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Section B Period Two

Section B Period Two. 2a Listening. 5. 2. 1. 4. 3. 2b Listening. short hair. hamster. nice. friendly. too scary. snake. interesting. too boring. goldfish. easy to take care of. hair is too long. dog. beautiful. not friendly enough. cat. nice. Tapescript.

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Section B Period Two

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  1. Section B Period Two

  2. 2a Listening 5 2 1 4 3

  3. 2b Listening short hair hamster nice friendly too scary snake interesting

  4. too boring goldfish easy to take care of hair is too long dog beautiful not friendly enough cat nice

  5. Tapescript Girl 1: So, what kind of pet do you want to get? Girl 2: How about a goldfish? Fish are easy to take care of. Girl 3: They are too boring! How about a snake? Snakes are interesting.

  6. Girl 2: Eeew! Snakes are too scary! Let’s get a nice pet like a cat. Girl 1: A cat? I don’t like cats. Cats aren’t friendly enough. Girl 2: Well then, how about a dog? Dogs make great pets. Girl 1: That’s true. Hey, how about that dog? Isn’t he beautiful?

  7. Girl 3: Yes, but his hair is too long. I don’t want to clean up dog hair every day. Girl 1: Oh, all right. Well, that hamster over there looks nice. He seems friendly, and he has short hair.

  8. Girl 2: Yeah, he’s perfect! Girl 3: Let’s get him.

  9. Explanation 1. too…to 这个短语虽然是肯定的形式,但是表达的是否定的意思:“太…以至于(不能)…”。如: He is too old to work. 他太老了, 不能工作了。

  10. The box is too heavy for the little girl to carry. 这箱子太重, 小女孩搬不动。 如在too前面或者后面有否定词not,则整个句子表达肯定。如: This question is not too difficult to answer. 这道题不太难回答。

  11. He is too clever not to see that. 他很聪明,不会不懂这一点。 比较so…that…如此…,以至于… 而that后的从句多用否定句。 The box is so heavy, that the little girl can’t carry it. 这个盒子如此重,以至于那个小女孩搬不动它。

  12. 2. spend…on 在…上花(时间或金钱) 如: He spends a lot of money on books.  他花许多钱买书。 spend…(in) doing sth. 花 (时间或金钱等) 做某事 如: The government will spend money looking after the patients. 政府要花钱去照料那些病人。

  13. 英语中表“花费”的词语: (1) spend的主语必须是“人”,宾语可以是钱、精力、时间等。 如: He spends much money onbooks. 他平时将很多钱用在买书上。 He spenta lot of money(in)buyinga new car. 他花很多钱买了一辆新车。

  14. (2) cost的主语必须是 “物” 或 “事”,表示“费用”、“耗费”,后接life,money,health,time等,侧重于“花费”的代价。 The work cost them much labor.   这项工作花费了他们很多的劳动。 It costs you 12 pounds to go to London by ship. 乘船到伦敦要用12英镑。

  15. (3) take表示“花费”时,其主语一般是“一件事”,有时主语也可以是人,它说明事情完成“花费了……”。 It takes sb some time/money/energy to do sth. It tookme ten minutes to go to the post office. 到邮局用用了我十分钟时间。 It takes a lot of money to buy a house as big as that. 买一座像那样大的房子要花很多钱。

  16. (4) pay的基本意思是“支付”,作为及物动词,宾语可以是“人”、“钱”,如: He paidthe taxi and hurried to the station. 他付了出租车的钱,急忙向车站赶。 They had to pay two hundred francs. 他得付一百法郎。 We’ll payyou in a few days. 几天后我会给你钱。

  17. (5) pay for 的宾语为“物”、“事”,for表示支付的原因。如: You’ll have to pay me ten dollars a week for your meals. 你得每周付给我十美元饭钱。

  18. 下面两句中pay for的意义不同 Of course we have to pay for what we buy. 当然我们买东西得付钱。 Don’t worry about money; I’ll pay for you. 别担心钱,我会替你付的。

  19. 根据下列各句的意思和汉语或首字母提示,写出该单词。根据下列各句的意思和汉语或首字母提示,写出该单词。 1. Mr Li told his little son to answer teachers' questions ___________ (有礼貌). 2. It's ___________(危险) to swim alone in the river. politely dangerous

  20. accident 3. --I want to report a traffic _________ (事故). --Yes,go ahead. 4. --I thought I‘d buy James a new bike for his birthday.--That's a ____________ (精彩) idea. wonderful

  21. 5. Harbin is in the _________(东北) of China. 6. Susan couldn't catch up with her classmates w________ your help. northeast without

  22. 7. When they h_______ to the cinema,the film had been on for half an hour. 8. She sat at the desk and smiled q_________ at me. hurried quietly

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