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Karma Healing UAE| Karma Healing Yoga| Healing Center UAE PowerPoint Presentation
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Karma Healing UAE| Karma Healing Yoga| Healing Center UAE

Karma Healing UAE| Karma Healing Yoga| Healing Center UAE

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Karma Healing UAE| Karma Healing Yoga| Healing Center UAE

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  1. KARMA HEALING UAE Karma Yoga Healing Karma Yoga Healing - Is a technique which reveals how everything works through Law of Karma. It shows why things happen in your life & how you can change your karma & your life. What you will gain: •Learn the most powerful technique from Karma Guru himself •Become God’s magnet and attract abundance and bliss •Manifest your eternal partner and celebrate life all year long •Develop psychic abilities •Receive the blessings of law of Karma and supreme pure consciousness •Learn the 60,000 years old secret map of 7 stages of consciousness •Resolve ancestral defect through the ancient mantra Specialty We offer life changing classes in various topics to guide you on how to resolve your Karmic issues in life and find inner bliss. This allows you to qualify as Karam healing practitioner to not only enhance your own life but also gain professional certification to contribute in helping others. Our Masters Master Sumant Kaul, his son Sumeet and daughter Suneha come from Kashmiri Brahmin family. They teach profound knowledge that very few in the world know where you can resolve your

  2. Karma, know who you are and achieve happiness. Master Sumant Kant Kaul is gifted with the remarkable power and blessings of Shiva Supreme Pure Consciousness. With the divine grace, miracle and mysticism of Supreme Pure Consciousness, Master Kant has facilitated in healing the wealth, health, and emotional traumas of thousands! continuous practice of Kashmiri Shaivism, Trika and Karma Kriya Yoga. He has transformed the lives of millions by mentoring and empowering them towards the ultimate truth.

  3. Master Sumeet Kaul is an exceptional healer. His achievements in this field are remarkable and those who have had the privilege of personally experiencing the work he has done are in awe of his power. He has healed patients suffering from depression, high blood pressure, smoke cessation, obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety, neurosis, schizophrenia, traumas, hypothyroidism, abuseissues, vitamin deficiencies, and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, to name a few. He has studied the predominant healing modalities around the world and has decoded the ancient Shiva meditations. An expert in psychology and healing. She is the master of energy healing as she has the magical gift that few have of instantaneous healing. She is young and dynamic and uses modern techniques. She heals people with the power and purity of the healing she brings with her. Suneha Kual is an expert in psychology and healing. She is a master of energy healing as she has the magical gift few people on earth have of instantaneous healings. She is s talented healer, therapist, personal coach and NLP coach. Join us in our Mission to bring Happiness to the Planet. Browse our website for more information on events, seminars and services.