a person is a person through another person nelson mandela n.
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“A person is a person through another person…” Nelson Mandela PowerPoint Presentation
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“A person is a person through another person…” Nelson Mandela

“A person is a person through another person…” Nelson Mandela

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“A person is a person through another person…” Nelson Mandela

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  1. “A person is a person through another person…” Nelson Mandela Registered Charity 1074832 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3597252

  2. Africa is very young, very urban, and very poor And 50% of Africa’s population is aged under 16 80% of the world’s poorest countries are in Africa 50% of Africa’s population lives in towns and cities Registered Charity 1074832

  3. STREET CHILDREN IN AFRICA… Are the result of family and community breakdown They have nobody to rely on but themselves Registered Charity 1074832

  4. They look to each other for protection Child-headed families are becoming more and more common They are invisible to the rest of the world Registered Charity 1074832

  5. They sell anything and everything, including themselves, to survive Registered Charity 1074832

  6. They find shelter wherever they can… Registered Charity 1074832

  7. They sniff glue and petrol to dull the pain of their existence Jones calls his bottle of glue his “blanket” Registered Charity 1074832

  8. They have babies of their own – “second generation” street babies. Babies who are vulnerable in the shanty towns… Registered Charity 1074832

  9. STREET CHILD AFRICA… Is the only UK charity solely devoted to Africa’s street children Supports partners in Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda Has an annual income of £837,000 Registered Charity 1074832

  10. STREET CHILD AFRICA… Sends your money directly to its African partners who improve the lives of street children. Raises awareness about the plight of African street children Lobbies governments for long-term change Registered Charity 1074832

  11. OUR PARTNERS IN AFRICA Work on the streets with the children… …offering them love, guidance, and protection Registered Charity 1074832

  12. Offer vital medical care… …and Baby Care Registered Charity 1074832

  13. Offer education on the street Registered Charity 1074832

  14. Provide educational opportunities for street children of all abilities… …giving street children new choices Registered Charity 1074832

  15. Sponsorship is a real chance for street children to turn their lives around Registered Charity 1074832

  16. In Africa, a little goes a long way £1 feeds a new street baby and mother for two days £6pays for a babyminder at a street corner crėche for one month £20 pays for a scholarship for a street child for one month £60 pays for a trained street worker for one month £120 pays for a midwife for one month Registered Charity 1074832

  17. STREET CHILD AFRICA’S £1,000,000 CHALLENGE • In 2007, Street Child Africa needs to reach out to 40,000 street children • We need to raise £1,000,000 to deliver urgent help directly into the heart of Africa’s slums Will you be ‘one in a million’? Registered Charity 1074832

  18. Street Child Africa needs YOUR help to make a difference ‘Together we could change a child’s life’ Registered Charity 1074832