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Gulf Oil Spill The Things That Matter Now PowerPoint Presentation
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Gulf Oil Spill The Things That Matter Now

Gulf Oil Spill The Things That Matter Now

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Gulf Oil Spill The Things That Matter Now

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  1. Gulf Oil Spill The Things That Matter Now

  2. Economic Forum Title Rejects • The Gulf Oil Spill & Possible Impacts on Florida’s East Coast • The Gulf Oil Spill & Hayward Shipped Back to England • Oil Enters the Loop Current & Possible Destruction of Florida’s East Coast • The Well is Capped – Florida’s East Coast Spared And Yesterday: • Hayward Shipped to Siberia • Will Mississippi’s Bob Dudley Do Right?

  3. Confusing Messages in the Media: What tourists woke up to today

  4. The Things That Matter Now • Economic Top Kill and the State’s Publicized Damages Claim/Lawsuit • Microbial 101 • Water Quality Issues: • Perceived v. Actual • Independent v. Third Party Analysis

  5. Edward B. Overton Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, LSU • Ph.D., University of Alabama, 1970 • B.S., University of Alabama, 1965 • Professor Emeritus, Department of Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University • Claiborne Gasoline Company, Chair in Air Quality/Environmental Toxicology • Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry, LSU • Chairman of the Board, Analytical Specialists Inc.

  6. “Chips” Taylor KirschenfeldSenior Scientist, Escambia County Water Quality & Land Mgt. Division • Ph.D. Marine Biology • M.S. Coastal Biology, University of West Florida • B.S. Chemistry and Biology, University of Alabama • Manager, Northwest Florida Ecosystem Restoration, FDEP • Adjunct Professor of Environmental Law and Coastal and Marine Environments, University of West Florida • Chairman, Bay Area Res. Council • Member, City of Pensacola Environmental Advisory Board • Board Member of the Emerald Coastkeeper and the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance

  7. Basic Facts Now: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill • Oil was released into the Gulf of Mexico for approximately 83 days. • The most recently released oil currently afloat in the Gulf of Mexico is 16 days old. • It is estimated that approximately 40,000 barrels per day of oil (along with a quantity of chemical dispersants) were released prior to the well being capped on July 12, 2010. • That equates to approximately 182 Million gallons of oil released into the Gulf of Mexico. • In comparison, the Valdez oil spill released approximately 10.8 Million gallons of oil.

  8. Economic Top Kill of Local Governments Federal Government “Push-Down” of disaster response, services and programs to the states without timely or adequate funding State of Florida “Push-Down” of disaster response, services and programs to local governments without timely or adequate funding The Recession and mortgage crisis pressured municipal credit markets, tourism, and property tax revenues The Gulf Oil Spill: Florida coastal communities burdened with economic responsibilities of preparation, response and the loss of tourism related revenues

  9. Economic Top Kill • "The largest economic impact of the oil spill will be at the local level.... Louisiana and Florida are likely to be hardest hit because of Louisiana's heavy dependence on fishing, aquaculture and oil extraction, and Florida's heavy dependence on tourism.” Moody's Analytics, July 20, 2010

  10. Current Relief Activities Underway at the State • The Governor’s Executive Order dated July 21, 2010 authorizing property appraisers to provide interim assessments of affected properties. • Florida Senate Select Committee on Florida’s Economy and the House’s Deepwater Horizon Response and Recovery Workgroups. • The publicized claim/lawsuit by the State of Florida.

  11. Current Relief Activities Underway at the State: Executive Order 10-169 • Signed July 21, 2010 • Legal significance unknown • “[a]ll property appraisers in the affected counties are authorized to provide interim assessments… in the affected counties… according to its just value on any date after the oil spill affected the respective county during 2010…”

  12. Current Relief Activities Underway at the State: Senate Select Committee on Florida’s Economy ● Memo from Senator Gaetz dated July 6, 2010 to the Senate Committee Stated: “Preliminary issues raised: Effect of Oil Catastrophe on Property Value ● Residential / Commercial ● Property tax relief for affected residents and businesses Loss of Income for Florida residents and businesses ● Review of Eligibility Criteria for state, individual and business assistance programs ● Claims paying process ● Emergency loan and grant process.”

  13. Current Relief Activities Underway at the State: House Deepwater Horizon Response and Recovery Workgroups Lead Coordinator: Representative Gary Aubuchon dated July 20, 2010 Key Dates: Work group plans due to the Speaker on July 27, 2010 Work group reports due to the Speaker on August 31, 2010

  14. Current Relief Activities Underway at the State: Publicized Claim/Lawsuit by the State of Florida • Attorney Steve Yerrid selected by the Governor as special counsel for the oil spill. Quoted on 6-28-2010 in The Wall Street Journal: • “Florida intends to seek payments from BP to cover lost tax revenues, unemployed workers and other damages to the state’s coastal economy.” • Yerrid did not rule out other forms of relief including “a very large reparations request.”

  15. Following the Money of a State Recovery from its Claim/Lawsuit • Time and time again local governments have been the first responders and financiers of the response effort. • Local beaches, waterways and natural resources are the drivers of local tourism dollars. • In the event of a state recovery - in particular for natural resource damages - a portion of that recovery should flow down to the local communities responsible for those natural resources. • Local governments may need to intervene in legal action brought by the State. • Those funds -in particular recovery natural resource damages - should not be consumed for general fund purposes by the State.

  16. John L. FiveashLewis, Longman & Walker, P.A. 2600 Centennial PlaceSuite 100Tallahassee, FL 32308-0572Email: jfiveash@llw-law.comPhone: (850) 222-5702Edward B. Overton,Louisiana State University 1265 Energy, Coast and Environment BuildingEmail:       Phone:  (225) 578-8634“Chips” Taylor KirschenfeldEscambia County 221 Palafox Place, Suite 210Pensacola, Florida 32501Email: jtkirsche@co.escambia.fl.usPhone: (850) 501-1077