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  1. Old school new body review: does it really work or it is a scum? Go ahead and read Does The Old School New Body F4X Training System really work? Who is it for? Find out my honest review and discover all the facts before making the right choice What is Old School New Body? Old School New Body is a complete program meant to help you change your eating and workout habits, with the goal of shaping your body just the way you want it. It comes with all the workout and exercise routines you could ask for, along with nutritional information to help you follow a proper diet. It uses the Focus-4 Exercise (F4X) protocol, which is meant to help increase metabolism and reduce the risk of injuries during workout. The program combines weight training with cardio exercise, promoting fat burning and muscle building. It’s even great for those who are getting on in years – both of the writers of the book are in their 50s!

  2. Who is this product for? Steve and Becky Holman are the creators of this program. Steve Holman is the Editor- in-Chief of Iron Man, a magazine dedicated to weightlifters. He has held this position for more than 25-years now. In fact, Steve has been lifting weight for more than 35-years, which he started when he was only 15-years old. Steve is author for 20 different books written on the subjects of nutrition, fitness and weight training. This is in addition to his contribution to Iron Man and various other magazines, where he had written hundreds of high quality articles on these subjects. Steve is a person who walks the walk. As a person who teaches others weight loss secrets, he should be in tiptop shape in the first place. In fact, you can Google Steve Holman and see how fit he is. You may come across so many photos where Steve is in tiptop shape. Becky Holman is the co-creator of this workout program. Becky has been involved in weight training and fitness for more than 20-years up to now. Becky got into weight training after seeing her obese figure since she had lived a sedentary lifestyle due to family duties of raising her kids. Becky was fed up of her figure that she took to weight training immediately. Becky was able to achieve a shapely body within the shortest period of time since she was dedicated to following the workouts and exercises laid out in the program. On the other hand, Becky is a regular contributor to Iron Man magazine right now. Seeing the credentials of the creators will definitely reveal that the program is no scam in anyway. What is the old school new body workout? Diet and workout are two essential elements that go together. The problem is that some people think they can stick to either of these and still see results. No, you won’t see results if you don’t combine the duo into one. Obviously when if I go on diet today, I will most likely drop some weight (even if it’s insignificant). However, trouble is, I cannot continue living on ”diet” alone. After all, no man shall live on bread alone! But you realize that as you loss excess fat, it will begin to show on your physical appearance since your skin will start sagging. You need to firm up those muscles and tissue in order to counter the effect of dieting, and the only way to do that is through working out. In response to this, this program was consolidated into one book that contains a diet and a workout plan that’s easy to follow.

  3. The fact is, you’re here because you’re probably skeptical, or perhaps you’ve heard of a few old school new body complaints, or maybe you’re one of the people who searched on Google for “old school new body scam”. The fact is, it’s not a scam. F4x training program the 3 phases involved: 1) Stage 1 : F4X Lean This is where the program starts, and is more focused on preparing the body to start shaping and building its own tissues. The F4X demands that you stick to slight variations of your diet and exercise routine. This routine is altered accordingly to prepare the body for the task ahead. In this phase, you are going to lose a little weight because it’s the preparation stage, so do not expect big losses. At the end of it, you will be ready to shape up and sculpt your body. 2) Stage 2 : F4X Shape By this time, your body will be lean and ready for shaping up. This phase demands that you change your dieting and workout with greater frequency because you are transitioning from phase 1. And since your body is now lean, you should expect to burn even more fat. You will also be prompted to eat more during this stage. However, when you feel that you still haven’t achieved your goal, simply switch to a higher gear which leads to phase 3. 3) Stage 3 : F4X Shape By moving to this zone, you are essentially declaring that you are a Pro. You will be at the stage where you’re really lean and sculpted from the pure exercise and eating pattern you’ve stuck to for the past few weeks. You’ll be lean with defined muscles. DOES IT WORK OR IT IS ASCUM? A lot of people for a few reason think that the eBook program is a scam. Nevertheless, it is certainly not a touch of any scam. It is totally legit and real and written by real people who have followed this guideline for a lot of years and have attained their goal, and consequently decided to help those who were fighting. There has being numerous, hundreds and thousands of testimonies and reviews on-line about people who have tried them. Over 92 % of them said that they liked the program and have being getting closer to their goal. The program was penned by Steve and Becky Holman. They are both presently personal fitness trainers and are very popular and popular for what they do. They have put up before and after pictures of themselves. Seeing their massive improvements if mind-blowing and motivates you to work out and follow that program to obtain your dream body and look. Additionally, they are both part

