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Super Auto Insurance

Super Auto Insurance . Quote Training Guide.

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Super Auto Insurance

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  1. Super Auto Insurance Quote Training Guide

  2. On the Client Information screen you will collect the following information. First and last name of the owner of the auto, phone number where they can be reached, zip code where the auto is garaged. Do not use PO Box zip codes. Enter your employee number and the source of the quote. Yellow pages, referral, radio, walk-in, flyer, etc..

  3. Gather and input the following information. Ask for gender if you can’t identify the caller as M/F. Ask for date of birth, martial status. Ask if has had FL drivers license for at least 3 years. If not licensed in FL use pull down to select status of license.If has FL license but not for at least 3 years find out how long licensed in FL and indicate in area. The years licensed is total years licensed in US. Adjust this also if any kind of license less than 3 years

  4. Now ask the customer if there are any at fault accidents or tickets on their driving record in the past three years. Use the violations list or the quick select to choose the at fault accident or violation. The exact date is not needed at time of the quote, just put in some date less than 3 years. This will be done for every rated driver.

  5. This person had an at fault accident within the last 3 years.

  6. Gather information on any other residents of the insured’s house hold age 14 or older, licensed or not. In this case the insured is single and has decided to exclude his girlfriend from his policy. If the addition people will be driving the auto be sure to gather the required information such as driving record for the past 3 years.

  7. Find out what type of auto the person is calling to get a quote on. Ask the use of the auto, (Do you use the car for business or just back and forth to work or home?) Verify the model of vehicle. Ask what type of coverage the customer wants. If just what the law requires there is no need to change the coverage areas. If wants Compressive and Collision coverage quote with $500.00 unless the customer requests a deductible. Both Comprehensive and Collision deductible must be the same. If customer requests uninsured motorist, the selection is on next page. If the customer has the VIN for the auto you can enter the complete VIN and use the VIN Search button to verify what type of auto.If more than on auto use the Next Vehicle button and complete the same information.

  8. On this screen you will select the Bodily injury and Property Damage limits if the person requests it. Only quote the lowest limits unless the customer requests higher limits. You will also select the Uninsured Motorist coverage on this screen if the customer has requested this coverage. If the customer has proof of existing coverage for at least 6 months put 6 in the Cont. Covg space. Then select the limits of the existing policy if the customer knows. If there is a lapse in coverage indicate how may days the current policy ended. In this example the customer did not have existing coverage.

  9. In this example the customer had 6 months prior coverage but the policy ran out 5 days ago. Be sure to inform customer if you are quoting with any discounts they must bring proof of the discount when they take the policy out or the discount will not be applied.

  10. This compares all of the companies we represent. Ask the customer if they are looking for the lowest total cost or the lowest down payment. We have many different pay plans for our customers. In this case the customer was looking for the lowest TOTAL cost so the column header TOTAL was selected and sorted the cost from least cost to highest cost.

  11. This screen shows the down payment sorted from lowest to highest. Different ways of closing the sales will be covered in sales training.

  12. This screen gives the final breakdown of the customers quote. Tell the customer the total cost and down payment amount. Ask for the business. If customer is ready to purchase process application or call a Super Auto supervisor if the customer needs help with the down payment.

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