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Review of JJJee by a new mother PowerPoint Presentation
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Review of JJJee by a new mother

Review of JJJee by a new mother

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Review of JJJee by a new mother

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  1. Review of JJJee by a new mother As a new mother, I have learned the hard way that tidiness is now a luxury. Perhaps you can relate if you’re constantly cleaning up as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible while holding your newborn. Fortunately, I discovered JJJee, which I apply to just about everything. I wouldn’t have the peace of mind I currently do without the product. The baby: Bath time - While there are several head-to-toe bathing solutions for babies, some of them are tailored to youngsters with sensitive skin. To bypass any complications, I apply approximately 10 pumps of JJJee to lukewarm water in a tub and begin bathing my infant. Diaper rash - This makes my baby irritable, so I need to have it resolved ASAP. To achieve this, I apply about 5:1 diluted JJJee to a cotton ball, wipe up the area, and allow it to dry prior to putting a new diaper on the baby. I wipe during every diaper change with diluted JJJee, and by the second day, the rash fades away. Baby clothing: I endeavor to have my baby’s toys and clothing cleaned with minimal chemicals. Rather than applying detergent that leaves behind a minor scent after a wash, I add a cup of JJJ to the washer and leave the baby’s clothing soaked for about 15 minutes before turning on the laundry machine. Baby’s feeding tool: Rather than sanitizing the bottles with another steaming machine, I spray the bottles with JJJee, allow it to dry for 15 minutes, then use drinking water to rinse them. Using this approach, the bottles get thoroughly cleaned, and I save a few bucks by not having to buy an additional product. Baby’s untidiness: Time to change a diaper! It is difficult to determine the precise moment when a baby will need to urinate or defecate, and I think most parents had at least one article of clothing ruined by either pee or poop. Thankfully, JJJee properly disinfects and sanitizes the changing station, the walls around it, and the ground. I don’t need to be concerned about chemicals or odors left behind since JJJee is natural and water-based. Vomit or saliva after having milk - It is difficult to get any housework done when you’re tending to a baby. With vomit and saliva on my clothing so frequently, all I have to do is apply JJJee onto the dirty areas and toss the clothing in the laundry bin. This saves time as I don’t have to scrub those spots prior to washing them.

  2. *Parents are most happy when there are minimal problems with the baby. I think what every mother and father wish for is a safe baby. JJJee efficiently gets all the work done and saves time for the parent in the process. Most importantly, the product is environmentally-friendly and safe for the baby.