virginia and african americans n.
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Virginia and African Americans PowerPoint Presentation
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Virginia and African Americans

Virginia and African Americans

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Virginia and African Americans

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  1. Virginia and African Americans 1619- Ship with stolen Africans arrives to Vir. Not slaves, indentured servants…mainly At first slaves, are too expensive 1660 racism becomes codified

  2. Virginia and Self Government Vir. Co. allows an assembly of settlers, known as House of Burgesses. 1624- King James I the first revokes charter, makes Virginia a royal colony.

  3. Maryland 1634- founded by Lord Baltimore Purpose- make money, more importantly create Catholic haven Similar to Jamestown, tobacco and indentured servants

  4. Maryland Protestants are getting closer to their lands. Act of Toleration 1649- toleration to all Christians…death penalty for everybody else. Successful in protecting minority Catholic population, but not very tolerant.

  5. The West Indies Spain cannot secure territories England now establishes herself as power of West Indies

  6. West Indies Tobacco- cheap, easy to plant, profits within first year. Sugar cane- requires LARGE amounts of land, then have to process cane into sugar.

  7. West Indies Require large amounts of slave labor. Soon blacks quickly outnumber whites Barbados slave code- denies any rights to slaves, masters now have control

  8. South Carolina The West Indies huge slave populations require food. Charles II gives land grant to 8 close friends. Adopt Barbados slave code Even begin to capture Natives and sell them to slavery Rice becomes staple crop West African slaves know rice cultivation, and mostly immune to malaria. Charles Town- becomes flourishing port

  9. North Carolina Poor and religious dissenters become squatters of NC. In-between two states ran by aristocracy Reputation- harbor to pirates, and land of no religion 1712- NC breaks away from SC Uniqueness- most democratic, most independent minded, and least aristocratic

  10. Carolinas and Natives 1711- Tuscarora War- NC wins, aided from SC, sells remaining natives into slavery. - Yamasee War- same fate 1720- majority of Native tribes have been dispersed

  11. Georgia The buffer Colony Protect Carolinas from Spanish (in Fla.) and French in Louisiana. Founder- James Oglethorpe Produce silk and wine Haven for those imprisoned because of debt. Determined to keep slavery out. Savannah similar harbor to Charles Town End of colonial era, least populated. Why?

  12. Distinctive Characteristics of the South Large plantations relying on staple crops Plantations are spread out along state rivers. Some religious toleration, Church of England is the dominant faith. Soil butchery