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What is B I R D S? BIRDS is the abbreviated name of

What is B I R D S? BIRDS is the abbreviated name of

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What is B I R D S? BIRDS is the abbreviated name of

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  1. What is B I R D S?BIRDS is the abbreviated name of “Blessing for Integrated Rural Development Society.”BIRDS is an Evangelical Enterprise for Integrated Rural Development in the State of Uttarakhand and other places in India. It came into existence as some like minded church leaders expressed their concern for reaching out to the rural mass not just with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ expressed through various Rural Development activities. It has been working to the best of its potential to provide the masses in India with the word of God and the blessings through Him.

  2. Aims and Objectives ofBIRDS • The overall aim of the Society is to support and empower communities irrespective of caste, creed, gender, color or nationality in their journey in the path of socio-economic development and to care for their physical mental, spiritual and educational development.The foundation of this society is firmly on the Saviour Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, we look forward to further the Kingdom of God through the social and the spiritual activity we do in the various fields we touch. • Ours is a faith ministry and we have faith in the all Mighty to guide us to reach where the Gospel has not reached yet and plant churches there along with other activities.

  3. A bird's eye view of the ministry of BIRDS

  4. BIRDS among the Little ones.. Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Children BibleClubs are a primary part of BIRDS activities amongst the children and the teenagers as it is important for them to know more about the life of Jesus and teaching in this tender age.

  5. Sparkle in the eyes!!! Children are given essential daily needs and other thing in the Children ministry also the teachers of the Sundays school and Children clubs are rewarded by BIRDS.

  6. YOUTH MINISTRY. Youth Seminars are arrange by BIRDS. Because the youth of a particular area are the future for it, hence, we believe this is the area which requires loads of nourishment and guidence.

  7. Fellowship among the Women by BIRDS. Women’s Fellowship are arranged regularly in the village school and contact families for the spiritual growth of village women so as to help them to grow in Christ and develop their families likewise.

  8. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation by the ministry of BIRDS. BIRDS has been an active instrument in providing the physically disabled and marginalized people of society with the basic needs like braces, support shoes etc. This has in turn given them a new beginning in life and has become a testiment to many.

  9. Shelter to the Homeless. 'India lives in the villages.' We at BIRDS are deeply concerned for the people in the backward and slum areas.We have been working and have also provides shelter to many people without a proper roof over their head.

  10. Introducing Christ to the seekers. Seeker’s Seminars are arranged bimonthly in the village for the spiritual growth of youth, women and elderly.This has done wonders as more and more people have known the living Father through these.

  11. At present , we do not have any donor or funding agency helping us but not letting this hamper the ministry we started small income generating programs by making beautiful Hand-made cards among the contact families in the villages. This has helped us to support the ministry even though it is not a very relishing support but still it has helped us to reach out and make the villagers know the real meaning of living on faith. This has blessed the families and they have used the help to pay their children tuition fees at school and for other needs. Please pray for this particular ministry as this has been a supporting organ for BIRDS till now.You can help by purchasing these cards as well as helping us in extending His Kingdom. ***Our Faith ministry..

  12. Baptisms: Many people in the villages and localites have accepted Christ as their personal Saviour through the efforts of BIRDS and many more are still awaiting for the deliverence .

  13. BIRDS:Mini Bible School • The Institute of Community Transformation We give Graduate in Theology degrees which is of a duration of 2 years. Our aim is to build leaders at the school which will take up the responsibility of taking the Gospel to the unreached areas of the country. **These leaders are responsible to take care of the devotions and the fellowship in the villages. **This in turns gives a foundation for family churches. They also work among the children in the children ministry in their respected area and have brought fruitful results for theKingdom of God.

  14. Bringing the Gospel of Lord into the local languages. In order to bring the Gospel to the masses, we at BIRDS have been working our level best to translate the Bible lesson courses and many gospel books into local languages. We at present have translated a Volume for the Seeker's into Nepali and Hindi which are languages the locals understand. We await for sources to start work on other books into Hindi, Nepali, Garwahli, Himachali,Haryanvi,Punjabi etc. One of our focus is also to translate Gospel into tribal languages in Orissa.

