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CFL Functions

CFL Functions. computersforlearning.gov. computersforlearning.gov. CFL School Registration. Schools must have a valid NCES number that matches the NCES database in GSAXcess ®. CFL Non-Profit Registration.

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CFL Functions

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  1. CFL Functions

  2. computersforlearning.gov

  3. computersforlearning.gov

  4. CFL School Registration Schools must have a valid NCES number that matches the NCES database in GSAXcess®

  5. CFL Non-Profit Registration Educational non-profits will not be allowed to register unless they upload a valid 501 (C) document

  6. “In order to ensure that American children have the skills they need to succeed in the information- intensive 21st century, the Federal Government is committed to working with the private sector to promote four major developments in American education: making modern computer technology an integral part of every classroom; providing teachers with the professional development they need to use new technologies effectively; connecting classrooms to the National Information Infrastructure; and encouraging the creation of excellent educational software. This Executive order streamlines the transfer of excess and surplus Federal computer equipment to our Nation's classrooms and encourages Federal employees to volunteer their time and expertise to assist teachers and to connect classrooms.” Executive Order 12999

  7. Note: CFL is not managed by GSA. GSA hosts the www.computersforlearning.gov website which aims to facilitate transfers between federal agencies and eligible recipients. It is each agency's responsibility to verify eligibility and make allocation determinations.

  8. Nces.ed.gov Website resource for Property Managers to verify registration accuracy, http://nces.ed.gov, click on Data and Tools to search

  9. NCES School Search

  10. NCES School Search Enter Criteria and Click Search

  11. NCES Number

  12. School Information Demographic info

  13. NCES Number Displayed NCES Number Lunch Assistance Student to Teacher Ratio

  14. CFL School Registration Questions to help the Property Manager make an allocation decision

  15. IRS 501 (C) – irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits Resource To Verify 501 (C) Status at www.irs.gov

  16. CFL Non-Profit Certification Questions Non-profit organizations certify under penalty of law

  17. CFL Non-Profit Certification Questions Non-profit organizations MUST upload their current 501 (C) to register

  18. SCHOOL: • Valid NCES number • Must serve grades Pre-K through 12th • U.S. students VALIDATION

  19. EDUCATIONAL NON-PROFIT: • Must have a 501 (C) • AND their primary business must be education • Must serve grades Pre-K through 12 • U.S. Students • Should have a license, certification, or • acknowledgement from local, state or federal • government VALIDATION

  20. CFL Selection Screen – What Schools See Property Manager Enters CFL Property Reports in GSAXcess®; Schools see it immediately on the CFL Website

  21. Entered in GSAXcess®

  22. Immediately Visible in CFL

  23. The agency Property Manager will receive an email alerting them to school interest Property Manager Notification

  24. Property Manager must log into GSAXcess® to utilize CFL functions Property Managers - View/Allocate Requested Items

  25. View/Allocate Requested Items By clicking on the blue hypertext, you see additional information and can perform transfers of computer equipment. The hypertext changes colors once you have clicked on it.

  26. APO, NUO, or user with multiple AAC’s must type in AAC and click submit Activity Address Code View

  27. View/Allocate Requested Items by Transfer Control Number

  28. View/Allocate Requested Items by School Name

  29. You can see any competing requests for the item by clicking on the Item Control Number hypertext View/Allocate Requested Items by Transfer Control Number

  30. Competing Requests for an Item

  31. Property Item Data Sheet

  32. Competing Requests for an Item Click the red Allocate button

  33. Allocate Status column changes, Requested quantity changes

  34. You can complete the entire allocation or come back later Return to Complete Allocation

  35. Allocation Confirmation Whenever you see this Confirmation button, you can Confirm your allocation from the same screen

  36. Confirmation Allocation

  37. Confirm Allocations Another method to confirm allocations if you forgot or decided to wait until later.

  38. Confirm Allocation

  39. Confirm Allocation

  40. Confirmation Allocation Confirmation Success Message

  41. Transfer Order Schools receive an email after allocation and confirmation.

  42. Transfer Order Transfer Order

  43. Transfer Requested Items The transaction is not complete until the School or educational non-profit picks up the Property and you go into the CFL Functions Menu to the Transfer function and select Transfer.

  44. Transfer Requested Items Click on the Transfer Control Number that you want to transfer

  45. Transfer Requested Items The Transfer screen displays. Make any adjustments as needed and click the red Transfer button.

  46. Transfer Requested Items The system displays a confirmation message. You can only change your transfer information the day of the transfer action. If you transfer before pick-up and the organization changes their mind, you will need to contact your GSA Area Property Officer for assistance.

  47. Change Transfer To change or delete the transfer the day of the transfer.

  48. Change Transfer – Requestor Info Enter the transfer control number and click Submit

  49. Change Transfer Enter the transfer control number and click Submit

  50. Change Transfer You have until the nightly cycle of the day of transfer to change transfer quantity. To deny the transfer, enter a zero

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