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  1. Trips By Lucy

  2. Roles of the group • Kacper------ Editing • Lucy ------ Year 13 • Matt B------- Year 12 • The way the group roles was chosen was by the interest in our own experience. When we first started the Unit Kacper was not here for the day, so we thought that Kacper can do the editing as he will be able to have his own input to both of the trips and over see what is being changed. • We decided that Matt was better of doing the Year 12 trip as he had shown more interest towards it. • We decided on Lucy doing the Year 13 trip as she was more capable of finding out what university that are near by and have different ICT and Computing courses. • When Kacper was back we explained what the Unit was about and if he was happy with his role in the group.

  3. Our First Ideas were: • Year 13 ideas: • Hull University • ICT department in Birmingham University • Bath University • University of Manchester • University of Derby Year 12 Ideas: • Alton Towers (Not Relevant) • ICT trip to Budapest • Apple Store • New York • Museum:

  4. Year 12 • Date: March 15th 2013Time: 9:00am Leave – 6:00pm ReturnVenue: Jagex Studios, Cambridge.Cost: £15-£35Details on the trip:The Company should be Jagex, their offices are quite large and therefore a large class size will be more able to walk around rather than all being grouped in. Because of all of their different job roles and work styles it will be easy to split the group into three or four different groups and visit the different job roles, for example 8-10 people visit the Character Design section while 8-10 go and look the Programmers or Designers. This gives an easier way to experience things in much smaller groups.

  5. Disadvantages Advantages

  6. Year 13: visit to derby university • Course: Computing Games Programme 27th July 2013Time: 9:00am till ( would be roughly around 5-7pm depending on travel time and content)Venue: Derby University, Kedleston Road, Derby DE22Cost: £10 Details on the trip:The purpose of this trip is to allow the students to view an election on Ict/Computing and have a lesson as an introduction to the course they may be studying. With this it will allow students to have a hands on experience of what University is like. Also with this trip there is also a extra way for students to experience Uni Life with is to stay a night and experience what life is like away from home. With this trip the spaces are unlimited, however with the night over stay option they is a maximum of 10 students, depending on the accommodation that is available.

  7. Disadvantages Advantages • Allows students to experience what Uni is like and the expectations that is required. • Can see the way the university is run and the work that is expected from the courses. • Experience what a election is and what the purpose of them are. • Students may not like the university itself. • May not like the course or election. • May not like the over night stay. (being away from home) • Not the University that the student is thinking about going to

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