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Infectious Disease Clinical Image Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Infectious Disease Clinical Image Review

Infectious Disease Clinical Image Review

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Infectious Disease Clinical Image Review

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  1. Infectious DiseaseClinical Image Review Michael J. Tan, MD, FACP, FIDSA Associate Professor of Internal Medicine Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, Rootstown, OH Summa Health System, Akron, OH

  2. Session Objectives • Recognize and recite key words of specific infectious diseases • Recognize images associated with specific infectious diseases

  3. Credits • John Sinnott MD, Todd Wills, MD • University of South Florida College of Medicine • Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine • Tampa, FL

  4. Dockworker unloading Persian goat-hair rugs

  5. 10 year old girl swimming in freshwater lakes near Walt Disney World

  6. 60 year old male in DKA with fever and proptosis

  7. Rose gardener

  8. University student from Rhodesia with progressive evidence of dementia • May have been bitten by a tsetse fly

  9. Geologist from Nevada with fever and a painful knot in his groin

  10. Exchange student from India with anesthetic skin lesion

  11. Hunter with skin ulcer, lymphadenopathy, and fever

  12. Turkish male with sudden onset of fever, RUQ pain. Cystic mass on liver CT. Owns dogs.

  13. 30 year old female back from summer in west Africa, alternating fever and shaking chills

  14. 7 year old from Brazil with fever and unilateral periorbital edema • Triamtomine bugs

  15. 35 year old female who developed fever, periorbital edema and myalgias on July 10

  16. 26 year old Venezualan with dyspnea and leg edema

  17. Traveler from St. Petersburg (Russia) with abdominal cramping and loose stool

  18. Cornell students with fever, LAD after all had eaten hamburgers in the dormitory cafeteria

  19. 50 year old Greek alcoholic with fever, RUQ pain and raised right hemidiaphragm

  20. 21 year old Chinese male with first-time seizure. Numerous calcified nodules in soft tissue

  21. Geophagic child with rectal prolapse

  22. Hawaiian with eosinophilic meningitis

  23. West African with snowflake lesion of cornea • Black Fly

  24. Fever after eating Mexican goat cheese milk

  25. Meningitis after caring for a pet hamster

  26. Pulmonary Abscess in a Vietnam Veteran

  27. Caught it from a pet turtle

  28. Anemia after walking barefoot in the Southern US

  29. “Diphtheroid” meningitis in a renal transplant patient

  30. Nurse with inflamed finger after tracheal suctioning

  31. Continued urethral discharge after ceftriaxone treatment for verified gonorrhea

  32. Broad Street Pump

  33. 28 year old female with this:

  34. Sickle Cell Anemia and osteomyelitis

  35. Calabar swelling (episodic angioedema) of wrists and a worm crawling across the bulbae conjunctiva

  36. Diplopia five days after eating canned fruit

  37. Severe vomiting and small amounts of diarrhea 4 hours after a barbecue

  38. Infected abdominal aortic aneurysm

  39. Californian with egg shell calcifications on chest x-ray

  40. Blister on the foot of a Pakistani which ruptures on cold water immersion

  41. Saber shins

  42. “Cancerous” mass in the colon which reveals organisms on biopsy

  43. Hepatic fibrosis and hematuria

  44. Hypotension and plantar desquamation in a menstruating female

  45. Marijuana smoker in Michigan

  46. Mesenteric lymphadenitis

  47. “Retinoblastoma”

  48. Diarrhea following clindamycin

  49. Erosion of nasal septum in a Brazilian 5 years after spontaneous healing of a skin ulcer • Sandfly

  50. Long white worm crawls out of an actress’ nose as she is about to deliver her line