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Weddings. Vocabulary. Best man Honeymoon Speeches Bride Guests The Big Day Bridegroom Reception Bridesmaids Stag party Hen’s night Bridal Shower. Vocabulary Continued. Explain the Vocabulary Differences. Bride/wife Groom/husband Wedding/marriage Separated/divorced.

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  1. Weddings

  2. Vocabulary • Best man • Honeymoon • Speeches • Bride • Guests • The Big Day • Bridegroom • Reception • Bridesmaids • Stag party • Hen’s night • Bridal Shower

  3. Vocabulary Continued

  4. Explain the Vocabulary Differences • Bride/wife • Groom/husband • Wedding/marriage • Separated/divorced

  5. Wedding Preparation • Describe a typical stag party\bridal shower • What presents are usually given to the bride on a bridal shower? • What do people in China do with their friends before they get married?

  6. Wedding Preparation • What is prenup? (Prenuptial Agreement) • What is usually stated there? • What is your attitude to signing a prenup? • Do you think it is necessary?

  7. Prenuptial Agreement Role Play • A: You are a successful businesswomen getting married in two weeks. You have your own house, the latest mini cooper and savings in the bank. You want to sign a prenuptial agreement before you get married. You are meeting with your lawyer to discuss the contents and reach an agreement with your fiancé. • B: You are a lawyer who is meeting with a future bride to discuss her prenuptial agreement. You have to ask her questions about her finances, assets and personal wishes. • C: You are the groom who is getting married in two weeks time and your future wife is wanting to sign a prenuptial agreement. You have to meet with her at the lawyers to discuss her requirements. Question her over issues you do not completely agree with.

  8. Wedding Agencies • What is a wedding agency? • What do you know about wedding agencies? • How do people prepare their weddings in China?

  9. Wedding Agencies • How much does it cost to organize a wedding ceremony? • What are the main expense items? • Imagine you have two weeks to organize a shotgun wedding for your best friend. With a partner make a presentation to the class about what you would arrange for the wedding to take place.

  10. Western Traditional Weddings • Watch the video clip of a wedding entrance. What does this make you think about western weddings? • Could this kind of thing happen at a wedding in China? Why or why not? • From watching the small clip what traditions (except for the dancing) can you see?

  11. The Wedding Dress

  12. Giving Away the Bride

  13. The Wedding Ceremony

  14. The Rings

  15. The Candles

  16. Signing of the Register

  17. The Reception

  18. The Wedding Speeches

  19. The wedding cake

  20. What are the wedding traditions in your country?

  21. Presentation • With your partner, make a presentation describing wedding ceremonies in China. What are the traditions that take place during the day? What does a typical wedding look like?

  22. Partner Discussion • Describe the wedding you've been to or heard about. Who got married? What was the program of the day? • What were your impressions of that wedding?

  23. Matchmaking Activity • Is matchmaking common in China? • How do people go about it? Agencies, online etc.

  24. Matching Activity (Guys) • Your son Tony is a young doctor who often works long hours at the hospital. He is quiet and intelligent, and likes reading books and magazines. But he’s shy, especially with women, and sometimes has difficulty communicating with people. • Your son Paul has a stable job in a shop. He loves sport, and plays in an amateur football team. He’s good-looking and fit, but has never had a girlfriend. He is more interested in spending time with his friends from the team! But he would like to get married, and looks forward to teaching his son to play football • What kind of women should your sons marry?Consider personality, work, interests, etc.

  25. Matching Activity (Guys) • Your son Edward is studying business at college. He loves chatting and joking with people, and is very confident (sometimes even a bit bossy). He has had several girlfriends, but never for more than 2 or 3 months—he says that none of them were exciting enough. • Your son Matthew has a job as a gardener, which he is very happy with because he likes being outside. In his spare time he paints, and enjoys reading poetry. He hopes that one day he can sell some of his paintings. He doesn’t have much money, but he is very romantic. He also loves cooking. • What kind of women should your sons marry?Consider personality, work, interests, etc.

  26. Matching Activities (Girls) • Your daughter Jenny is doing a Master’s degree in engineering at a top university. She’s kind and generous, but she is easily upset and sometimes feels depressed. In her spare time she takes photographs, and loves travelling. • Your daughter Sue works in a restaurant. She enjoys her job, and likes talking with the customers—especially handsome young men! She is always cheerful. Her favourite pastime is going shopping with her friends. • What kind of men should your daughters marry?Consider personality, work, interests, etc.

  27. Matching Activity (Girls) • Your daughter Ingrid is a shy girl who works at a nearby factory. She’s an excellent piano player, and usually practises for at least an hour every day. She’s pretty, but sometimes selfish. She is very close to her parents, and she looks forward to having a child of her own. • Your daughter Julie owns a bookshop, and is often very busy. Although not good-looking, she is lively and confident and has many friends. When she has time, she likes going to restaurants, films, and music concerts. • What kind of men should your daughters marry? • Consider personality, work, interests, etc.

  28. What is better, to have a traditional wedding with guests invited, wedding dress and the banquet or to have just an official registration without any guests? • What are the pros and cons of organizing a wedding with guests, wedding dress and so on?

  29. Gifts • What gifts do guests usually give to the bride and groom? • What do you think is the best gift? • Have you heard of some unusual gifts given to a couple?

  30. Honeymoons • Where do people in China usually go for honeymoons?

  31. Life After Marriage • What positive or negative changes take place in the life of a couple after marriage? • What is the best age for a man or woman to get married?

  32. Divorce • What is the divorce rate in your country? • What are traditional grounds for divorce?

  33. Topic Questions • Would you marry someone of another nationality? • Are your parents of the same nationality? • What are some advantages of an international marriage? • What are some disadvantages? • Do you want to have an international marriage? • Do you know anyone who married someone from a different country? If yes, what is their experience like? • Do you think it is more difficult to marry someone from a different country? • How would your parents feel if you married someone from a different country? • Do you think that it is good for children to have parents from two different countries? Why? Why not?

  34. Topic Questions • At what age do most people in your country get married? • At what age do you want to get married? • At what age did you get married? • Describe a perfect date. • Do women usually work after getting married in your country? • Do you "go Dutch" when dating?

  35. Topic Questions • Do older girls/boys have a problem dating younger girls/boys? • Do younger girls/boys have a problem dating older girls/boys? • Do you believe in love at first sight? • Do you think some people know that they will fall in love with someone the first time they meet? • Have you ever been on a blind date?Didyou ever arrange a blind date? • Do you get along with your in-laws?

  36. Topic Questions • Do you know anyone who has had an arranged marriage? • Do you think arranged marriages are a good idea? Why or why not? • What is your opinion of arranged marriages? • Do you think getting married means giving up freedom? • Do you think if you get married that you will change? • Do you think it is better to be single or to be married?

  37. Topic Questions • Do you think it is okay to marry someone of a different race? • Do you think it is okay to marry someone with a different religion? • Do you think it's OK for a man to have two wives? • Do you think it's OK for a wife to have two husbands? • Do you think love is necessary to have a good marriage?

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