supporting measures to foster return migration n.
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Supporting measures to foster return migration PowerPoint Presentation
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Supporting measures to foster return migration

Supporting measures to foster return migration

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Supporting measures to foster return migration

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  1. Supporting measures to foster return migration

  2. Demography tendencies Since 2000, number of population has decreased by 340 thousand or 14.3%

  3. Main emigration reasons • Main reasons: • Difference of wages in the EU free labour market; • Differences of labour possibilities in Latvia and abroad; • Differences of working conditions ( social security), education possibilities and other factors. • Conditions, which promote emigration to the new place of living: • ‘Open door effect’ (easier access to the old EU Member states’ labour markets); • Current diaspora, family members in a new place of living; • More information on work possibilities abroad.

  4. Forecasts of the number of population change miljonos

  5. Growth can be limited by the lack of labour force Until 2020, economy will grow on average by 4-5% yearly, and along with the increase of welfare–in the next decade–it will grow by 3-4%. According to the target scenario,until 2030, 120 thousand new vacancies will be created and additional labour force will be necessary to fill these vacancies The goal is to fill these vacancies mainly with Latvian emigrants not the immigrants from other countries.

  6. Labour force supply and demand Thousand, 15-74 Unemployment rate 2007.g. - 6,1% . Unemployment rate 2030.g. - 5,5% Unemployment rate 2010.g. - 19%

  7. Promotion of the population remigration • Plan of remigration support activities: • Main goal: • to support those Latvian nationals and their families who live abroad, who consider the possibility or have already decided to return and work in Latvia or those who wish to establish their own enterprise or develop business network with Latvia. • Target groups: • Professionals who are necessary for the labour market; • Emigrant families with children; • Young people who have studied and gained work experience abroad; • Young people who study abroad.

  8. Meaning of the remigration plan • It will not offer solutions for the all acute problems in the economy, society and country in general, • but • It will offer a practical help for emigrants, their families, for those who wish to return, see the possibility to return and are ready to do it.

  9. Remigration support activities (1) • Development of one-stop agency: • Representations in all regions of Latvia; • Support of information and consultations on residence in Latvia, etc. 2. Accessibility of labour market information: • Two-way communication mechanism (connects employers in Latvia with the professionals living abroad). 3. Attraction of highly qualified labour-force for Latvian enterprises: • Development and implementation of the program ‘Support of the attraction of the highly qualified labour force 2014-2020’; • Evaluation of the profession list, in which the state writes off the study loans according to the needs of economy; • Develop the system to write off the study loans for those who study abroad in the field which is important for economy of Latvia.

  10. Remigration support activities (2) 4. Teaching of Latvian language: • SEA coupons/ vouchers training program; • Specialized Latvian language courses for work. 5. Cooperation with diaspora (development and maintenance of business networks): • Wider usage of the Latvian organizations’ networks abroad; • Support the information of economic development and labour market forecasts and success stories in Latvia. 6. Support for pupils (and their parents) who return in the Latvian education system; • Pupils’ enrollment in the education system after returning to Latvia; • Certain support activities, which must be ensured in schools in order to help pupils to integrate in the education system of Latvia.

  11. Remigration support activities (3) 7. Demands of state and local government institutions in order to recruit employees: • Development of the control mechanism (to prevent unjustified demands for language skills); • If the Russian or any other language skills are necessary for the realization of work duties, employer will have a possibility to receive support for the training of new employees. 8. Extension of the number of those people, who can apply for repatriate status. • Amendments of Repatriation law

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