recent immigration to major canadian cities n.
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Recent Immigration to Major Canadian Cities PowerPoint Presentation
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Recent Immigration to Major Canadian Cities

Recent Immigration to Major Canadian Cities

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Recent Immigration to Major Canadian Cities

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  1. Recent Immigration to Major Canadian Cities

  2. Recent Immigrants to Canadian Cities PF; Jan 2011 Statistics Canada

  3. Vancouver’s pull factor attracting its large Asian community is that it is the Canadian Metropolis which is closest to China, Japan, and India. In the 90s Hong Kong Chinese wanting to get away from the communist take-over of Hong Kong settled in large numbers in Vancouver. There is also a large Sikh community, from India, which came to because of the British history in the area.

  4. Chinatown, Vancouver

  5. Montreal’s pull factor is the fact that it is the largest French speaking city in N. America. Many Asian immigrants arrive from former French colonies including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos in Asia. Other important source areas include; European immigrants from France, Haitians from the Caribbean, and from French-speaking African countries such as the Congo, and Senegal.

  6. Toronto’s pull factor is its many multi-cultural neighbourhoods which attract immigrants from all over the world. China Town is one of the biggest of these neighbourhoods, but there is also Little Italy, (the largest Italian Community outside of Italy), The Greek Quarter, and Little Poland. Finally, the Kensington market which has many Caribbean shops of services.

  7. The rest of Canada also gets most of its immigrants from Asia, but there are important connections to Europe and the United States. Many of these immigrants have family living across Canada and have heard of rural areas outside of the big cities.

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