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  1. DigiTools A New Curriculum for a New Era!

  2. Policies Commission for Business and Economic Education Policy Statement 73: This We Believe about Computer-Input Technologies: “The NBEA & ACTE/BE policy asks Business Education teachers to “...take the lead in using, teaching, and integrating computer-input technologies into the curriculum."

  3. The Input Technologies or “DigiTools” Revolution “Trends in technology require business educators to provide opportunities for all students to learn the new technologies and techniques that are emerging in today’s workplace. Current technologies include speech recognition; handwriting recognition tools, such as Tablet PCs; Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and other handheld devices; and scanners. While touch keyboarding techniques remain a viable foundation for entering and manipulating text and data, other skills include composing, editing, enunciating, electronic handwriting, and scanning. Educators must provide instruction on a variety of input technologies for successful academic, professional, and personal applications.” (

  4. New Standards • Washington • Nebraska • North Carolina • Virginia

  5. Firsts & Features • Keying, speech, and handwriting are taught • Tablet PC / Office XP pen-driven interface taught • Dragon NaturallySpeaking 5, 6, 7, Microsoft or ViaVoicelessons available • College-level MOS Office skills at a younger age • More “pages” on the IRCD than in the book! • Digital Workbook, ExamView, Ancillaries • Corporate View Intranet – 2 online Websites

  6. DigiTools Hardware & Software Supplies

  7. SuppliesSoftware and Hardware • Windows & Office (Professional) • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook/PDA, Internet Explorer (Optional: DreamWeaver FrontPage) • Handwriting Recognition • Office XP, 2003, or Tablet PC Edition • Wacom Graphire 2, Tether • Speech Recognition • Dragon NaturallySpeaking, ViaVoice, or Microsoft Speech • Plantronics Headset • Scanner

  8. SuppliesSoftware and Hardware • PC Requirements for Speech • Pentium III 800 MHz (higher if possible) • 256 MB of RAM (more if possible) • Certified Sound Blaster sound card or USB Microphone • Quality Noise Cancellation Microphone (Plantronics)

  9. Three Options for Handwriting • Retrofitted Desktop PCs • Smart Screens (Cintiq • Tablet PCs

  10. Big Box PC Configuration

  11. DigiToolsHandwriting/Speech 1-888-749-1844 • Wacom Graphire II • Tether • .Audio 50 • Nifty 50 for Handwriting book

  12. Handwriting DigiTools Recommendations: • Wacom • Graphire II • Intuos • Tablet PC • Acer • Toshiba • Compaq • ViewSonic

  13. DigiToolsDragon Speech 1-888-749-1844

  14. Compare using the Dragon IBM ViaVoice 10 PC Mac Enhanced or OS X L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 Microsoft Office XP Speech Recognition

  15. Business Education

  16. Microphones Recommendations: • Sound Card Headset • Plantronics SR1 • Plantronics .40 &.50 • Plantronics USB • DSP-100 • DSP-300 • DS400, 500 Plantronics recommended by Microsoft and shipped with Professional IBM software.

  17. PC MagazineEditor’s Choice • Snippets from the review read, “-Scansoft's Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 7 makes dictation, correction, and voice control of your PC faster and easier than any voice recognition software yet. It continues: • "After the required 5 minutes of training, our initial accuracy for dictation ranged from 90 percent to 95 percent (depending on the document) … After an hour or so of dictation, correction, and retraining, accuracy rose to between 96 and 98 percent." • “If you want to save time typing or control your PC by voice, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 7.0 is now the one to beat.” • (Retrieved May 6, 2003: Greg Alwag • USNews (May 12, 2003) = 1 or 2 errors per 100 = 98%-99%

