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Exploring the Internet & Bringing it Back Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Exploring the Internet & Bringing it Back Home

Exploring the Internet & Bringing it Back Home

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Exploring the Internet & Bringing it Back Home

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  1. Exploring the Internet & Bringing it Back Home Kimberly Jansma, UCLA Heinle Cengage Learning's World Languages Experience April 9, 2010

  2. Introduction: A Brief History of Authentic Materials • Pre-1980s: Books, magazines, newspapers, films • 1980s – 90s: train schedules, menus, concert tickets, posters, ads • 1990s: World Wide Web • 1997: Google search • 2005: Youtube

  3. Authentic Content & Content-Based Language Learning • Students study academic content in the target language and acquire the language simultaneously. • Approach typically used at Intermediate and Advanced levels. • With appropriate tasks, beginners can work with T-L Internet content. • Authentic language is more accessible than we thought!

  4. How Does New Media Content Affect Language Teaching? • Goal: Global citizens will competently use Internet FL resources. • Instructors: Information organizers, facilitators, moderators (Not the only knowledge source) • Students: Competent users of new technologies; need cultural and linguistic framework

  5. How can Internet resources complement language textbooks? How much direction should we provide students in selecting new media sites? What do we want the students to do with these resources? How do we evaluate students’ work with these materials? How Do We Incorporate New Media?

  6. Selecting New Media • Is it motivating, appealing? Would our students visit this site independently? • Is it reliable, stable? • Is it easily navigable? Organized for comprehension • Does it relate to current theme? • Is the language interesting? Will students learn useful expressions – see new kinds of language use?

  7. Experiential learning Guided mentoring Frequent feedback Collective reflection Knowledge distributed across the language learning community Dede. (2005) Planning for Neomillennial Learning Styles. Educause Quarterly. New Media and Millennial Learning Preferences

  8. Effective New Media Assignments • 3 – 4 information questions for all students • 3 – 4 items for students to learn based on individual interests • Cultural comparison question • Linguistic information: language use, useful vocabulary to keep in ejournal

  9. Submitting Assignments • Paper (no workbooks) • Discussion Board (w/ reply): For individual assignments • Wikis: For group projects and presentations

  10. One Internet exploration per module related to chapter theme Discussion board/wikis/paper Follow up class discussion – allow 15 – 30 minutes. Assignments are significant part of HW grade Explorez en ligne question appears on culture section of exams UCLA’s Experiment with New Media Assignments

  11. First names : Dis-moi ton prénom Likes and dislikes: Tony Parker – “J’aime/j’aime pas” Finding a room mate: Cinema: Allôciné Jobs: “Les métiers” L’Étudiant Health/fitness/well-being: Doctissimo Sample Internet Sites

  12. Findinga Roommate with

  13. Accessible, Useful Language

  14. Student Observations: • “I was surprised that the site asked for people’s sexual orientation. I don’t think you’d see that here.” • “I thought the descriptions were kind of cool.” • “There are a lot of foreigners on this site. I might use it if I do study abroad.”

  15. L’Étudiant: Les Métiers

  16. Student Jobs - They seem identical to the student jobs typically found in America. In particular, the website recommends (shows) restaurant work, baby-sitter, dog-sitter etc. These jobs tend to be part time jobs, which allows one to do both, work and school, and most appear to require little to no past work experience. The website gives a rundown on most anything you would need to know about the job (job tasks, pay, how to apply, etc.). Observation: Les métiers

  17. Les Métiers – Useful Language 4 Jobs that interest me, but which are not found in Motifs- Journaliste- Attaché parlementaire- Chef de produit tourisme3 french phrases- en free-lance- un statut précaire- être disponible les vendredis et samedis “Je ne sais pas d’où vient précisément mon inspiration” – “I do not know where my inspiration comes specifically.”

  18. Allô Ciné

  19. Translate the Resume of the French Film (look up 5 words) Liberté by Tony Gatlif is a movie about France in 1943. During this time of war, the French president declared that gypsies are not permitted to go on with their nomadic ways and continue their travels during wartime. Many gypsies were imprisonment. Throughout Europe, the gypsies have had negative stereotypes of being thieves and other harsh criticisms. At one point in the trailer, someone asks a prison guard why they are doing this to the gypsies, and he replies “to rid France of her vermin.”

  20. Observations onAllô Ciné Despite the fact that "France has fought for what it calls the exception culturelle, meaning the right to subsidize or treat favorably domestic cultural production and to limit or control foreign cultural products (as seen in public funding for French cinema) " , still less than 50% of top ten movies are French!

  21. Doctissimo

  22. Current Events: Election Assignment : Barack Obama post election:Using a French Web search engine e.g. Type Barack Obama and find out what the French press is saying about him. Report several interesting things that you learn. Transcribe a sentence or two that you could understand.

  23. Obama Assignment – Student Response • The French press view Barack Obama in a similar light as Americians. The press says that Barack is change for the betterment of the USA as well as the world. They talk about his political platform as well as how he will change foreign policy as well. Positively affecting aspects in th world like the economy and the various wars throughtiout are also referenced. I believe that the French fell that Obama is many different things and many of them are positive. They feel that the change Obama will initiate within the US will also affect France in many positive ways. They feel that he has ambition, talen and drive that will make him and the USA a force to be reckoned with.

  24. Useful Language – Obama Site • “Il veut succéder à un des presidents les plus impopulaire de l’histoire de son pays, il est jeune, il est métis, la planète entière semble attendre qu’il entre à la Maison Blanche. » • «  Les hiut ans d’embargo de la présidence Clinton avaient toutefois tué énormément d’irakiens. »

  25. European Current Events Now I'm giving you a challenge.  Go to the site from the Newspaper "Le monde" below on the very controversial law just passed by the Swiss banning Muslim Minarets in Swiitzerland. Write  down in English 3 - 5 facts or issues you learn from the article. You can go on TV 5 (only if you're curious) to see how it's being discussed on the TV news. What do you think? 

  26. Student Exploration

  27. The article is about Mr. Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister and his troubles with justice. He tried to pass a law to be immune from any kind of process but the constitutional court rejected the bill. Moreover, his company (Mondadori), one of the biggest in Italy, was condemned to pay back another important company and Mr. Berlusconi was accused of corruption. Finally, the article talks about the conflict of interests that Mr. Berlusconi has since the 1990s, when he started to own 3 (out of 6) TV channels and he was, at the same time, a politician. Independent Search – International Content

  28. Language Learning & Social Networking

  29. Explorez en ligne – Questionnaire Results • I found it motivating to interact with Internet material designed for native speakers. • I learned something new and useful. • It was helpful for learning new vocabulary • I found it too difficult to be useful. (Disagree) • Time spent on sites: 30 min. – 1 hour

  30. Conclusion • Internet assignments should be integrated with material in core text. • Consistent web-site exploration should start from the beginning of language study. • Instructors should visit sites before assigning them. • Assignments should provide useful direction & encourage independent exploration. (TAs!) • Class discussion of findings is essential. • Expect students to bring their cultural- knowledge base to Internet exploration. • Internet work should be integral in student evaluation. • The instructor helps interpret, makes Internet exploration & discussion useful and “safe.”