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Hair Fall Treatment Related Questions - Shridhar Kasturi Hair Oil

Hair made of proteins which run on blood circulations with narrow space, Any cold/hot food/drink instantly reduce or increase blood pressure and most of its result are on head, This fluctuation in blood pressure cause more hair losses.

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Hair Fall Treatment Related Questions - Shridhar Kasturi Hair Oil

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  1. How often can you use egg mask on your face? There are many type of egg mask; you can apply any type of egg mask. The egg white mask is more beneficial for face rather than yolks mask you may use it according to skin. In starting use this egg mask on face 1 -2 times in a week. For more home remedies you can check out hair growth oil or hair loss treatment at ShriDharKasturi Oil. This Presentation brought to you byShriDharKasturiOil.com

  2. Can you suggest a natural way to look our hair thicker for a day? It’s depending on how you could care your hairs and what the causes behind hair thinness. After known both things accordingly you start doing care. There are many reasons of hair thinness such as stress, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, pollution, and genetics. To prevent hair from thinness try to hydrate hair by using some conditioners and hair cream. With this massage twice the week by warm hair oil which helps you to make hairs thick, gently comb hairs, decrease the use of styling tools, and eat healthy foods. That’s all providing thickness to your hairs. This Presentation brought to you byShriDharKasturiOil.com

  3. How do I reduce dandruff and white hair? The both problems are different for the dandruff you can use tea tree oil, coconut oil twice the week; you may also apply aleovera at hair scalp. Apple cider vinegar is able to fight with dandruff, so try to include it in routine. With these entire try to increase intake of omega- 3 its help to maintain hair growth and scalp healthy. Eat probiotic foods which make hairs healthier and for hair whiting you should try Amla (gooseberries). Firstly boil amla with coconut oil and massage the hair scalp with it. Do it 3 to 4 times in a week. You can also use black tea as well which give hairs black color. This Presentation brought to you byShriDharKasturiOil.com

  4. What should I do to avoid my hairs from having split ends? And How can I avoid and repair my split ends? Split ends make hairs rough and it is the main cause of hair fall. The split end’s main cause is to use of chemicals treatment, excessive use of hairstyling tool and hair cosmetics. Use of all this things makes hair dry and brittle. To prevent hairs from split ends try to do some below mentioned things, there are following:- Oiling – oiling the necessary for the hairs it set layer on the hair which protect hairs from the outer pollution and chemicals and provide strength as well. It gives complete nourishment to hairs. For oiling you can use coconut oil and olive oil. This Presentation brought to you byShriDharKasturiOil.com

  5. Egg mask pack - Egg pack is the best way to protect and it is the best source of protein. It’s give complete protein to hairs and help to neglect dullness and dryness of the hairs. Avocado – Avocado is the best for thee hairs, its leave and oil make hair healthy and thicker. Massage gently with it on hair scalp. Increase the intake of vitamin e – vitamin e capluses are also helpful in the problem of split ends. Mix it in lukewarm water and massage gently on scalp. It’s providing complete nourishment to hairs which decrease the split ends. This Presentation brought to you byShriDharKasturiOil.com

  6. What causes baldness and baldness patterns? In male and female the patterns and causes of baldness are different. The main cause it h both of Baldness is genetics problem. Every hair has its own growth cycle in males and female. In starting the Hair follicles are shrinks and finer strands of hair. The more causes of baldness are cancer, medications, thyroid conditions, and anabolic steroids. In females, hair thinning and decreasing of hair volume shows the baldness. The main causes are hormonal changes or menopause rather than this some more cause are increase baldness in females such as autoimmune diseases, medications, illness, and traction alopecia. For treatment of baldness take proper and suggested long term treatment from the verified or specialist doctor. This Presentation brought to you byShriDharKasturiOil.com

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