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Wildlife Habitat Management Institute PowerPoint Presentation
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Wildlife Habitat Management Institute

Wildlife Habitat Management Institute

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Wildlife Habitat Management Institute

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  1. Wildlife Habitat Management Institute

  2. NRCS Helping landowners conserve natural resources

  3. Everything we do on the land affects Fish and Wildlife!

  4. Fish and Wildlife-Associated Recreation:* Participants: 82 million Expenditures: $108 billion Hunting and fishing expenditures: $57 billion Wildlife Watching Expenditures: $38 billion *USFWS 2001 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation

  5. Wildlife Emphasis WHIP WRP CRP CREP EQIP

  6. “….the bill will greatly enhance the abilities of our farmers and ranchers to protect wetlands, water quality, and wildlife habitat, and that's important.” Remarks of President George W. Bush upon signing the Farm Bill. May 13, 2002 2002 Farm Bill

  7. Wildlife “Scoping Team” products

  8. WHMI Mission Develop and disseminate technical materials that assist NRCS field staff in working with customers to improve fish and wildlife habitat.

  9. Staff Locations OSU, Corvalis, OR ISU, Ames, IA Patuxent WRC, Laurel, MD CSU,FortCollins, CO Des Moines, IA Headquarters, Madison, MS

  10. Broad Range of Activities Upland Habitats Conservation Buffers Aquatic Habitats Topics “Non-traditional” Wildlife Wetlands

  11. Broad Range of Activities Technology Development Technology Transfer Products Partnerships and Special Projects Public Outreach

  12. Broad Range of Activities Technology Transfer Products A few examples . . .

  13. Technology Transfer Training

  14. Technology Transfer Training • Assist teaching wildlife courses

  15. Technology Transfer Training Incorporating landscape considerations into conservation planning.

  16. Upper Midwest Willamette River Valley Connecticut River Valley 5 Case Study Examples Malpai Borderlands Lower Mississippi Valley Video Course Disturbance Ecology J. Boone Kauffman, OSU Hydrologic Processes John Stednick, CSU Spatial and Temporal Scale Considerations Stan Gregory, OSU Cultural Ecology Judith Li, OSU Energy Flow Stan Gregory, OSU Soil Quality Bill Puckett et al. NRCS Soil Quality Institute Landscape-Level Conservation of Biodiversity Richard L. Knight, CSU Nutrient Dynamics Stan Gregory, OSU Soils and Soil-Landscape Relationships Eugene F. Kelly, CSU Biotic Communities Dan Edge, OSU Designing Alternative Futures for Managed Landscapes David Hulse, U of Oregon Linking Humans With the Land Delwin E. Benson, CSU

  17. Technology Transfer Core4 Buffers Course Training

  18. Technology Transfer Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Leaflets - In Partnership with Wildlife Habitat Council WILDLIFE HABITAT COUNCIL Technical Tools

  19. Technology Transfer Wildlife Management Institute Technical Tools Buffers for Wildlife Job Sheets • Illinois • Maryland • North Carolina • Texas • South Dakota • Utah

  20. Technology Transfer Technical Tools Tech Notes, Brochures, Powerpoint CD’s, etc.

  21. Technology Transfer Technical Tools National Biology Handbook

  22. Technology Transfer Technical Tools A literature review that provides the best judgement of the scientific community on the effects of Farm Bill programs on wildlife.

  23. Annotated Bibliographies Abbreviated Summaries HEL/Swampbuster Conservation Reserve Program Great Plains Midwest Southeast Continuous Enrollment CRP Wetlands Reserve Program Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program Environmental Quality Incentives Program Conservation Reserve Program Wetlands Reserve Program

  24. Review Conclusion • Farm Bill programs are making a • significant contribution to wildlife • conservation on private land • Understanding is incomplete

  25. Technology Transfer Technical Tools Birds of North America - distributed to all states.

  26. Broad Range of Activities Technology Development Products A few examples . . .

  27. Technology Development Buffers • Evaluation of management options for non- • traditional wildlife • Evaluation of wildlife response to CREP (MN, MD) • Effects of buffer width and vegetation on wildlife • Water quality implications in naturally-revegetated • riparian forest buffers

  28. Technology Development Buffers • Evaluation of western riparian habitat management • and songbirds - WY, OR, CA • Effects of surrounding landscape on strip cover • habitat use by birds • Costs/Benefits of Field Border management

