscale milling machines to guide an atomic force microscope (AFM). The system reliably produced 3-D, nanometer-scale silicon oxide nanostructures through a process called anodization nanolithography, in which oxides are built on semiconducting and metallic surfaces by applying an electric field in the presence of tiny amounts of water.”

  5. - (AFM) based local anodic oxidation of metallic and semiconducting layers has emerged as a powerful tool for nanoscale fabrication. • A unique nanoscale patterning technique has been created that couples computer aided design (CAD) with the lithographic capabilities of the AFM. • -Target nanostructures to be deposited on a silicon substrate are rendered as a three-dimensional model. • American Physical Society (APS) launched the Nano Bowl video contest, the winner will receive the smallest trophy ever made • Up close the nanotrophy chip displays an image of a football field, upper left. A tiny portion of that image, viewed under an electron microscope, is another football field, and a tiny portion of that, in turn, is the smallest field of all, 2.4 millionths of an meter long, drawn in lines 59 billionths of a meter wide.“

  6. References • • (Roland Piquepaille) •