  18. PC MagazineEditor’s Choice “I'm using Dragon's 7 exclusively as the engine for Windows XP. It offers complete hands-free computing for the person like me who cannot use his hands whatsoever. Dragon 6 never worked acceptably with PowerPoint unless you did some activities using your hands. Dragon seven works well with PowerPoint, Windows XP, and has incredible accuracy. Every now and then a program comes out of this quality. Any of your readers who must have hands-free computing can rely on Dragon seven for virtually any application. … It works better with Microsoft applications than some others which I did not think is the case with ViaVoice.” • Gerald Gold, Professor • York University • Toronto, Canada

  19. PC MagazineFour Stars • IBM ViaVoice's Pro USB 9 received a superb review as well. "ViaVoice pro is a great choice for executives or any two-fingered typists who want affordable, fast, accurate dictation."It continues: • “IBM is now shipping a Plantronics USB/DSP-300 headset with this high-end Pro version which lists for $229.95 … We found the high-end Plantronics stereo microphone extremely responsive. It's the best mike we've seen included with a speech recognition product.” • (Retrieved March: click Reviews Software:Speech Recognition.) • USNews (May 12, 2003) = 2 or 4 errors per 100 = 96%-97%

  20. PC Magazine • Reviews are often harsh for Office XP Speech. Fine for exploratory classes, helps with injury prevention. I feel I’m back in 1997 . . . ( • "We had similar initial results with Microsoft Office XP, but accuracy increased more slowly and remained at about 90 to 95 percent because of the lack of correction options." • (Retrieved March: click Reviews Software:Speech Recognition.)

  21. Windows SAPI • Windows 98SE • Windows NT SP6 or higher • Windows ME • Windows 2000 • Windows XP • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

  22. DigiTools Units, Chapters& Ancillaries

  23. Unit 1DigiTools for Academic and Business Success • Chapter 1 Digital Communications Tools • AUP, Login, Passwords, Windows, Office Applications, File Management, Printing • Can add Nifty 50 for Handwriting Recognition • Extra: Activity 1-1 Worksheet and Disclosure Letter found at: •

  24. Unit 1DigiTools for Academic and Business Success • Chapter 2 Internet and Intranet • Online Research • Jumpstart using their digital communications skills by searching online and on the Corporate View intranet for meaningful content

  25. Unit 2 Input Technologies On November 7, 2002 Computers ChangedForever with the Release of Tablet PC Technologies!

  26. Unit 2 Input Technologies • "When you get the small form factor device, the idea of having speech recognition, fits right into that because it's not as easy to type on a small device.” • Bill Gates, July 3, 2000 (US News and World Report) • "The day is coming when every object big enough to hold a chip actually has one. We'd better be able to talk to these objects because very few of them will have room for a keyboard.” • M. Mitchell Waldrop, January, 2001 (Technology Review )

  27. Speech/Handwriting User Interface 2000  Text User Interface 1980’s Graphical User Interface 1990’s Unit 2 Input Technologies

  28. Unit 2 Input Technologies • Chapter 3 Keyboarding: Alphabetic Keys • 17 Skill Lessons in Chapter + 4 in Appendix = 21 • Chapter 4 Number and Symbol Keys • 5 Numbers and Symbols • 5 Keypad

  29. Unit 2 Input Technologies • • Part 1: SAFER KEYBOARDING • Fifteen Principles of Safer Keyboarding Instruction

  30. Policy Statement 73: The Policies Commission also took a powerful position on the injury prevention issue with the following statement: • "We believe that students must be made aware of the health benefits of an integrated approach to text and data input. Research indicates that carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries may be linked to occupations that require repetitive use of the hands (i.e., keyboarding and mouse operations). Varying the use of computer-input technologies reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries." Please take the time to share the entire document...

  31. Are Keyboard & Mouse Hazards to your Children? • Michael Rutter • Christa McAuliffe Fellow • Are your children at risk? • Millions are. Currently, 21 million Americans suffer from some form of repetitive stress injury (RSI) including carpal tunnel syndrome. What is especially troubling to health officials, however, is the ever-increasing injuries among children and teens. • The culprit isn’t lurking among the shadows. It’s likely sitting in plain sight. Don’t look further than the trusty keyboard and mouse on the nearest PC.