  15. From the Director’s Desk • DearFriends, Loving greetings in the very precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Past decade has shown immense progress in Rural India- villages linked to the city by roads, increase in employment opportunities,up-liftment of women and the like in the village setup. Yet we gauge the progress to be far from the mark and wholly lopsided. Far from the mark since most of the socio economic programs reach to a selective group the masses remain untouched. Lopsided because the key issue .ie. spiritual life of the people is not addressed. • Birds in it’s aim and objective prayerfully endeavours to reach out to the needy with the Gospel of Christ and His love and compassion expressed through action. • My sincere appeal to you is share in this needful task by joining hands with Birds. - Support the Ministry prayerfully - support the Ministry with financial contributions. - Any assistance you consider would be useful in this rural development work. Thanking you in the Lord Mr.Sanjeeb Sahu

  16. Project which are in prayer to be achieved.. • Mini Bible School– Residential programme for 30 students. For developing a fully functional Bible School each student needs a minimum of $80 for accomodation,study and fooding.‏ • Our Church planting ministry is developing at a rapid pace at present 5 church planters and pastors are working in various areas of the ministry we require a minimum of $800 per month as their salary. • We plan to send around 20 leaders to various areas of the ministry to plant churches in these unreached places which would require a minimum of $150 per leader. • Youth and women empowerment and training for self reliance for 200 women in various villages which would require a total of $1000per annum. • Child care programme and spiritual development ( sponsorship for street children and rag pickers, rehabilitation, CBC, VBS, Sundayschool) initially for 300 children at $60 per child each month. • Rural Health care programme ( Mobile Clinic, Mobile physiotherapy clinic).**The estimated funds required for this can only be put together once a donor would be available. • Rural Development: Drinking water, Sanitation, Ecological envirnment, Social and economical upliftment to make them self dependent..

  17. Future Plans • Adopting children of poor families but not seperating them from their families while appointing a married believer to look after the adopted children of a specific area and building the spiritual growth of the families, ultimately progressing to develop a house fellowship in the community resulting in a Cottage Church. • To establish and run Hospitals and Health Care Centres. • To establish and run Schools, Day Care Centres and Adult Education Centres (In order to make a continuity of children to attend Sunday schools on Sunday as well as Vacation Bible School during vacations; Youth meetings for young peoples; weekly Women’s fellowship for rural women). • To engage in other programs leading to Integrated Rural Development like HIV-AIDS awareness programs. • To engage in Relief and Rehabilitation work at the time of disasters and natural calamities. • To engage in Evangelism and Church planting in various new areas in India.

  18. Your Participation • Pray for the plan of action. • To install 7 couples in 7 different ministry fields where- • I. They will channel monetary assistance for education, health and shelter to 20 children in a specific rural area. The couple will be responsible for supervising their up-keep and also through regular interaction, prayer , counselling, visitation and Bible study nurture them according to the word of God. In doing so they will be in touch with the families and also the child would live in his/her own family and this group of 20 families would begin a Church for the kingdom of God. • II. They will also start a primary school where they initially will serve as teachers giving education from a Christian Biblical perspective. III. Primary School will also serve as the day care center. IV. For the translation work for the locals. V. For the self help prgrams( you could give us ideas and even support a particular program)‏ • Contribute to implement above plan I. Monthly support for the couples which would include rent, family support, Children education, Medical etc. II. Sponsorship for 300 children ( serving couples would be installed accordingly)‏ III. Establish a market for the self help programs.

  19. Pray for our plan for the following years. • i. Purchase of a four wheeler for the operation of above project and its supervision. • ii. Formation of a Mobile team to serve as an evangelistic team ( showing Christian films, distributing tracts, open air preaching, Gospel presentation through music etc.) and as a (Medical consultation, availability of medicine, health programs for village areas)‏ Ministerial Requirements: I. Financial help to buy a four wheelers. II. Financial assistance for the functioning of the mobile team III. Donating evangelistic equipments ( Projector, audio-video media,musical instruments.)‏ iii. We hope to engage in a relevant income generating program so that the ministry of BIRDS may become self- supporting. iv. To establish a school, initially up to Junior high school, up grading each year till high school. Hostel for boys and girls attached with the school. School and hostel primarily for the BIRDS sponsor children. LOADS OF WORK STILL NEED TO BE DONE IN INDIA AND WE PRAY OUR FAITHFUL LORD SHALL PROVIDE FOR IT. WE BELIEVE DOORS SHALL OPEN SOON AND WE JUSTIFY OUR ACCOUNTABILITY TO HIM.

  20. Prayer Be a partner in a cause that will change the lives of thousands. Invest in a vision that will affect the nation.Together let us see a dream come true, a vision from the Lord, a vision of the lost and a vision for the future. “Reaching the Unreached at any cost, Transforming the Path of the nation….” Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established. Proverbs 16:3

  21. For further contact….. Registered under Section (U.K.) Society Act BIRDS Blessing for Integrated Rural Development Society Mr.Sanjeeb Sahu , Director Rudolf Villa Barkuli ,Sinola , Malsi Dehradun-248003(UA)INDIA e-mail: birdsociety111@gmail.com Ph no.: 91-135-2733724, 91-9410360899

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