  4. of a nutrient program which helps give information to people fighting with weight and also the wrinkling and aging skin. Everything they do is so real and so natural that it is amazing that it really works. You just have to follow up to your goal and workout daily by following the program. In a short time, you will see a big enhancement. Fact you don’t know about Old School New Body Steve and Becky understand that you may not have the time to commit to an exercise program that involves you spending hours at the gym. This is the time that is much better spent with your family. The F4X program allows you to get the same results that you would expect to achieve with long workouts but in a fraction of the time. The intensity of the workouts is fairly high, but as you become more experienced in these exercises and become fitter, you will find that they become easier for you to carry out. You do not need a lot of expensive equipment, and all exercises can be carried out easily in the comfort of your own home. What are the benefits of Old School New Body? We only have one body in this life. And a time comes when we realize perhaps that we have neglected ours. This is an innovative way to nurture and repair damage aging has

  5. wreaked on your body. By implementing a positive frame of mind, you’ll become aware that you owe it to yourself to stay fit and healthy. The aim of this program is to facilitate an easy and rapid transformation in your entire lifestyle to make you look and feel decades younger. Taking no prisoners, the excuses of “too old” or “too busy” do not apply to this purpose built, easy to follow guide to empowering you to be the youthful silver fox you want to be! Fear not, as the exercises are targeted at your age group and as such avoid lengthy and boring cardio. Steve and Becky designed the workouts in the program to take just a few minutes per day, meaning they don’t take over your life. Totalling 90 minutes a week of exercise Old School New Body is aimed at being achievable and accessible. With a fantastic risk-free 60 day trial period for the program, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can return it with no questions asked. You’ll get your money back. So whatever your age and whatever your fitness, waste no more time longing for your youthful looks to last, and click now to embark on an exciting and lifelong expedition into optimum health and fitness. Feel sexy, supple and smooth by using this highly effective plan. What Bonuses Do You Get With Its Program? The package is definitely complete and offers you everything you need to get started. You’ll as well get an amount of bonuses, such as: The F4X Stop Start Workout Guideline. This is where you get to learn about all the requirements of the program itself and it lets you to really get started immediately. The guideline describes the different phases of the program itself, such as Lean, Shape and Build. This part will only take you about 15 minutes to go through, which is excellent. You’ll get full access to Burn Fat Faster, which is another guideline that will coach you how to burn fat and what sort of food and nutrients is developed to help you get toned and ripped. You’ll as well get access to Build More Muscle: Natural Anabolics, which is all about nutrients that will help you get pumped, such as fruits that help to build muscle mass, minerals that increase the production of growth hormones and which types of foods can improve your levels of testosterone. Access to the Keep the Drive Alive: Sex and Attraction Boosters and Anti- Aging Secrets, which is another very helpful e-book. Access to John Rowley interviews (valued at $175). The 1st is an interview with Tom Venuta about getting in shape; the 2nd is an interview with Kristi Frank, who is a motivational speaker; the 3rd is an interview with Bill Phillips, about changing body and life; the 4th is an interview with Jennifer Nicole Lee, who is a popular fitness model; and the last is an interview with

  6. Shawn Phillips, who will show you how you can definitely live the strongest life. The Pros And Cos The program is quite short but very effective. Great for busy executives who cannot find much time to go to the gym or participate in a more detailed workout regime. The workout system is the main component of the whole program. The whole program takes less than 90-minutes to complete. If you follow the instructions and do the workouts, you are sure to see effective results within a short period of time. In fact, the workouts alone is worth the price you pay for the system. The program is not too intense. This is because it targets middle aged individuals. Hence, you will have no fear of injuring yourself while performing the workouts. The workouts will not produce much strain on your back and knees, which are the worst affected areas when one is aging. The audio interviews adds much more value to the whole package. You get very important tips and tricks in order to improve your overall health and well-being from these interviews. The product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the improvements you see while performing the workouts, you can claim your money back within 60-days. There are not much of cons reported by real users of the program. The program is available only as an e-book. Some of them would like to see the program as a hard- cover book. This is the notable con reported so far. My final advice Your frame of mind is actually the deciding factor on your success, but I can promise you that if you follow the old school new body book, you’ll find that it is a concise guide that will give you the tools to achieve your weight loss goals. You’ll feel younger, look younger, be energized, and when you achieve those goals I would personally be happy if you drop me a note to let me know of your success! Go ahead now and read the 5 steps to looking younger! Thank you very much.