  32. Are Keyboard & Mouse Hazards to your Children? • Michael Rutter • Christa McAuliffe Fellow • For the record, one in four adult computer users will suffer from some form of RSI. With children, since young bodies are still growing, the number is greater. And the problem isn’t gender friendly since females are three times as likely as males to have problems. Apparently, there is a down side to technology.

  33. Unit 2 Input Technologies • Limit intensive practice to 15 minutes • Emphasize accuracy • Remove wpm as a performance requirement • Grade on proper technique and accuracy, not on wpm • Eliminate all timings longer than 3 minutes and use 3-minute timings sparingly

  34. Unit 2 Input Technologies • Stretch, shake, and rest • As students progress, reduce practice time • Eliminate all practice after a student reaches 55 wpm at 95% or higher! • Be careful when implementing keyboarding instruction before middle school: (Read the 10 things wrong with elementary keyboarding)

  35. Unit 2 Input Technologies • Reduce typing for all k-12 students by 50% by 2005 • Ask students to use proper technique when they are outside of your watchful eye • Expect students to know what the RSI symptoms are and expect them to use alternatives to keyboarding • Forbid the use of the backspace or delete keys during practice

  36. Unit 2 Input Technologies • Teach proper keying/sitting position: • Teach neutral wrist and arm position. • Demand proper sitting position and keyboard height. • Provide each student with an adjustable chair. • Teach proper curved finger and floating techniques: • Tell students to use a light touch • Emphasize curved fingers • Allow hands to float to the upper / lower reaches • Never rest hands on the keyboard or the table

  37. Unit 3 Increasing Productivity with DigiTools • Chapter 8 Spreadsheets • Chapter 9 Databases • Chapter 10 Presentations • Chapter 11 HTML and Web Sites • Chapter 12 Enhancing Workplace Performance (Time Management, Effective Telephone skills, Records Management: Outlook or PDA)

  38. Unit 4 Your Career and Academic PathwayLearning with a Purpose • Chapter 13 Choosing Your Pathway • Chapter 14 Your Focus Within a Pathway • Chapter 15 Job Search Strategies

  39. Unit 4Career & Academic Planning • “Give kids the opportunity to learn how to communicate rather than just teaching some type of tool.”Cindy Agnew • Personal Employment Portfolio • Academic plan • Employment strategies • Resume and other career documents • Interview skills

  40. Unit SummariesDigiTools for Academic and Business Success • Four Unit Tooling Up! Sections • Four Career Cluster Pathways in Each • Business Trends, Issues, and Ethics • Critical Thinking • Writing (Citing Sources, Capitalization Usage)

  41. Learning with a PurposeCareer PathwaysTooling Up! Sections Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training Agriculture and Natural Resources Architecture and Construction Scientific Research and Engineering Health Science

  42. Learning with a PurposeCareer PathwaysTooling Up! Sections Marketing, Retail/Wholesale Sales and Services Manufacturing Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Law and Public Safety Finance

  43. Learning with a PurposeCareer PathwaysTooling Up! Sections • Arts and Audio/Visual Technology • Communications • Human Services • Business and Administration • Government and Public Administration • Information Technology

  44. Other Features • DigiTips • Help keywords • Ethics Lessons • Self checks, Peer checks • What You Should Know About…. • Teamwork icons • Appendix

  45. Support MaterialsInstructor Resource CD • Digital Workbook • Review, Writing and Math • ExamView • Solutions • PowerPoints • Corporate View Intranet

  46. Support MaterialsInstructor Resource CD • Dragon Books in PDF on Instructor Resource CD • NaturallySpeaking 5 • NaturallySpeaking 6 • NaturallySpeaking 7 • ViaVoice • Microsoft Speech

  47. Support MaterialsCorporate View Intranet \

  48. Support

  49. Questions?