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How to select polycarbonate sheet for your building PowerPoint Presentation
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How to select polycarbonate sheet for your building

How to select polycarbonate sheet for your building

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How to select polycarbonate sheet for your building

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  1. How to Select Polycarbonate • Sheet for Your Building

  2. Colour Polycarbonate sheets suppliers in Delhi offer you a wide range of colours that range from clear/transparent sheets to white and bronze, as well as brightly coloured sheets. The colour of the sheet will determine the amount of light entering a building. For more light, you can choose a transparent polycarbonate sheet that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, if you choose darker colours like brown or blue, there will be less light transmission to the interior.

  3. UV Protection Polycarbonate sheets are also designed to protect your building against harsh UV radiations. But with time, the polycarbonate may wither and reduce the level of protection. Therefore, you need to find the suppliers that provide an extra layer of protection against UV rays and weather while increasing the lifespan of your building.

  4. Insulation If you live in colder regions, you need to look for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets that increase the level of insulation in your house or office while reducing heating costs in the long run. The higher level of insulation ensures that the temperature won’t rise too high in summer months or drop too low in winter months.

  5. Styles of Polycarbonate Sheets 1. Single-Layered Polycarbonate Sheet You can easily find this polycarbonate sheet in Delhi to offer you higher light transmission. But this sheet provides very little insulation. Besides offering clarity of glass, it is also very durable, strong and lightweight.

  6. Styles of Polycarbonate Sheets 2. Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet offers great protection and insulation from direct sunlight than the single-walled sheet. It is thicker and also offers a greater level of insulation while proving to be cost-effective. It also helps in heat and light distribution, which proves to be beneficial all year round.

  7. Styles of Polycarbonate Sheets 3. Multiwall polycarbonate sheet Multiwall polycarbonate sheet offers the highest insulation compared to single and twin-walled polycarbonates. It comes in up to six layers. It does require a great investment initially but it certainly results in long-term savings, as it helps in cutting down your heating costs.

  8. Styles of Polycarbonate Sheets 4. Corrugated polycarbonate sheet Corrugated polycarbonate sheet is strong, so it needs less support compared to other polycarbonate types. It even reduces the amount of framing. Therefore, it reduces your cost of installation while ensuring even light distribution.

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