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Hampshire LOC

Hampshire LOC

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Hampshire LOC

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  1. Hampshire LOC AGM Tuesday 12th June 2012 2011-2012 Committee Report Presented by Bruce Fitzgerald Chair

  2. The New Health Bill • After a bumpy ride the Health Bill was approved in March 2012 and PCTs will no longer exist from March 2013 • General Ophthalmic Services will be commissioned at a national level by the NHS Commissioning Board • Local Eye Care Services will be commissioned by GP led Clinical Commissioning Groups.

  3. GP Commissioning & eye care schemes • Ophthalmology hospital referrals are the second highest and are only behind paediatric referrals. • The hospital tariffs for theses referrals are £112 for the first attendance and £65 for a follow-up appointment. • A high number of these referral are unnecessary and could easily be managed in the community. • High street practices would typically charge £40-£69 for a first attendance and £20-25 for a follow up to see these patients.

  4. GP Commissioning & eye care schemes • As several academic studies have reported optometrists and opticians, as highly skilled professionals, can and are ready to take up to 33% of the routine outpatient work currently carried out in the hospital sector. • Tried and tested national pathways already exist for most of these community conditions • The new wave of GP Commissioning Groups are already showing a huge interest in using Optometrists to manage patients in the community as this will be quicker, cheaper and offer a higher standard of care.  • This offers a huge opportunity for optometry if we are quick to act.

  5. The SHIP PCT Cluster • Hampshire LOC works closely together with the following four PCTs which are joined together to form the SHIP PCT Cluster: • Hampshire • Southampton City • Portsmouth City • Isle of Wight

  6. Eye Care Schemes • Hampshire PCT Repeat IOP scheme • Portsmouth Community Glaucoma Monitoring Service • Portsmouth City IOP Referral Refinement Scheme • Isle of Wight IOP Referral Refinement Scheme • Low Vision Services- Portsmouth City and SE Hampshire.

  7. 1. Hampshire PCT Repeat IOP Referral Refinement Scheme • Scheme has been extended until 31st March 2013 • Paid £12 for repeating high pressures by non-contact or contact tonometry • This has produced significant savings for Hampshire PCT

  8. 2.Portsmouth Community Glaucoma Monitoring Service • Covers Portsmouth and SE Hampshire • Started as a pilot in April 2001. It was scheduled to run for an initial three years, but continues to date. • The scheme is set up to monitor ocular hypertensives, glaucoma suspects and existing stable glaucoma patients. • Eligible patients are identified by consultants at Portsmouth Hospital Trust and are offered future monitoring of their condition in the community by a select number of Optometrists. • Optometrists are paid: • £35 for a full examination (VA, Disc assessment, IOP & Visual Fields) • £25 for an examination without fields • £15 for repeat fields • An amended Scheme has been approved by SHIP, but is yet to be implemented...

  9. 3. Portsmouth City IOP Referral Refinement Scheme • Optometrists will repeat high IOPs by Goldmann • Gets paid £18 per patient • Approved by SHIP, but they are currently checking with public health for funding

  10. 4. Isle of Wight IOP Referral Refinement Scheme • Repeat IOPs taken using Goldman’s ApplanationTonometry on patients with high pressures • Payment for this local enhanced service will be £15 per patient • Corneal thickness is measured using Pachymetry • A correction factor is then applied to the GAT IOP reading • PCTs will pay for Goldmanntonomters and Pachymeters • Scheme was not launched as planned as SHIP need to approve in addition to IOW PCT • Thank you to Hazel Smith and Steve Rowley who helped to develop and pilot this scheme.

  11. 5. Low Vision Services • The other existing community eye care schemes are as follows: • Low vision aid service (SE Hampshire) • Low Vision aid service (Portsmouth City) Low Vision Aid services are provided by a number of practices in SE Hampshire and Portsmouth City through a Service Level Agreement.

  12. We need you! • Unfortunately, there is a huge level of apathy amongst most optometrists! • The re-organisation of the National Health Service offers a fantastic opportunity for optometry • A lot of other providers are interested in these new opportunities, if we lose these then we’ve probably lost them for ever. • Each new eye care scheme is a small seed, which if we nurture will expand and grow. • Please get involved in any new schemes

  13. We need you! • We rely on the success of existing schemes to be able to develop new schemes. • Do you want to seen by the public as eye care experts or want to remain as being retail based? • We need new blood in Hampshire LOC to help us lead the way forward... • Our future success depends upon your involvement in current and future eye care schemes and in supporting the LOC. • We need to become better at promoting ourselves and developing our profession if we want to become more successful and respected like our counterparts- GPs, Dentists and Pharmacists.

  14. Hampshire LOC Website • Please visit our website for if you ever need any local information on LOC and NHS matters. •

  15. Thank you!!! • Thank you for attending this evening and for giving us your support. • Thank you to the LOC Committee who have all worked hard to help look after you and develop optometry in Hampshire. • Thank you to our Business Manager, Janis Loose, whose endless enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment has been invaluable and the backbone of the LOC.

  16. Thank you • Heather Coue & Sophie Rose who have both resigned from the LOC • Thank you to our optometric advisors Ruby Hashim and Nicola Moss .

  17. Hampshire LOC 2011-2012 Treasurers Report Presented by Bill Vance Treasurer