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  1. M E D I A Louis Jaden Richard

  2. What is Media? Simply put media is the main means of mass communication.(MacBook dictionary definition) But it is not a simple thing that can truly be explained in a definition. In how it affects us in our everyday life and choices we make.

  3. Breakdown of Media and its effects • The media can be books, TV, the internet, the news and anything else that we use to communicate. • Regardless of whether one notices it the media is consistently in their face telling the target what they want them to hear. • This can influence people negatively or positively depending on purpose.

  4. Positive of Media • Spread good messages (Examples) Such as service opportunities and inspirations • Inform the target about certain events coming up or passed events that may be of interest • Advertising positive things such as business and don’t put stereotypes, hate or false ideas in the viewers head.

  5. Negative of Media • Advertising Negative things to others such as drugs, alcohol, sex and stereotypes. Most outlets that advertise these things by saying everyone does them and they are the norm. • Forcing a opinion on others (especially when negative) • Making the viewer care about things that have been blown out of proportion • When it is advertised and false or fabricated

  6. Unity The state of being united or joined as a whole (Mac Dictionary definition) In todays society since it is so global the world unity is correlated with the media. This is why it so important to have good media that is truthful.

  7. When Media is lying to people and trying to make money off it someone is always hurt. • When the two are connected strongly and truthful people understand situations and can make a true opinion and help out. Also it is extremely effective at spreading information at a fast pace around the world.

  8. Unity and Media in Res As you may know residence is a pretty hectic place with lots of ethnicities and cultures from all over the world. This is a interesting setup as we would have never met without Nancy Campbell. We show lots of disunity and unity throughout our days and a lot of the arguing is directly related to media.

  9. Unity in Media (res) • Lets us all play games together (This brings us together and makes us spend time with one another) • Without the media we wouldn’t and couldn’t relate with the mediums of music, games and TV. Which is a big reason why were alike. • None of us would even know about this school without the media. Showing that it truly does bring people together.

  10. Disunity and media In residence we yell a lot and argue mainly due to the media. • Arguing over better music, games and TV shows. • Or who’s better in a certain area of a game • Maybe even if certain events happened or didn’t, either way the media that we surround ourselves with will influence our opinion

  11. Media In the end its completely based on whether the message is positive or negative and how it received. As long as it is true and positive media is a very strong tool that can help many, many people. But if used negatively it may cause turmoil in a nation.