  29. Technology Development Wetlands & Aquatic Habitats • Effect of BLH reforestation on avian demographics • Multi-state Aquatic Resources Information System • Assess amphibians, fish and water quality • associated with wetland microtopography • Development of monitoring protocol for farmable • wetlands CRP pilot • Contributions of WRP to terrestrial bird populations

  30. Technology Development Wetlands & Aquatic Habitats • Winter use of flooded agricultural fields by • salmonids • Assist in development of WRP compatible use • guidelines • Effects of NRCS practices on native prairie fish • Effects of wetland restoration on fish community • structure - Pacific Northwest

  31. Technology Development Grassland Habitats • Bird response to Northeastern grassland • management practices • Insect and bird response to various CRP seeding • Lesser prairie chicken use of CRP in Kansas • Effects of hayland management on grassland • birds in New England • Response of early-successional birds in the CRP • Longleaf Pine CPA

  32. Technology Development Other Topics • Assess effects of suburban sprawl on wildlife • Wildlife management demonstrations (e.g., Utility • corridor right-of-ways) • Ecological interpretations of NRI • Songbird response to alternative grazing practices

  33. Technology Development Project Locations Regional, national, and non-site-specific projects not shown.

  34. Technology Development Project Partners Agricultural Research Service American Fisheries Society Bat Conservation International Bureau of Land Management Colorado State University Corps of Engineers Delta Wildlife Ducks Unlimited Environmental Protection Agency Iowa State University Mississippi State University North Carolina State University Oregon State University Pheasants Forever Point Reyes Bird Observatory Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation SE Assoc. F&W Agencies SE Quail Study Group Society for Range Management SD State University The Nature Conservancy The Wildlife Society UAR-Pine Bluff UC Davis University of Georgia University of Maryland U of MD - Eastern Shore University of Mississippi University of Montana University of Nebraska-Lincoln UT-Knoxville University of Vermont Utah State University U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service U.S. Forest Service USGS Biological Resources Div. Wildlife Conservation Society Wildlife Habitat Council Wildlife Management Institute Conservation Districts State Fish & Wildlife Agencies Tribes, and others

  35. Broad Range of Activities Products Partnerships and Special Projects A few examples . . .

  36. Partnerships and Special Projects Sponsor Conferences & Workshops Sustainability of Wetlands and Water Resources Wood in World Rivers Ranching West of the 100th Meridian Quail “V” - Fifth National Quail Symposium

  37. Partnerships and Special Projects Sponsor Conferences & Workshops Management and Restoration of Midwestern Riparian Systems Buffer Practices and Wildlife in Southeastern Agricultural Systems North American Wildlife & Natural Resources Conference - Farm Bill sessions 1999-2003 Society of Wetland Scientists Conferences

  38. Partnerships and Special Projects The role of USDA and NRCS in implementing the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative

  39. Partnerships and Special Projects Handbook on ways to assess, evaluate and implement fish & wildlife conservation in the Klamath Basin

  40. WILDLIFE HABITAT COUNCIL Bat Conservation International Partnerships and Special Projects Fostering Partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations

  41. Partnerships and Special Projects Involvement with Regional groups: • WGA High Plains Partnership • Midwest Private Lands Working Group • SE Association of F&W Agencies • Columbia Basin Multi-Species Framework • West Working Group of Partners in Flight

  42. Broad Range of Activities A few examples . . . Products Public Outreach

  43. Wildlife Management Institute Broad-based partnership in conjunction with the Wildlife Management Institute Public Outreach 2002 Farm Bill guide brochure

  44. Public Outreach A multimedia presentation and booklet highlighting private landowner involvement in wildlife conservation.

  45. Public Outreach • Survey farm and non-farm public opinion on • fish & wildlife habitat values • Highlight prairie restoration in Louisiana in • media • Develop educational brochures that integrate fish • and wildlife with soil, water, and other Farm • Bill conservation objectives • Sky Radio fish and wildlife habitat conservation • messages

  46. Public Outreach Audubon at Home

  47. Public Outreach

  48. Web Site Activity March 02 - Feb. 03 356,288 Hits 81,238 Downloads

  49. Bobwhite Quail Butterflies Ring-necked Pheasant Wild Turkey Most popular Web-site downloads Oct. 2002 - Feb. 2003 Habitat Management Leaflets