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Free SEO Training For Fresh Hands

Discuss SEO Strategies on training by Kamalaminfo - SEO Company Madurai

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Free SEO Training For Fresh Hands

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  1. Fresh Hand Tips- SEO Welcome All enthusiastic learners SEO Free Training (Part 1)


  3. SEARCH ENGINE Its a piece of software which collects all the information about the web pages and keeps storing in large databases. In search engines ,they have crawlers , spiders ,robots. These crawlers will visit websites and collect the information via keywords & key phrases in websites. EXAMPLES: Google ,Yahoo , Bing........etc.

  4. ADVANTAGE OF SEO SEO brings the people to target website for a particular service or product. Place Brand awareness belong people (flipkart,Yepme.. ). Low cost and high response. Target Locality wise (regional/global). High traffic means Revenue generator. NOTE: Through 'google ad sense' ,'adbrite' ,'chitika' we can earn money if we have a website with" high traffic .

  5. Business Revenue tool : SEO If you want to optimize a website for any search engine first we need to understand the "search engine anatomy”

  6. SEARCH ENGINE TYPES • Search engines are THREE types: • 1)Primary Search Engines • (Crawlers-based search engine) • 2)Secondary Search Engines • (Human powered search engine) • 3)Target Search Engines • (Hybrid search engine)

  7. PRIMARY SEARCH ENGINES These search engines are automated means there is no human invention. Eg: Google,Yahoo,Bing etc These search engines 'crawlers' will visit the websites and they collect information and stored in a large databases If any changes in the web pages the search engine crawlers will collect the updated information automatically. Note: "crawlers based search engines like the websites which are daily updated". IMP. Pt.: Search engines are changing the strategy's to give a rank to a website. We have to update our website according to latest "search engine " strategy's.

  8. SECONDARY SEARCH ENGINES These search engines are not automated its maintained by professionals.Eg: Ask.com , Dmoz.com ....etc If any changes made in your web page we have to submit manually. These search engines does not create the traffic for a website. Note: For a better ranking we have to submit your website in human powered search engines.

  9. TARGETED SEARCH ENGINES These search engines are not popular. Example: citysearch ,musicworld...etc These search engines developed to search a particular service in particular location.

  10. SEARCH ENGINE ALGORITHM: Search engines algorithm is a program for solving the issues on web. Search engines will sort the data which is already in its database according to algorithm. (Means based on key words & key phrases ). Every search engine algorithm will change the strategy's frequently. According to new algorithm we have to design our websites. If not our website ranking will low.

  11. ON PAGE -OPTIMIZATION(1) • 1.Title tag optimization • 2.Header tags optimization • 3.Anchor tag optimization • 4.URL optimization • 5.Image optimization

  12. ON PAGE -OPTIMIZATION(2) • 6.Web page architecture optimization • 7.Page file name optimization • 8.Site map creation • 9.Meta keywords optimization • 10.Meta description optimization • 11.Meta robotic optimization

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