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Developing Custom Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Custom Solutions

Developing Custom Solutions

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Developing Custom Solutions

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  1. Developing Custom Solutions Victor J. Pudelski

  2. A. An Integration B. Custom Software C. Another Piece What is a Custom Solution???

  3. Custom Solutions Can Integrate one or more applications Are written to exact requirements Fit in with existing solution

  4. Just Another Building Block Come in all shapes and sizes Connect applications Build unique solution Allow for creative solutions

  5. Possibilities are endless…

  6. Solution Idea #1: Dashboards Managers currently struggle to find the data they want… What if it was all available in one site?

  7. Dashboards Any user monitoring anything can benefit Can create customizable interfaces • Profile pages Saves time, reduces stops, improves visibility

  8. Solution Idea #2: Integration User currently juggling between 2 or more applications… What if you integrate those systems in one interface?

  9. Integrations Reduce duplicate data entry Link systems that have no link Improve user experience of both applications Can be Web, Desktop, Mobile, etc.

  10. Types of Integration API Flat File Database Screen Scrape (AE)

  11. Solution Idea #3: DocPop External users want to see their documents and data. What if it was part of the website you already built? +

  12. DocPop Document retrieval from simple URL Easy to embed URLs into just about anything Free (part of OnBase Web Server) Same concept possible for other applications

  13. Solution Idea #4: Export Applications Data has to get to our customer in a certain format, today Mary does this. What if everything was loaded to an FTP automatically?

  14. Export Applications Create, Append archives Extracted all or few files Posted to network directories

  15. DataBank has developed … Web Pages Dashboards Web Services Console Applications Preprocessors Windows Apps Eform Development Image Manipulation Image Conversion Print Applications OnBase Scripting OnBase Integrations Datacap Integrations Parascript Development Readsoft Development SharePoint Integrations BizTalk/OnBase EIS (coming soon) And much more …

  16. What’s Possible … If it has an API we’ll figure it out If it doesn’t, you have my interest If you want something new and unique, Welcome!!!

  17. Why Create Custom Solutions? Save Time Reduce Effort Save Money THEY LOOK COOL!!!

  18. Save Time No application switching UI Optimized for users Everything at fingertips

  19. Reduce Effort Don’t have to search Enter once Simplifies data entry

  20. Save Money If we don’t take as long And it isn’t as hard I bet we can save money too…

  21. Justifying Their Effort Can be difficult Often, though, they pay for themselves!

  22. A little Math Reduce 5 minutes to 4 = 25% increase in production Save 30 min/day = 2 ½ hrs/wk = 10 hrs/mnth Increased job satisfaction = priceless!!!

  23. First Step Engage DataBank Developers • Development/Project Services • Consulting

  24. ? Questions?