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SwitchBlade ® x908

SwitchBlade ® x908

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SwitchBlade ® x908

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  1. SwitchBlade® x908 Advanced Layer 3 Modular Switch

  2. SwitchBlade® x908: Key Features • Powerful • Wire-speed L2 switching and L3 routing, fully non-blocking • Flexible • Modular design means you can build your own configuration • Resilient • Advanced hardware and software features keep your network running • Future-Proof • New network modules in development and IPv6 ready

  3. SwitchBlade® x908: Overview • SwitchBlade® x908 provides: • The same industry leading QoS capabilities as the x900 family • Unparalleled levels of performance and modularity • High end layer 3 features • High levels of resiliency and redundancy • A future proof design

  4. SwitchBlade® x908: Overview • 3RU Chassis • 8 x 60Gbps ‘XEM’ module bays • 2 x 80Gbps stacking ports • Hot swappable PSUs and fans • 1 + 1 PSU redundancy

  5. SwitchBlade® x908: Overview • 10 GbE aggregator • High density GbE • Uses the same hot swappable XEM modules as x900 • Fully non-blocking backplane with 640Gbps switch fabric • AlliedWare Plus™ Operating System offering industry-standard CLI

  6. SwitchBlade® x908: Overview Main power supply (600W) dual hot-swappable, providing feed and PSU redundancy 3RU height Removable fans, hot swappable 2 x 80 Gbps Stacking connectors (for dedicated stacking of two units)

  7. SwitchBlade® x908: Powerful • The most advanced switch in its class, with advanced hardware design and leading edge software functionality • 640Gbps fabric • The only switch in its class to support fully non-blocking operation for all current and future modules • 2 x 10GbE XEM modules will allow 16 10GbE ports in 3RU at wire speed • Built in 2 x 80Gbps connectors on rear of product • Stack 2 devices • Total of 160Gbps throughput • Ideal resilient core solution

  8. SwitchBlade® x908: Powerful • Best in class Layer 2 / 3 features at wire speed including: • Most advanced QoS • Prioritization of voice traffic across the LAN • Video surveillance traffic has guaranteed delivery • Virtual Chassis Stacking • A real alternative to a full chassis product • Increased resiliency in the core • Advanced routing protocol support including OSPF • Support for the largest distributed Enterprise networks • Comprehensive 802.1x support • Secure the Enterprise by authenticating devices BEFORE they join the network

  9. SwitchBlade® x908: Powerful • Quality of Service (QoS) • Full classification and prioritization at wire-speed • Traffic is prioritized without impacting performance • Boost network performance and guarantee the delivery of business critical Ethernet services and applications • Voice • Video • Data • Roll out the same QoS policy from the edge to the core

  10. SwitchBlade® x908: Powerful • Stack two SwitchBlade® x908 units for a redundant core • Aggregate links across stacked units • No requirement for STP or VRRP – removes unpredictability in the event of failure • Easy network design and configuration

  11. SwitchBlade® x908: Flexible • Build your own configuration • The most adaptable mini-chassis switch • Eight XEM bays for maximum port density and flexibility • XEM modules are hot swappable and are common across x908, x900-12 and x900-24 XEM-1XP 1 x 10GbE XEM-12S 12 x SFP XEM-12T 12 x 10/100/1000T XEM-STK Stacking Module Bandwidth Flexibility Expandability Scalability

  12. SwitchBlade® x908: Flexible • Build your own configuration • Add XEM modules as required • Increase network ports without the need to add new switches • Reduce TCO by negating the need to redesign as the network grows • Incorporate new technology into the network with new XEM modules

  13. SwitchBlade® x908: Resilient • Virtual Chassis Stacking • Ideal for resilient core solution • Multiple hardware and software resiliency features • Dual hot-swap PSUs • Single PSU supplies enough power for full chassis • 2 PSUs give redundant power and, where required, feed redundancy • Hot swappable XEM modules • Link aggregation across XEM modules and across stacked devices • LACP for simple configuration • Resilient core solution using stacking and link aggregation • Hot swappable fan modules • Ethernet Protection Switched Rings (EPSR) • Sub 50ms failover in the event of a break in connectivity

  14. SwitchBlade® x908: Resilient • One PSU is adequate to supply power • Features include: • AC or DC input1 • Load sharing • Hot swappable • Performance monitoring • Front-to-back cooling • Benefits when two PSUs are fitted: • PSU maintenance does not require downtime, as PSUs are hot swappable • Uptime is maximized and premium level SLAs for customers are maintained using 1+1 internal power supply redundancy, in particular when combined with stacking • Each PSU can be fed from a separate power circuit providing feed redundancy • 1 DC PSU introduction Q2 ‘08 Modular Power Supplies Two PSUs provide redundancy

  15. SwitchBlade® x908: Resilient • SwitchBlade® x908, x900-24XT, x900-24XS, x900-12XT/S • AlliedWare Plus™ • Incorporating an industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI) • Advanced modular operating system • Ability to deliver new application software and features quickly • Ability to incorporate “third party” software • Increased ability to support future applications and target markets • Staged releases available at regular intervals incorporating new features • AlliedWare Plus™ licensing (user based) • Making it easier for customers with large installations • No need to license individual boxes – only feature bundles are licensed • Virtual Chassis Stacking

  16. SwitchBlade® x908: EPSR • Ethernet Protection Switched Rings (EPSR) • Prevents loops in ring-based Ethernet networks • Minimizes the impact of failure by diverting traffic around the failure point (sub 50 ms) • Interoperates with standard Ethernet functions including: • QoS, IGMP, VLAN Double Tagging, Filtering • iMap interoperability • Provides high availability for mission critical traffic, preventing loss • of voice, video or data in the event of failure • Avoid down-time in your core enterprise or service provider network

  17. SwitchBlade® x908: EPSR

  18. SwitchBlade® x908: Future Proof • Most granular switch in its class • Superior QoS features • Allows ports to be added as required • Support for new XEM modules as they become available • 2 x 10GbE in development now • Virtual Chassis Stacking • Allows switch to grow with network • Allows resiliency to be added in the core • IPv6 • Hardware support for IPv6 allows an easy transition • Industry standard command line • Understood by the largest group of industry professionals • Decreased training investment • Increased efficiency when used in mixed networks

  19. SwitchBlade® x908: Future Proof • IPv6 support in hardware (Native IPv6) • Wire-speed IPv6 switching and routing on all ports • Allows for a smooth migration to IPv6 networking • With wire speed IPv6, x900s can be used in any network, from current • IPv4 to high end networks running IPv6 over GbE and 10GbE • IPv6 take-up is happening • University networks • Military • Government • IPv6 support is a future requirement for many networks

  20. Extraordinary power • Extraordinary flexibility • Extraordinary resiliency • Unlimited possibilities The multi-talented switch your network needs.

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